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  1. Here's our POV. Tim was convinced to go on it by the owner. 258430201_TopGunPOV.mp4
  2. Talk about putting people in a position where they have to defend themselves. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/7news.com.au/news/wa/perth-anti-vaxxers-charged-after-confronting-schoolchildren-getting-jab-at-joondalup-shopping-centre-c-4624545.amp
  3. So this isn’t the same looping ship at Sunway Lagoon (that’s been there since 2005)?
  4. Apparently, Abyss has no weight scales. And yes, they have hired external people to do PR for them in the past. Perhaps, they should give @Slicka call.
  5. Which business said that? I said that - they didn’t. I don’t even know if Abyss has scales. Outback Splash has scales and nobody said a peep. I have no idea why AW got scales - it could be for insurance purposes. You can test yourself before getting in line. There are lights, but no sirens as some people claimed. It’s the same as Outback Splash’s system.
  6. Does no one understand average weight limit? 600kg divided by 8 = 75kg. It’s not a maximum weight limit. Adventure World is doing fine without worrying about losing a few customers. Their platinum passes have already sold out and the premium passes aren’t too far away. The park was surprisingly busy on its first day of operation despite the fact that the Perth Royal Show sold out that day and it was also the Grand Final. Those weight limits have been around for a couple of years, but not enforced. They have apparently offered season pass refunds to some. The details would have probably been on their website, but we didn’t know about the scales until we saw them.
  7. Sorry, with all this interest in the park I thought you would have visited it by now. You know how old I am @DaptoFunlandGuy and you know I wouldn’t ride a coaster that would send me to a chiropractor. I think AW needs to do a lot of things atm - retracking Abyss is probably not that high on the list. Hope to see you in the park someday.
  8. How was your experience on the ride? Was it similar to Buzzsaw? Jet Rescue? Thunderbolt?
  9. I love how in this 2013 video she says Abyss is a smooth ride. Hardly, her head is being knocked about all over the place. It’s so weird that it’s a much smoother coaster in the back row.
  10. It is totally the ride type. It’s not a coaster that you can re-ride too many times in a row. I wish more parks would get family coasters that you can enjoy multiple times without needing a break on the chairlift. Do I wish that they’d gotten lap bars? Certainly. But like a ride on a wild motor bike, I think a lot of what it does it was designed to do. I’d much rather go on Abyss that a lot of other rides at AW.
  11. Are we talking about the same Abyss? You guys never went on Arkham Asylum or the Gold Coaster? Abyss is better when sitting in the back row or riding first thing in the morning. I thought it operated better last season than it had the year before.
  12. There’s not a lot of footage from that time. I think the Dracula’s Castle era was in the 90s. I don’t remember any animatronics, but they did have those heads with the projections on them, a la the Haunted Mansion. If anyone does have footage or photos from the era, it’d probably be the park. There is one shot from the original AW film that features the tunnel underneath the castle. I also have a classic ad from the 80s/90s that features the ‘exploratron’ which was probably held in there.
  13. Adventure World's platinum pass usually retails for above $200. It gives you great discounts on food and entry to their night events. It also includes a couple of fast passes, discounted entry for up to 8 friends and a reduced price for a cabana. https://adventureworld.net.au/pricing/platinum-season-pass/
  14. They were willing to offer a chunk of land, but they weren’t impressed by the offers. https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/northern-territory-government-remains-committed-to-darwin-waterpark-plans-despite-applicant-rejections/
  15. Did anyone notice Shawn's POV of Area 51(aka Bermuda Triangle) in one of the latest videos on Theme Park Woldwide? It's about 38 minutes in. https://youtu.be/55672DBdRs4
  16. Perth Zoo opened on Saturday. There was no limit on numbers, but you did have to book ahead. The indoor areas like the nocturnal and reptile houses were closed. https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2020/06/Perth-Zoo-reopens-to-the-public.aspx
  17. How do you know the university students aren’t reacting to your original post?
  18. Yeah, people are generally having a positive reaction to Adventure World closing. Outback Splash is staying open and limiting its attendance to 500 people. Screamscape has picked up on the fact that the GC parks are still open.
  19. Cool photos - always great to see another park in Australia. I'm sure Gazza would appreciate it if you entered them on this page: https://www.parkz.com.au/parks/AU/Whittlesea/Funfields
  20. Hope you didn’t miss the nearby cup noodles museum.
  21. Finally got the chance to drive the hour and a half to Northam and ride the slides. It’s a really nice new aquatic centre that replaces the old Olympic Pool on the other side of town. It’s $5 for pool entry for adults and another $5 for a 2 hour session on the slides. The weather in Perth has been awful this past week, so the sun actually turned up, today, and there was a top of 27 degrees. The water isn’t heated, so this temperature was just fine. We arrived just after the start of the morning two hour slide session(10-12 and 2-4pm on weekends) and I wouldn’t have seen more than 5 people on the slides and probably another ten in the rest of the pool complex. The four slides come off a three storey tower and thankfully they all land into the shallow splash pool from the same direction. There’s a small kids slide on the first floor. A light blue/teal open slide on the second floor, and darker blue and light green enclosed slides from the third floor. The young staff were helpful, chatty and relaxed. The blue slides are the quickest, faster than the Gold Rush at Outback Splash. The green slide was wider, like it was meant for tubes, and runs out of puff just before the end. There’s definitely more to do here if you’re a single rider than Outback Splash. The slide tower is pretty narrow, but does the job. The enclosed tubes have a decent length of time in the dark. The tower is surrounded by a lovely little native garden and there are plenty of shaded areas for families to gather. The whole complex looks pristine and puts the rest of Northam to shame. It’s got a lot going for it, considering its price point. The local community should be very happy with this investment.
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