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    5 year plans

    Forseeable future for DW, new coaster is built, then delayed opening for 6 months, then Giant Drop and maybe Buzzsaw are both removed
  2. ejpdtd

    Australian Season Passes

    Interesting that yours has different terms to mine. It was an ePass bought on the DW website, and although it was in the fine print that it's valid from the date of purchase it wasn't very clear and I asked that person who bought it for me and they were astounded. After having a whinge to the enquiries email they did extend my pass to 13months from the redeem date but they said clearly it is outside of policy and was just a gesture of good faith. Maybe they have changed their policy if yours is different now, lets hope so as it was whack the way they treated mine.
  3. ejpdtd

    Australian Season Passes

    Thought this was an appropriate thread. Last year I got Village and DW passes for Christmas, but I already had current passes, so didn't redeem the vouchers until last month for Village and yesterday for DW. The village pass worked as i expected it too, and be valid for 12m from when I first used it, as in 12 months from October. However in classic DW fassion, I discovered yesterday their passes are the opposite and are only valid from date of purchase for the voucher, so i only got the 7 months from covid otherwise would have expired in a months time. So dodgy in my opinion as so many people would be getting passes for xmas and DW ones are essentially a ticking clock, more peope should be warned not to purcahse passes for christmas for DW imo
  4. ejpdtd

    Sky Voyager: Experience USA

    I was meant to be in Orlando this month and today would have been my first Epcot day so figured I’d take a trip to DW and check out the new SV video. I like that during this time they ain’t wasting any time on preshows or safety vids, straight from the queue to the seats - although loading and operations definitely aren’t ‘fast’. But props to the girl running the queue line, had a quick chat and asked about how long she thought the line was, and she said since I’m a single rider she should be able to squeeze me in on the next cycle seeing as they have too leave two seats between parties there is usually a spare seat or two after they’ve batched everyone, so I waited like 5 minutes and was on. Also I thought it was really good that she was enforcing everyone to stand on the yellow dots, you’d think this is self explanatory but when I jumped in line everyone else was bunched up right next to each other, and after a minute or two she made everyone step back through the line so that parties were on their own dots. I was at MW right before DW for an hour and it doesn’t seem like the staff are enforcing the queue distancing and people just don’t understand to stay the heck away from me and stand on your dots - like there’s obviously a reason I’m not moving up to the next party, yet the people behind me feel the need to get as close as possible - YOURE STILL IN THE SAME SPOT IN LINE JUST STANDING FURTHER AWAY! Anyway to the ride. I enjoyed the new video, not sure which I prefer it been a while since it rode SV normally, I feel like I got more wet on USA but there was definitely less noticeable smell pods I think. Also with America being known for big cities, a lot of the flyovers are of big skyscrapers etc which isn’t that interesting especially if you’ve seen them before irl, but there are still a lot of great scenic shots. There is one shot toward the end that looks soo similar to the one from soarin, not complaining just interesting to point out (it’s the canyon rock formation with the balloons in soarin, exact same location in SV but has some people on the rocks ready to bungee off it looks like). Soundtrack/score is a bit lacklustre, I don’t quite remember how good the Aus score was but surely more epic than this was. Overall I enjoyed watching something new, there was a bloke sitting next to me that was so blown away by it which was heartwarming to see his reaction, it was his first time on a flying theatre and I think he was more blown away by that than the video itself, but still nice to see people in awe at something from our parks.
  5. I find it crazy when channels I follow talk about our parks, and was pleasantly surprised to see Expedition Theme Park/Expedition Extinct channel post a video of Dreamworlds history today. Has some great archival footage! https://youtu.be/ApCDuS-9UVo
  6. ejpdtd

    How Long Do Certain Rides Have Left?

    I can't wait to ride the Giant drop in the year 4000
  7. ejpdtd

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    I can't believe our parks haven't closed yet. This is a preventable illness that has a high fatality rate, I'm all for the drastic measures taken now to try and save 3% of the population. I'm not in a danger bracket of people, but the fact hospital beds run out and death rates spike is scary to think about for the elderly. I'm also hoping we get on top of it now so I can still trip to WDW in September
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    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    I have a customer who regularly comes in that works at the port of Brisbane, and has been saying that he hasn't worked in 2 weeks because containers just aren't coming in (im assuming he didn't mean not coming in altogether, but at a less frequent rate). So yeah either more quarantine or just nothing coming from china is believable imo.
  9. ejpdtd

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Has anything else visually happened re TOT deconstruction, anyone been recently?
  10. ejpdtd

    North American Trip - Advice

    I got caught out by this on my DLR days, 3 days there and I didn't have a hopper and DCA had party nights the first two nights meaning closed early, so I had to do DCA on my 3rd day which was the only day DL had fireworks. I did get to see world of colour though which is pretty fantastic, and I had seen all the fireworks at Florida the previous week. But yeah its a bit tricky with limited days - maybe spring for the park hopper, that way you can really maximise maxpass if your purchase it on the day.
  11. ejpdtd

    Travel tips? Six Flags Magic Mountain

    I'm going to disagree with previous tips here from my experience, I have been twice, on two different off-peak season weekdays and the park was deserted on both occasions and I definitely did not require upcharge flash pass. The park was practically empty on my last trip on a Tuesday in September, and everything was a walk-on sans Ninja that was only running one train. It sounds like it might be a must on peak season days (school holidays) and weekends though. It is an annoying park to get to, my first trip I had a car and was a good hour drive from LA. Second trip I didn't have a car and really the only way there was ridesharing which was 60$ish each way. You can take public transport, but its multiple changes and hours worth of travel. The park is a nightmare to navigate, so check out the map and avoid backtracking. It is pretty unclear which coasters allow bags on the station and which make you put stuff in lockers, some will have lockers at the entrance and say you have to use them but then you get to the station and everyone just drops bags on station without any enforcement. In future trips, I will use the lockers more frequently as I was stressing a lot about my passport etc being stolen from the station while I was riding as most coasters run 2+ trains. The helpful honda express is nice to get up the mountain. Head straight to Twisted Colussus. Prepare to grey out on Goliath - happens every time for me. X2 is amazing but also painful and v intense, try to sit toward the front (direction of travel) of the train and snag the inside seat. My first ride was toward the back and outside seat and my legs were bashed so hard throughout the entire ride it was not enjoyable.
  12. ejpdtd

