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  1. We were invited to the opening of The Lagoon, this week. The new pool area looks great. There are a few cabanas in this area as well as The Deck, which can cater for up to 40 people. The new Gage Roads Bar there is called The Pool House. There are also free pool loungers there as well as reservable ones. The pool, itself, is only 1.2-1.3m deep. It’s a great addition to the park and considering the heat wave we’re experiencing at the moment, it’s very timely.
  2. I still have a Hi8 camera and DVD recorder, but I’m in WA. Sorry. 😢
  3. They really seemed to like Gumbuya World. Some famous people in that vlog. 😜
  4. Caught up with Shawn and Charlotte, today. They seem really down to earth. Adventure World was packed and they weren’t too impressed with the operations (Abyss was only running one train). However, they really enjoyed Abyss and Goliath. They had plenty of positive things to say about a lot of the attractions. However, they overheard that it took some people an hour to get their food. They’re in Perth until tomorrow, when they head off to Malaysia.
  5. Sorry, that’s two channels. https://fb.watch/i3KGYy33mg/?mibextid=v7YzmG Also…
  6. The European Coaster Club is in town. They had ERT on Abyss. The park also organised lockers for them. There were about 75 on the tour. They left the park at 2pm and are now on their way to Melbourne.
  7. Really enjoyed Rainbows End. They’re also going to Hobbiton and other places over in NZ.
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