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  1. Adventure World held the first of its four AW Nights for January on Saturday Night from 6.30-11 pm. Entry was through the prepaid ticket gate off the main car park. There were a couple of greeter characters, like my friend Magnus Danger Magnus and some dancing girls. The band from last year returned as well as a guy playing the steel drums. They had a lady with glow in the dark hula hoops, a juggler and a fire twirler on a Segway. There were a number of food trucks, a pop up bar and the usual food outlets open. Kahuna Cafe actually did table service. It was a pretty quiet night as these events tend to get more popular as they go on. Most of the rides were open with the exception of the Dragons Kingdom kids’ area.
  2. @Tim Dasco and I paid a visit to Adventure World, today. There are no new rides. Quite a few things have had a fresh coat of paint, but lots of things haven’t. Tim was impressed with how the grass looked. There is large fencing around the haunt/maze area. Inferno is still testing. The animal part was closed, despite Aimee, the keeper, being inside and the place looking okay. Yarli’s Safaris has new paint/decals. Buccaneer Battle seems to be cracking down on any loose items(including hats and glasses). The crowds slowly built up over the day. The queue for the Grand Prix looked to be about 30 minutes.
  3. First of all, if this post belongs under another topic please close this. In true Amy fashion, I have decided to do a spur of the moment trip to Perth on Thursday - just to visit Adventure World. I’m also planning on going to their Fright Nights event on Thursday night (tickets already booked 😊). I’ve never been to Adventure World before let alone Perth, so I was hoping someone might give me some tips eg: do I need a locker or are there storage bins on the rides, etc I’m super excited about finally getting to visit as I’ve been trying to get there for over a year and a half and it just didn’t happen. Thanks in advance! Amy
  4. So at the park today with @ABYSS and noticed a few things: Sprinklers have been added to the Rampage queue which was something they were asked to do last week. Inferno tower is back up and should be opening in the coming days. Goliath merchandise Will be available next season. More crow statues have been added to Goliath area.
  5. So I found this article that confirms MI4 and the MI attractions continuing every 2 years. Fun Park rides on 40 Million investment: by https://www.businessnews.com.au/article/Fun-park-rides-on-40m-investment?destination=node/384958 Key points: $40 Million spent on the park over the last 7 years. They plan on continuing its major capital spends every two years and is considering a number of options for its next one. They have seen a massive growth in attendance. They plan on keep improving. So what do people think MI4 will be? I still think a lazy river or another Proslide.
  6. So I was looking through the state records and found these photos on Archives of Adventure World at the State Library of Western Australia and thought I would share them all. It amazing how much the park has changed over the last 35 years. I have found different albums from different years including construction in decent quality pictures, so I thought I would share: (Pictures sourced from http://encore.slwa.wa.gov.au/iii/encore/search/C__SAdventure World__Orightresult__U__X0?lang=eng&suite=def) 30 JUL 1982 (Construction images of the park) 1983: Opening year, not the lack of shade in the opening years. 1984: 1987: This is now the animal section of the park. This is currently were Black Widow currently is. The main castle Before they painted the boat purple. Alpine Mountain, looking way different then it does today. The main Water Mountain slides Currently where Abyss, Rampage and Goliath sit. The main pool with small trees. The old train which now sits as theming in the Gold Rush section. Paddle Boats Along with this video I found show casing some old rides they had including a Cha Cha and a spider.
  7. So I was looking on Adventure World's Website and they have posted some information regarding their Easter Event that takes place during the day. I think its good to see the park adding all these events to it line up to try and post attendance throughout non peek season.
  8. I thought I would make a thread to talk about the recently announced AW Nights events.
  9. Now that it has been said that MI3 is coming to AW in 2017 I think we should move it into its own thread and outside of the Kraken thread. Also put general AW chat in here. Lets begin the speculation on what the attraction is. I also want to add that Mark said that its not quite up there with a B&M or indoor coaster. But he has never ruled out a smaller coaster or family coaster. Hmmm nice wording.
  10. If anyone's interested, I have just posted a POV video on You Tube of Abyss at Adventure World with the maintenance lights on in 2013 just after it opened. https://youtu.be/0LrmircPc2E The Video is not the best quality while on ride at speed outside, as it was shot on a small handheld compact camera (Sony HX-30V). It was taken after the park had closed and it does show pretty well what is inside the building which is normally in pitch black when the ride is open. Pete.
  11. Today on Perth news (Channel 9), Adventure World was featured for a not-so-positive reason. Unfortunately a 16 year old male has broken his leg whilst on Kraken, Adventure World’s Proslide Tornado 60. The Facebook comments on the video all take different sides. Here is the link to the segment;
  12. So AW's facebook page has been updated with the following information posted about their annual Halloween event called Fright Nights. Interesting to note that this year will feature 2 events. A family friendly event on the Sunday and 2 Nights of for the 12+ group. So this year they will also have old scary moves playing in the chill out zone. Should be a fun night and looking forward to it.
  13. I saw people debating within another topic which was a better ride. This gave me an idea. Here you can nominate two different rides from different parks. The idea is the rides you nominate are competing for the same guest. For example and this is just for @reanimated35 Big Red Car @ DW vs Superman Escape @ MW are not competing for the same guest and would not battle. I will start and keep it simple for the first one. Mick Doohan's Motocoaster @ DW vs Jet Rescue @ SW If you don't agree with the nominated rides competing than call it out. It would also be cool if all the battles were not all main stream parks. I should also note this is for rides within Australia only.
  14. Just came back from the 4pm show of Cirque Extreme, AW's seasonal offering. I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. I think what we seriously have to ask ourselves here is, 'why isn't this show on at Movie World?' The tent is massive, bigger than anything I've seen at the Fringe Festival. The front half is the foyer, where there's a make shift queue area (which will be needed) and a kiosk of sorts. Then there's the air conditioned auditorium, which can seat a couple of hundred people (AW's advertising says 650). The show is billed as going half an hour, but runs closer to 40 minutes. Before the show, there are a couple of likely lads with supersoakers quietly spraying unsuspecting members of the audience, similar to Waterworld at Universal. AW is also smart enough to have a couple of photographers on hand taking pictures of patrons and then scanning it to their wristbands. They're also selling tubs of fairy floss and popcorn. The show is broken down into a number of acts, starting with the impressive wheel of death. With each act you start off thinking 'that's pretty amazing' and then they top it again. It's a real family affair too: the performers range in age from a young boy to an older couple. After burlesque dancers, a lady with a fire gun, magic tricks and contortion acts, it climaxes with the high wire. The performances are seriously impressive and with a few tweaks could be used as a sequel of sorts to the Maverick Magic and Illusion Show at Movie World. I think Cirque Extreme is original and a lot of fun. Adventure World should build a permanent venue to house these guys. Congratulations, Mark, this is something special. (apologies for the iPhone pics - will have to get some better ones when I visit next time).
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