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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    Or Hong Kong.
  2. Tips for Asia Trips

    Here's a photo of the show building from TDL's toontown.
  3. Tips for Asia Trips

    Thanks for that @RossL. Yeah, there were also construction cranes near the front of DisneySea.
  4. Tips for Asia Trips

    Wow - just spent the last forty-eight hours at Tokyo's Disney parks. They were pretty busy, but got a lot done anyway. Certainly took the chance to see things I missed last time. I can also recommend staying at an Air BnB in close proximity to the parks. So much easier to take a 5 minute bus or train ride there than a busy journey across town. One thing that caught me by surprise at TDL is that Star Tours has been updated to include The Last Jedi. And can anyone confirm what's being constructed between Toontown and Tomorrowland?
  5. I think Adventure World has bigger ones than that. On the other hand, Kalamunda Water Park's lockers were only $1 each.
  6. Some water parks have smaller lockers for a lesser price. I think SW should get more of its transportation rides back, whether it's a miniature train, gondola, autopia or boat ride.
  7. IMAX Sydney

    Perth had Omni and, for a short time, IMAX. The Omni theatre is digital now and nothing like the brightness of the original films. I heard the films were so expensive that they were bought and resold by the cinemas themselves. The Omni cinema at Singapore's Science Centre is 4K and is a lot brighter than Perth's Omni, which is now run by Scitech. However, Scitech does have a great planetarium program.
  8. Yeah, I got an invite a couple of weeks ago, but I was already going down south. Great to see the Japanese drummers Taiko On were there. I think I referenced them earlier on in the thread - it's definitely their style of drumming. In the meantime, I managed to visit Eagles Heritage Raptor Centre, Amazin Margaret River, Xscape at the Cape and Bunbury Wildlife Park.
  9. Great Escape closure

    Gone, baby, gone.
  10. Great Escape closure

    None of them are quite the same and some of the ones at AW and Kalamunda would be older. I suppose it's the impossible task of dismantling it and reassembling it elsewhere.
  11. Great Escape closure

    Can't believe they're just knocking down the slides - what a waste.
  12. Great Escape closure

    9 News is reporting on it too - they're hinting at something new and exciting. https://www.facebook.com/9NewsPerth/?ref=br_rs
  13. Looks like that Indiana Jones coaster from Disneyland - they just need to add a temple and some vines and they'll be set.
  14. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Simulator rides sound interesting, as long as they're not an additional cost on top of the price of entry. It would be cool if they were part of a dark ride or flying theatre. If it's anything like Zero Latency or any of the VR theme park attractions, that too would be great. It will be interesting to see how much money they're willing to throw at it.