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  1. Movie World New Park Map

    So you can just cut through the studios to get to WWF these days? 😉
  2. Yeah, good story, tonight. The ride looks great as do the gardens around it. People looked pretty happy, although I loved the anchor's reaction: 'ah,no'.
  3. Yeah, there was a time when an ad for VRTPs appeared before every film at the cinema or on videotape. Bizarrely enough, you're more likely to see an advert for Disney or Universal these days on YouTube.
  4. Whilst I agree with some of the views above, you guys have just been gifted this amazing world class attraction. These are hard economic times, but this is a game changer. Hopefully, the average joe will see this and want to hit the park and give VRTP the cash injection it needs to fix SW. Enjoy it guys: I look forward to riding it next time I'm over.
  5. Apparently Physics Day is Thursday this year. http://stawa.net/event/physics-day-2016/
  6. Great review except the 'of of fame' bit. Sounds like everyone is really enjoying it.
  7. It sounds like they're going to have a media sneak preview some time soon. And, of course, they'll have their Physics day on Friday.
  8. It was new last season. It's the meeting place. Hopefully, you're going this season? The early bird season passes are pretty good value.
  9. I remember when every theme park had its own video back in the 90s. I got the ones for MW, Disneyland, USH, WDW and Disneyland Paris. Another favourite is The History Channel's Walt Disney World special from 2005. Also enjoyed the Tatsu and Legacy of Arrow docos.
  10. Yeah, they do, that's why it's called the early bird price. Plus, if you really want to support the park, buy the platinum pass. And, you're right, it's not as good as the GC parks, but then again, they're not as good as Disney or Universal. I get it. AW is a cool place to hang if you want that themepark feeling in Perth. I think @grrofunger said it best, without Steve Sicerich that place wouldn't still be in business.
  11. I thought they were $160 or something. Also just noticed that the platinum pass renewal is currently $30 cheaper than the advertised price. Interesting, but not a lot of other benefits. Who wants another special cap? Also noted that they said free entry to the special event nights, giving Fright Nights as an example.
  12. Interesting that the price of the pass went down, but so did the discount on f&b and merch - from 25% to 20% off.
  13. Although I do like that flower arrangement for theming. The Platinum Season Passes went on sale last Friday for those people who already have them.
  14. GP - general public or Grand Prix? That clock is near the lockers, the office and toilets. It is probably fairly recent.