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  1. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Job well done, @Tim Dasco. I'm glad you did that as there are a few rides I wouldn't touch or I'd be one of those people on Goliath. The only park I've done all the rides on in one day was HK Disneyland shortly after it opened. I hope you avoided the spiders on Yarli's Safaris and @ABYSS didn't get too sick on the barrel spin.🤢
  2. It was great catching up with @Tim Dasco and friends - had an excellent night. So good to ride Inferno at night. Really love this ride and it's combination of shots and drops. Lots more people in attendance, tonight. We stayed until the park closed. Got a share from AW's Facebook Page, too - nice!
  3. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Village raised theirs after the completion of two rides. What did Dreamworld build -a kids' Ferris wheel?
  4. Now you can donate as much as I have! It's a public donation. https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/fundraisers/mark-shaw/perth
  5. That they keep investing on a regular basis? I'd be happy if it wasn't a spin and spew. 😀🤢
  6. So, we don't know how much comes from the gate and how much comes from SS's pocket. Let's just say we appreciate his efforts. I have a feeling if it wasn't for him, AW would have long gone the way of Wonderland, and I can only guess how @AlexB feels about that.
  7. Yes, Adventure World doesn't get a new attraction every year. Except for Abyss, they're all under $10 million. I think it's good the park has invested so much back in year after year - even before the naming of the Mi-s. Nothing worse than when a park doesn't open new rides and gives you no reason to go back. AW has also not been guilty of giving away the gate - charging at least $150 per adult for a 7 month season for sometime now (or more for those of us with the platinum pass). They're trying new things, like AW Nights, without seeming to put themselves at risk. I realise it's not on the same level as the GC parks, but it's steadily plugging away in a fairly monopolistic situation. And Steve Sicerich has no shareholders, but his family to answer to. He is the random factor.
  8. Ben said that he thinks they should get family friendly water rides - I agree. He didn't say the park would wind down its spend every two years. What I was trying to explain to you is that you're making your predictions based on a false premise - that AW is like the GC parks. We're not writing in a vacuum - lots of people read this stuff. So if you're smacking down David Bakas or being condescending to Mark Shaw you damage the reputation of these forums and theme park fans, in general. How old are you, @AlexB? I went to Old Sydney Town and Adventure World in their first year of operation.
  9. You argue that you're being reasonable, I'm arguing that you're not. Everything we've heard points to continued expansion. You're like a d-grade star who complains about snap chat and ends up devaluing the stock of the company. If you post in this thread, this is the response you'll get.
  10. It's almost that time of the year, again. Mark's sleeping out again in June. https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/fundraisers/mark-shaw/perth?ref=ch_1BzlgAA8Lc2dSwJO8stVdL0T Mark has also been in touch to say that he's got an exciting announcement coming up soon. Can't wait to find out what it is!
  11. Not fair, Tim. You're using actual research and a reasonable argument. @AlexB can't reason against that!
  12. Yeah, I think what AW gets next is more up to Steve Sicerich's kids than anyone else.
  13. @AlexB At least I have glasses! I didn't know you knew Steve Sicerich or had been talking to the staff there? Why compare AW with the GC? Steve Sicerich does what he pleases. You don't see me making concrete predictions about what the park is going to do, because like everyone else, I don't know either, but I don't say the MI are going to stop based on no evidence whatsoever. Your arrogance is astounding. Every chance you have to put down any park outside the GC you seem to take it.
  14. Sorry, I didn't realise Hair Raiser was a shot and drop tower of similar capacity. No, @AlexB, I meant all of your dire predictions for the park's future.
  15. Just wondering what you're basing all your predictions on, that's all. There are quite a few choices of drop towers that are similar size and capacity to Inferno. I don't see them downgrading it just to make you happy.
