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  1. Great Escape closure

    Gone, baby, gone.
  2. Great Escape closure

    None of them are quite the same and some of the ones at AW and Kalamunda would be older. I suppose it's the impossible task of dismantling it and reassembling it elsewhere.
  3. Great Escape closure

    Can't believe they're just knocking down the slides - what a waste.
  4. Great Escape closure

    9 News is reporting on it too - they're hinting at something new and exciting. https://www.facebook.com/9NewsPerth/?ref=br_rs
  5. Looks like that Indiana Jones coaster from Disneyland - they just need to add a temple and some vines and they'll be set.
  6. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Simulator rides sound interesting, as long as they're not an additional cost on top of the price of entry. It would be cool if they were part of a dark ride or flying theatre. If it's anything like Zero Latency or any of the VR theme park attractions, that too would be great. It will be interesting to see how much money they're willing to throw at it.
  7. I think the alcohol could be included, as it's sold at the Kahuna Cafe and that's where they get the food from. The $125 tab is probably more worth it on a day when the park is open at night and you can effectively have two meals and snacks and drinks all day. I had a drink on Fright Nights, which didn't get the 2O% discount, but I think that was because the bar was from an outside provider.
  8. Let's be honest about Top Golf

    I think it would be good if it helps to bring a bit of life around that area after the parks close. Like, if you were staying on an on site hotel, it could give you something to do in the evening or if you were visiting MW, you could go to TG after the park closes before heading over to OS in the evening.
  9. Great Escape closure

    Or Kalamunda Water Park or just throw them away and make a fancy bar/restaurant. If the cafe was open it would have done a roaring trade, today.
  10. Great Escape closure

    There's some fresh graffiti on top of the waterslides now, too. The work looks more like demolition than construction. It's interesting that the slides seem to be included too - they're not just removing the ropes course.
  11. Great Escape closure

    Yeah, there looks to be some demolition or work in progress.
  12. That's an interesting, but depressing read. I really do hope they have some plan going forward. It does seem embarrassing if they put the old mine ride back into operation. You wouldn't think any kind of sprucing would get it back up to scratch. Surely, it's time to bite the bullet and purchase some family friendly e-ticket attractions.
  13. I noticed they were that price on Fright Nights - which makes sense with the longer hours, but if that's every weekend, that's just getting greedy.
  14. The weather wasn't the best, but there were still lots of folks visiting AW for Fright Nights. Tonnes of scare actors out this year. Plenty of people swimming despite the cold and the rain. Goliath looked awesome at night and everyone seemed to be having a great time.