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  1. iwerks

    2019 Construction at Outback Splash

    Went to Outback Splash, yesterday. They had lots of flags up for Australia Day. Talked to one of the lovely staff there and she confirmed that she had previously worked at Adventure World. A good sized crowd turned up as temperatures were in the mid 30s. Lots of people brought their own food and tents. The park had a DJ and some games organised for Australia Day. There was plenty of shade for people waiting for slides. The dry part of the park was pretty quiet. The car park has been extended and was packed. They had lots of staff on to handle the crowds.
  2. iwerks

    AW Nights 2020

    Saturday night was the final AW Nights for the season. A good sized crowd turned out and enjoyed the dry and wet attractions. Water Mountain had a queue length that you’d usually see during the day. Apparently, they were having some issues with the racing slides. Ross looked very busy.
  3. iwerks

    Japan - Fuji Q

    Most of us know the narratives of many of the rides at Disney or Universal. On the Sinbad ride they even offered us a little book of what the story was about. And if you want to ride Jaws, USJ is the last park in the world that has it.
  4. iwerks

    AW Nights 2020

    Just wanted to share some photos of the night. As always, great to catch up with @Tim Dasco and the others. We saw Black Widow go down, but it was back shortly afterwards. We walked on to Inferno and Abyss. Abyss had to be stopped after our ride as some people had dropped some glow sticks on the track and on top of me as we headed up the lift hill(that’s why the shot of the station has the show building lights on). Some of us ate at the food trucks again and nothing disappointed. We rode Rail Rider and had a quiet cider around close at 11pm. There was a bigger crowd than before, but still very chill.
  5. iwerks

    AW Nights 2020

    Adventure World held the first of its four AW Nights for January on Saturday Night from 6.30-11 pm. Entry was through the prepaid ticket gate off the main car park. There were a couple of greeter characters, like my friend Magnus Danger Magnus and some dancing girls. The band from last year returned as well as a guy playing the steel drums. They had a lady with glow in the dark hula hoops, a juggler and a fire twirler on a Segway. There were a number of food trucks, a pop up bar and the usual food outlets open. Kahuna Cafe actually did table service. It was a pretty quiet night as these events tend to get more popular as they go on. Most of the rides were open with the exception of the Dragons Kingdom kids’ area.
  6. This was shared by Aussie Airtime, this morning.
  7. iwerks

    Traveling fairs!

    It’s going to be in the city centre - Yagan’s Square Fun Fair from December 18.
  8. iwerks

    Traveling fairs!

    The Wanneroo Show was on the weekend. I was there briefly in the afternoon, but @Tim Dasco was performing at night. Ride-wise, they had Nitro, the wave swinger as well as the super trooper. The zipper was being worked on the whole time I was there. I also noticed some cute model versions of the rides in the pavilion.
  9. Yeah, it was fine. There are plenty of nice bars and cafes, nearby. Adelaide certainly doesn’t have a lot to offer, ride-wise, but Glenelg is an attractive beach side town.
  10. I was in Adelaide, this weekend. Arrived in Glenelg by tram, which reminded me a lot of St Kilda. Saw the Ferris Wheel by the sea, before paying a quick visit to the Beach House FEC. It’s very much for young families and tweeners, with bumper boats, bumper cars, an historic merry go round, a couple of waterslides, a kids train, Wild West mini golf and lots of arcade machines. You get a card and choose whether you want to pay per attraction or for the day.
  11. iwerks

    2019 Construction at Outback Splash

    Tim and I finally got to ride all of the slides on the new tower today, despite the fact that it was only about 20 degrees C. There was an opening event yesterday afternoon, but we didn’t score an invite. There was a lot of smog and it was quite overcast, yesterday, so it worked out for the better. We were the first ones up the tower, today, riding the solo slides, first. We didn’t know how much our combined weight was, so we chose not to do one of the tubes, first. The weigh station is up the top, so we got ourselves weighed and were just under(with a raft we were over). The Gold Rush is the safe, fairly slow slide. The Wedgie was appropriately named. It has a nice zip to it, but nothing scary. The Blackout and The Wall are the most fun. We didn’t have any problems on either, although they were still making adjustments to The Wall, as some kids were valleying. The grass around the tower looks great and there are new cabanas and showers. It connects the different sections of the park together well. There were a couple of school groups there, today, otherwise weight times were zero. We had a chat with some of the staff and owners and they seemed pretty pumped. It sounds like they might construct their own beach pool sometime in the near future.
  12. One time Adventure World was doing a similar thing with Kraken. They claimed it was the new raft type. Eventually, they relaxed that rule.
  13. iwerks

    Northam Aquatic Centre

    Looks like the slides are going vertical. Source: Northam Recreation Centre’s Facebook page.
  14. iwerks

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    I think the two speed slides were before them.
  15. iwerks

    Traveling fairs!

    That zipper was back last night at the Osborne Park Show. There was a massive crowd waiting at the gates, so we quickly bought tickets online. The layout seemed a bit different from last year, as Robinson Reserve has received some new upgrades to its facilities. The fireworks show was excellent. It was 38 degrees yesterday and 39 today, so I’m glad it still went ahead.