  16. AW Nights 2018

    Just a quick report from the inaugural AWNights. Got there about 5.30pm and was at the head of the queue for entry (they were still chasing day patrons out - apparently it had been quite busy). They opened the gates at 5.50 or so for a rope drop of sorts at 6pm. Yarlotte and her minders even showed up. Headed over to the lockers and then the pool, which had lots of flamingo inflatables on it. Went on the mat slides next and had four runs with no one but me on them. Went over to the racing slides, before deciding to dry off. Got on the chairlift, which was operating, and captured some nice shots as the sun went down. After wandering around the park, I decided to take an early dinner on the upper deck of the Kahuna Cafe. I was tucking into a patented Mark Shaw Chicken Caesar Salad, when the lights on Kahuna Falls went out. Kids kept going on it and they eventually fixed it an hour or so later. At first I thought they had hit the lights on purpose in order to emphasise the DJ, who was playing nearby, but then I saw a guy with a torch. Put my camera away after that and then went on the Grand Prix and Abyss with next to no wait. Abyss was awesome, as I was expecting it to be completely dark when we got out - it wasn't. It was like entering an elaborate show building (kinda like the old ET ride), with the forest on the left and the moon overhead. Once we were over the lift hill, it was a little more intense than normal. Abyss' tracks have this bluish/purple lighting, so you could only see a few meters ahead at a time. Did one last lap around the park. It was 9 o'clock. Checked my photos and the Kahuna Falls lights came back on. Overall, the night kinda reminded me of extra magic hours at a Disney park, where you can ride your favourite rides at night with little wait. The DJ was very chilled and didn't really gather a crowd. It was a very mellow, family friendly crowd, with couples picnicking on the lawns. Got in for free since I'm a Platinum member, so not bad value for me. The weather was so much better than Fright Nights and there were tonnes of people in the pool all night long. Looking forward to next week's event.
  17. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Reading the ad also reminded me about Michael Edgley and how it was called Edgley's Adventure World. Edgley also developed the now defunct Perth Entertainment Centre. We also had Alan Bond, who besides winning the America's Cup, which helped reinvigorate Fremantle, he also developed Atlantis, our former local marine park. Back in those days, Two Rocks, really was in the middle on nowhere. This got me to thinking about our current crop of theme park instigators. We definitely need people who are lightning rods of fun around Australia. People who can help promote our leisure sector services. In Perth, it's great that the Woodcock's were able to get seed funding for a water park at The Maze (although we're still waiting to see the final version of this come to fruition). Then there are people like David Bakas trying to create some heat for Sydney's Wonderland 2.0. It's kinda frustrating when you look around Australia and look at the lack of development of our fun park sector, although regional Victoria seems to be an exception to the rule, and how places like Adelaide and Hobart don't seem to have much at all. Why can't everyone have the right to catch a coaster after work, like some of us can with Abyss in Perth and you guys on the GC? In Perth, we also had Eric Person, who helped develop the InspireWA theme park concept that was initially working along with companies like Sally Corp. He's now co-operating with Jimmy Choo and helping to promote Australian fashion. And then we have Mark Shaw and his recent work with Gumbaya World. Mark was fantastic with his promotion of Adventure World during his time at the helm and I hear that he's got some great things coming up. We need people like this. Goodluck to them all.
  18. But not as pipe dream as your comments. Isn't Hair Raiser half the capacity?
  19. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Some of the above photos were from the Boans staff visit before the park opened. Found this newspaper ad that someone shared on Facebook a year or two ago. Can we have those opening hours, please?
  20. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Yup - it was entry by token before that. They also had the shooting gallery too.
  21. Why do I keep reading trolls as a verb?
  22. AW Nights 2018

    Wow - you guys are about as informative as the AW website. It would be useful to learn something more about the Nights before going, but it's always nice to get a pleasant surprise. I wonder if they'll get as many performers in with Fringeworld taking place across other parts of Perth. It would be cool if they did Dive-in movies or at least recreate the outdoor cinema they had for Fright Nights. The bar is always a great place to escape the crowds - it's good that it's back. I wonder what extra lighting or effects they'll have for the rides? We'll soon find out.
  23. And then we could debate whether it's a water park or a fully fledged 'theme' park. Yeah, it's like they've got no clue. Maybe they should have built the park they were supposed to build in the first place? They really need to listen to their customer base about service and, of course, build something new every couple of years to get people coming back.
  24. Loved Turbo Mountain. I think Abyss is more of an extreme coaster. Ride in the back seat and you will be fine.
  25. Agreed - good call @elemist. Abyss is still a great coaster - like Ben said it's more of a sports coaster. It's not AA or HWSW rough; it's just not as re-rideable as Turbo Mountain was. Reason why I was talking about the music was that it sounds like Harry Potter type music when you enter the park - like a proper theme park. The team members work together as a cohesive whole, not like carnies at a sideshow alley.