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  1. iwerks

    Universal Studios Australia?

    I’m sure they thought EuroDisneyland was going to be great.
  2. iwerks

    Universal Studios Australia?

    Just Shanghai...? Someone’s losing money somewhere. That usually means cutting budgets elsewhere.
  3. iwerks

    Legoland Australia

    It would be great to see Merlin bring one of their other kinds of parks to Australia.
  4. iwerks

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    The Space Mountain there is very different from the others and can be a bit rough as it has inversions. Big Thunder Mountain is the best of its type. Some attractions might have single rider queues. View some YouTubers’ (like Theme Park Worldwide) videos to get the lay of the land. Watch out for low capacity rides and popular classics like Peter Pan. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the atmosphere of DLP. There’s lots to do and see, even if you can’t get on lots of rides.
  5. iwerks

    Singapore trip - planning tips?

    Never done Airbnb in Singapore, but the ones in Japan were super organised. I think a lot of countries have cracked down on Airbnb recently. Elizabeth and York Hotels are fairly reasonably priced hotels near the Orchard Road MRT area. The York even has family rooms where there is a large double bed and two singles. They're pretty exclusive as they're in the tower part of the hotel. We do know people who have rented an Airbnb around the Orchard Road area and it was good, since they could put their kid to bed early.
  6. ^I thought you were going to say ‘before you know it, boom the rides are closed indefinitely. I seriously doubt they would have the money to tear down the rides, let alone replace them with something.
  7. iwerks

    Tower of Terror ongoing/indefinite closure (Dreamworld)

    I think they should replace it with a tunnel of love. This thread sure needs some...
  8. How do we know that the theming for the i-ride theatre won't match whatever is going to be built in the old goldrush area? They could be making Westfield World for all we know. 😯
  9. iwerks

    ParkChat Live VRTP Interview

    I would say the opposite. Whilst the earlier shows weren’t perfect, they were more world class than the current lot. It’s the replacements that suck, not the ones that have been replaced.
  10. iwerks

    Singapore trip - planning tips?

    Changi Chapel Museum? Friends of mine caught a taxi and asked to go to Changi Prison and were taken there instead of the museum. Fort Siloso and the National Museum are great for war history too.
  11. iwerks

    Singapore trip - planning tips?

    Jurong Bird Park is good. I also really liked the Science Centre in Jurong and the Arts Science museum near Marina Bay Sands. The Bumboat rides along the Singapore River are also a highlight. Not a fan of the Night Safari. Only attempt it on a midweek day and arrive around twilight. Just picked up some cheap airfares, so it looks like I’ll be back up there in December. I usually stay in Far East hotels, like The Quincy on Mount Elizabeth Road, near Orchard Road MRT station. The only real shopping I like are the bookstores, like Kinokuniya. Dejiki is a reliable Singaporean theme park blogger - the equivalent of Our Worlds here - with great photography. The main school holidays are in the month of June.
  12. Get out of my head, Dreamworld!
  13. If you get The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland it will give you lots of hints and tips. Arrive at the parks at rope drop - you can do so much more in the first hour.
  14. Yes, asbestos riddles so many of our buildings from the last century. If they do take them down completely, it would be good to have something similar and it would be great to have something that was taken care of as nicely as the Disney buildings.
  15. Yeah, it’s not like Disney’s litigious. 😖