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  1. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    The Mods are free to divide this thread up into what they want. @Richard do your thing!
  2. Thanks @Jobe for another excellent report. It's great to see people reporting on parks outside of the Gold Coast. I'm interested to see what you thought about the theming at Werribee too.
  3. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    If you're moderating, you could do it for us. 😉
  4. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Busy day by the pool, today, with the temperature around the mid 30s. Goliath was out of action (although testing), Rampage is still down and tunnel of terror looked quiet. There were 10-15 minute queues on most things, which is manageable. They were also hosing the path down outside Kraken. Those misters on the queue line were great too. Luckily, I was there for rope drop and headed up soon afterwards.
  5. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Final night of AW Nights for the season was tonight. The car park was only half full and it wasn’t as crowded as last week. I didn’t manage to get there until after sunset. Rampage was down, but everything else was operating. The Grand Prix and Abyss had fairly lengthy queues of around 20 minutes. Our wait for Inferno was around 5 minutes. The food trucks and Kahuna Falls were doing really well. We did catch up with Ross a couple of times and shared some fries with him. Ross said that were surprised at how successful they were during the last couple of weeks with AW Nights. There were a few staff members conducting surveys too.
  6. iwerks

    Water Park for Perth

    Visited the Maze/Outback Splash’s Australia Day party, today. The waterpark part was packed. They had a DJ and a costume kangaroo character. There was a big flag above the water playground. The huge scaffolding at the back of the park represents the height of the new slide tower being constructed, this winter. The rest of the park was not as packed and was pleasant to walk around.
  7. Are we talking Boomerang or Family Boomerang? The family Boomerangs look quite good. We need more family rides which are re-rideable, like SV. A lot of people look at GD or a large inverting coaster and just go ‘no way.’
  8. iwerks

    Sea World closed today

    Okay, without offending any SW fans allow me to explain some points. Ross, the GM, had mentioned that they had to use their back up power once during this season when the local grid had issues. We’ve been watching these substations, or whatever they are, expand throughout the park these last ten years. The five rides was a reference to a particular area of the park that has nowhere near 5 rides now (needless to say we weren’t fishing for info on AW’s power supply). Where once they couldn’t expand until they fixed their power problems, now they are ready for future expansion. Here's the link to when Adventure World did their last lot of distribution boards.. https://www.parkz.com.au/forums/topic/7275-goliath-adventure-world’s-new-intamin-gyro-swing/?page=13
  9. iwerks

    Sea World closed today

    Yeah, I don’t deny that those animal exhibits would need a lot of power and that the two parks are very different. It was just weird as we had just had that conversation with Ross, the GM, and had presumed that the GC parks would be similar.
  10. iwerks

    Sea World closed today

    You can talk to the GM and CEO? They future proofed the park? It’s funny that this ‘water park’ has more dry thrill rides than that marine wildlife park.
  11. iwerks

    Sea World closed today

    We were talking to the GM of AW the other week about a certain part of the park that has enough power to supply 5 rides when he told us that they sometimes supply the grid.
  12. iwerks

    Sea World closed today

    Yeah, sorry, I was talking about Sea World. No, I was just wondering why a proper theme park doesn’t have its own power supply and an ‘amusement park’ like Adventure World generates enough power to sell it back to the grid. Are the GC parks that poor?
  13. iwerks

    Sea World closed today

    Don’t GC parks have their own generators?
  14. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Went to the third AW Nights, last night. The streets around the park were packed. Gwilliam St was full of cars up to Red Rooster and Progress Drive had cars parked along it past the Ice Arena. They have started a new line at the main gate for season pass holders. Managed to pick up a key for a small locker from a couple of staff members with a bucket of keys. Bumped into Andrew, the CEO, and had a brief chat. He said they’re still testing different things out and tweaking the event. He was also grateful for the 38 degree weather and the large crowds it brought with it. I didn’t hang around too long, yesterday. I took photos, had dinner and went for a swim. There were still people entering the park when I left, just before 9pm. One more AW Night to go, on Australia Day.
  15. iwerks

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    ^We saw Rampage pretty much at capacity on Saturday night. The animal place should be safe for the time being. We kinda found out what happened to Inferno from Ross. It certainly explains why it hasn’t been down this season. Sounds like you had a good time on Goliath.