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  1. Perhaps the example we’re looking for here is Ansett. There was fare warfare in the 90s (akin to giving away the gate) and Ansett was running with an old fleet. Air NewZealand bought it over and didn’t have deep enough pockets to buy enough new planes.
  2. That’s weird about everyone liking staying in Hollywood. It was scary as hell in the 90s. I stayed in Beverly Hills, which was nice, quite close to where the old 20th Century Fox backlot used to be. I have never driven in the states. Most hotels have good shuttle services to Disneyland and Universal. Don’t forget the subway system. But if you want to spend sometime at DL, stay near the property. If you were going to Orlando, a few of the Middle Eastern airways make that trip fairly affordable.
  3. ^Calls Sunway. 😞 Wow, it really seems like a poisoned chalice for any self respecting CEO. Maybe if they get some experienced independent advice, they might get some help in getting the park back in shape.
  4. iwerks

    Dreamworld Memberships

    Anyone know why DW changed this? Was it costing them money? It just seems like they’re giving a lot of people the chance not to renew their memberships. I thought most businesses operated like Readers’ Digest - once you subscribe they just keep debiting your account until you tell them otherwise.
  5. iwerks

    West Coast of USA

    Used to use travel agents a bit back in the 90s. They do serve their purpose. Good ones will know what is possible and what is not possible. Their commission is usually off set by the large discount the agents get. One thing is for sure, if anything goes wrong, they will look after you. Once had a family member miss a flight. I was meeting them in Hong Kong. The travel agent called my room and told me they would be a day late. Now, that’s service.
  6. ^Good point about other places to visit on the west coast. Also a big fan of Seattle (tower, Science centre, Boeing and Aviation museum) and San Diego (Sea World and the zoo).
  7. There are approximately 25 DisneyWorld resorts, with a good mix of mid priced ones. How do the LA ones compare as you could walk from some of the local motels too? Can’t really do that at DW.
  8. Purchase the unofficial guides to Disneyland and DisneyWorld. Watch YouTube channels like Touring Plans and The Tim Tracker. I think if you want to stay on property you can only really do that at DisneyWorld. Most other Disneys have good public transport or in LA’s case lots of cheap motels nearby. LA is good if you want to see the original parks - there is some novelty in that. Don’t forget that there are plenty of Disneys and Universals closer to home in Singapore, HK, China and Japan.
  9. Hold on *gets wallet*. I think someone took a new line after the decimal place. 😜
  10. I love VR gaming, but currently there’s not much comparison. We have Optimus Gaming here in Perth, which has up to 8 players, but the clear market leader would have to be Zero Latency, with their free range multiplayer games. They’ve set up shop on so many continents now. Just curious to see what you think of their product. https://zerolatencyvr.com/locations
  11. ^What about the Blue Lagoon area, the Big Brother area and the Bushranger show island. Aren’t they free? I would have thought MDMC would have been too tall for the building, anyway. It would be good if they had a worthy exhibit like the Lego Brickman ones or the touring dinosaur ones there.
  12. iwerks

    Dreamworld - tiger escape scenario

    Just go to the Singapore Daisies - you’ll probably find the tiger there. Sita loved that stuff. Anyone know which cat does the walks now?
  13. iwerks

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    I wonder how much they charge for storage? 😜
  14. iwerks

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Oh, yeah, @Tim Dasco I totally forgot!
  15. iwerks

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Yeah, nope. It’s a theme park because it’s on the east coast of Australia, just like the Ekka and the Sydney Showgrounds. 😜