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  1. iwerks

    Control panel pictures

    No Christmas tree?! 🌲
  2. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    @Tim Dasco and I headed down to AW last Saturday to see if any rumours he’d heard were true. First up, the entrance to the park had changed, with shade sails erected in front of the main gate. It’s a good idea for people waiting to get in, but it certainly changes the look. The Surf Shack had new pink ropes for its queue race, with silly sayings at the start and end. The animal area still isn’t open. Despite there being a sign telling us the area is under renovation, no work seems to have been done. We did see keeper Amie rescuing a bird from a tree. It does seem to be the end for this area. Tim noticed that the entry building had been painted on the outside, but not the inside. The park was quite busy as the weather was quite warm. We still had fairly short queues (the longest being Kraken at around 15 minutes). There were plenty of new food stalls and extra shade up for what looked to be a corporate fun day. With extra portable lights in the car park, the park appeared to be staying open that night for a private event(still no news on Fright Nights or its replacement). Black Widow has a new sign. The tea cups seem to be getting a permanent covering and new water fountains have been completed. The Buccaneer Battle pool had a new ridge built, which looks to help keep the sand out. The biggest difference we noticed was in the old moat to the castle’s island. It has been completely cleaned out and some repairs have been made to the wall. If they’re think of building a lazy river down there, it would be an extremely cool place to do it.
  3. iwerks

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Andrew H Productions Presents.. Yeah, I wouldn’t put the music on or have the logo at the end. Making it look official is actually making things worse. Just do a good job of documenting the things when they open. I’m still waiting for Dreamnova. 😜
  4. iwerks

    The Off Topic Topic

    A great story of a waterslide in rural WA. Anyone know which waterpark their slide was from on the Sunshine Coast? https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-02/kulins-giant-waterslide-turns-town-population-decline-around/10574750?pfmredir=sm
  5. iwerks

    Theme Park Survey

    I was actually referencing the film Bohemian Rhapsody where they go on tour and the first international city that is mentioned is Perth. The Entertainment Centre also features heavily in ABBA: The Movie. Yeah, if you look at the set list for Queen’s gig, Bohemian Rhapsody is performed in three different parts. We also have lots of great outdoor venues and the vineyards down south too for visiting international acts.
  6. iwerks

    Theme Park Survey

    Yeah, Perth hasn’t missed out on concerts since the Beatles played in the early sixties. The average income in Perth is pretty high and I’ve read statistics showing that we spend more on tickets than most people do in Australia. We get the sporting matches, concerts, astronauts and fantastic magicians probably more than Brisbane does. I know the distance theory put forward by @AlexB would appear to make sense, but it just isn’t the case. We have had a great selection of arenas since the entertainment centre opened in ‘74 (Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone?) to Perth Arena, the Convention Centre, NIB Stadium and Optus Stadium. Bands come here. A lot of them have multiple sets of stages. Even Prince made the effort to come to Perth on his last tour by bringing his extra piano from home. We also have a flourishing local music scene with great Indy radio stations and pubs with no pokies. A lot of bands like Pearl Jam (who love surfing in Yallingup) and singers like Taylor Swift spend time down south. It’s just theme parks we have problems with. We currently have a gung-ho Premier (with a budget heading into the black) willing to splash cash on tourism to attract the best football teams, sports people and airlines in the world here. Tourism is getting a big push. For the first time in ten years, things are really looking up.
  7. iwerks

    Theme Park Survey

    When they list Sydney Aquarium and Luna Park you know they’re not just talking about theme parks.
  8. iwerks

    Theme Park Survey

    Well, that sucked. I've been to Adventure World and a bunch of other places that aren't on the list. Someone needs to realise that Australia is more than just the eastern seaboard. I can't actually complete the form.. 😡🤢🤮
  9. iwerks

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Current AW season prices are $169 or $285 for Platinum. I believe fast passes are capped at 2% of AW’s expected attendance for the day. So you have the chance to buy one if you’re planning a visit on a busy day. Yes, I hate queuing in stand by queues which are poorly managed. I just don’t understand why someone would charge more for a fast pass than they would a season pass.
  10. iwerks

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Yes @AlexB you can stop being a ‘moderator’ and ‘forum legend’ now. I disagree with you, you don’t need to go insulting everyone on the west coast because you can’t stand the fact that someone has a different point of view from you. We also pay a lot more for our season passes than you do. It’s a different business model - one I like a lot more.
  11. iwerks

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Short term gain - long term pain. Yup, never been tempted at MW. I usually get there on time and hit the long lines in the first hour. I have used USS’s fastpass system on the odd occasion.
  12. iwerks

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Thank you for being your usual insulting self. You do know not everyone has to agree with you. Yes, I was suggesting to lower the cap. Whilst I do think USS’s is over priced at least it offers more rides (plus they have a cheaper version where you ride the attractions only once). Adventure World currently has a fastpass system that retails between $35-$40. For the top rides you’re only allowed on twice. MW doesn’t have to charge the highest amount. They can cap it lower and create a bit of goodwill with its regular customers. I don’t see why they should reward mediocre operations with an expensive fast pass system.
  13. iwerks

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Still don’t get the connection between price and supply. MW seems to be price gouging. I think the comparison between USS and MW is fairly apt. Why not cap how many you sell - or make it a limited fast pass - one for each ride?
  14. iwerks

    Animated TV series about Aussie Theme park

    How long would it take to change it from Adventure World to Action World or Adventure Park? That name the waterslide even has a Kraken tentacle!
  15. iwerks

    Artificial ski park planned for Gold Coast

    Just did a survey about the proposed dry winter sports run in Perth. Looks like we might be seeing some activity after a fire devastated some of their property a year or two back.