    DCR bad efficiency

    Bruh, I shouldn’t be having to defend myself for a simple question hey, this is some toxic responses and I’m not retarded. Queues were open yes... rides were not taking guests... in my opinion at least if signage says rides open at 10am, I would assume that means guest can generally ride at 10? As I said previously I haven’t been to a rope drop at our parks in a long time, so who knows. -Yes I joined the queue for WWF at probably 5 past 10 after a leisurely stroll and trip to toilet after rope drop. There was about 10 guests in line with empty boats stacked up in load, I heard one of the guests complaining to the Op because they were only going to be at the park for an hour before going to WNW, I bailed because I myself was only really there for an hour or so max and just wanted to ride something. -Walked down to Doomsday with no intention of riding but could see guests waiting with no one on ride or signs of anyone being on the ride, fairly sure the shop was still closed here too. -SDSC shop exit was closed so didn’t bother entering that queue because it clearly wasn’t running guests without an exit, this is maybe 10 past now. -Walk leisurely down main street eyeing DCR lift hill and Supes to see any trains cresting overtop - nothing. -Then I go sit in the Superman courtyard and wait for the first cycle which was as I said about 10.15. -Then I walk over DCR and jump in queue there, and got talking to that bloke who’s trying ride DCR 1000 time’s. Rode DCR and then went home. Did I talk to every ride op individually and ask what was going on, no? But there’s a ‘friendly’ forum that exists that sometimes has some insight into the parks because it’s users frequent them a lot. I wonder if that forum can tell me if the delayed openings have been frequent as of late out of curiosity...
  13. ejpdtd

    DCR bad efficiency

    I was just asking if this was a common occurrence, yes on a trip from WWF to DCR you do see that WWF is not cycling, Doomsday has guests waiting without cycling or batching, SDSC exit door is still closed, Superman wasn’t launching and DCR wasn’t sending trains. And obviously AA, Batwing and GL were down for maintenance etc. So yeah, most of the rides, sans the kids area which I didn’t look at, weren’t operating until at least 10.15. And obviously we all want the rides to be running with proper signoff, but if they are frequently not opening in time, maybe the park should be starting checks earlier or update their signage to reflect staggered openings... hence the question if it was a regular occurrence?
  14. ejpdtd

    DCR bad efficiency

    It wasn't just one ride, all of them were not operating until at least 10.15, I started at WWF and walked all the way back to DCR checking each one to see if it was operating. I'm not implying that the park is purposely halting the first rides, more like maybe they're starting the ride operators a bit later than usual and they don't have enough time to complete their startup - although the fact that all the rides were delayed doesn't really suggest this. Granted this is the first time I've been to the park at opening in a while, but everyone was held at sections until 'Rope Drop' at 10am, but no rides started running until 10.15 or so, even though advertised as 9.30 gates and 10am rides operating. So I am curious if it has been a recurring theme recently.
  15. ejpdtd

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    Should we start taking bets on how long Arkham will be SBNO before being demolished? My guess is 412 days.
  16. I've seen a lot of Chapek hate on reddit recently, mostly complaining about how 'he made the parks worse'. But in my opinion, he still brought some of the most incredible things to the parks, Pandora, GE, Toy Story Land, New Epcot. Which while they aren't exactly as the concept, they have still come to the parks and are still plussing, just done so in a budget that is achievable. I think he is the logical successor and am very excited to see what else he brings in the future.
  17. ejpdtd

    DCR bad efficiency

    Does the lif thill count as a block on DCR? I only ever go on midweek quiet days where they pretty much just run one train so haven't experienced the DCR op's at full capacity. I also ran into that bloke going for the 1000 DCR rides the other day, surely he is somewhere on this forum? And on my latest trip, I noticed all rides didn't open until 15 to half-past 10 instead of the advertised 10am opening, is this normal these days? Just cost-cutting the time for start-up ops?
  18. ejpdtd

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Gold Coaster
  19. ejpdtd

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Blue track and supports look pretty gross imo, hopefully, they do the alternating blue and gold as @themagician suggested, that would look nice and I agree would fit into Gold Coaster name, like sand and beaches.
  20. Great work guys, interesting reads for sure.
  21. ejpdtd

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    Arrow loopers last forever right, Viper at SFMM is 5 years older and I believe it just had a refurb a few years back and was running pretty well when I rode in 2019. I think there's atleast another 5 left in HWSW.
  22. I like Gold Coaster for HWSW, and Steel Taipan is alright I guess for new coaster, there's gotta be better options though.
  23. ejpdtd

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    I'm glad, it was a shockingly bad show of an attraction once the canopy's got added. Sure it might not be instant, but you need to clear land in order to put something new there, better clear in ready for something new down the line than leave it SBNO in the way of any construction. I can't wait to see Dreamworld's transformation over the next few years.
  24. ejpdtd

    Movie World Feb 2020 Update

    That was the sentiment that was expressed, if it's not an easy fix then early closure is on the cards because it's only going to last another 2 years max anyway.
  25. ejpdtd

    Movie World Feb 2020 Update

    Rip Hut I have a source onsite today that has said AA due for decommissioning within next two years. So I don’t expect them to spend more money to fix current issue for only another year or so.