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    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Oh, yeah, @Tim Dasco I totally forgot!
  2. iwerks

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Yeah, nope. It’s a theme park because it’s on the east coast of Australia, just like the Ekka and the Sydney Showgrounds. 😜
  3. iwerks

    Traveling fairs!

    Caught 'Carnival Fever' at Cannington, yesterday. It's on for three days at the Showgrounds there, just along from Carousel, one of the biggest shopping centres in Perth. Was stuck in traffic, when I saw the Star Flyer go up. Parking wasn't a problem and I'd already picked up a heavily discounted ticket($16) on Scoopon a couple of days before. It's great that it was one price entry, which included all of the rides (some of which normally reside at Hillary's) for all of the day. There was also a low budget WWE-style wrestling match, Honda quad bike desiplay team as well as face painting and a petting zoo. Lots of families were there enjoying some of the sunniest weather we've had in weeks.
  4. iwerks

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Why would you change it - the rides were so much cooler then. I'm going to go on that roller coaster, and then that volcano thing, before hitching a ride on those skyway gondolas. Afterwards, you could cool off in the afternoon on that massive water slide. Day made!
  5. iwerks

    Darwin water park planned

    It’s great to see a government being proactive about tourism. I hope a few others take a leaf out of their playbook.
  6. Movie World Junior Driving School. 😡
  7. Certainly hasn’t done his homework and likes to take advantage of lowly paid workers. Did the hotel cleaner have to wait for him to finish his shower and reclean the room? Someone should tag Disney on his YouTube channel.
  8. I was at Caversham Wildlife Park on the weekend. They have these $5 quiches that some local bakery makes for them. They’re cheap and easy to heat up. Why not get the Japanese place across the road from MW make sushi rolls for them?
  9. Wow - so many good points. I liked a lot of Push’s too, except the projection mapping. Just get the basics right, because if you don’t it will take years to turn around your reputation. I always thought that giving away the gate encourages crappy operations and expensive food. Why should they load rides quickly when you’re a season pass holder - you can always ride another time. Why not gouge the food prices to cover the lower entry costs? So often we judge our theme park experience on what we eat and what’s available to eat. It’s always sad when a park goes backwards.
  10. It’s funny to see you guys get to what Adventure World offers. Yes, if you are season pass holder at AW you get 20% off all f&b besides alcohol. They also have fresh food offerings like sushi, salads and wraps. After discount, a chicken Caesar salad, fruit salad and a drink costs just under $20. The thing is, it takes about 5 years before most customers realise that the food offerings are much improved.
  11. Madagascar can be a pretty tight fit, depending on your body shape.
  12. iwerks

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Had an excellent time with the awesome Parkz people @ABYSS and @Tim Dasco. The place was busy, today, for the second last day of the season. As Abyss said above, Inferno was only doing shots and Chairlift closed early at two (although it did open early as well). Tim managed to sneak in his 150th ride on Goliath. The wait time for Abyss was a couple of minutes and Kraken, probably around 10. It seems Black Widow is off for the season. The staff were in a good mood - and were impressed by how often Tim and Abyss go there. There were lots of first timers going to the park - some people weren’t familiar with the rules. I saw a large group of Chinese people guffawing at the vertical drop on Abyss, the roller coaster. The wildlife area got some love and attention in the last couple of weeks, with some new railings. It looks like Dudley, the emu, will spend her off season near the pond. I got to talk to the keeper, and it seems like they will have an interactive area for the female Kangaroos there, next season. Great to see this neglected area of the park getting some attention. Feeding Dudley was very cool - definitely the gentlest emu I’ve met. Kahuna Cafe was the busiest I’ve seen it in sometime. The restaurant area is something that has been left largely untouched and would be great it if it had a tenant next season. Everyone’s been impressed by the food offerings, like the salads and sushi, imagine how much time and money they would spend if there was a restaurant like Rick’s at MW. If it’s raining in the park, people could hang out there until the skies clear. AW currently has its rapids tube ride, but a lazy river would certainly be welcome. Tim has lots of exciting theories about the next stage of development, but only time will tell. We had an awesome season and can’t wait for September.
  13. You’re joking about the highway robbery bit, right? Remember when it was $350 for a season pass 10-15 years ago? Imagine if they’d gone up with the price of inflation. We pay $150 minimum for a season pass to Adventure World for a 7 month season. If you go 3 times you’ve already saved on the price of gate entry. If you go once a week, it’s cheaper than visiting your local pool. If you want to see what a real season pass costs, research Disney and Universal.
  14. How do people find the food there? First couple of times I thought it was awesome - my most recent visits - not so much.
  15. iwerks

    Water Park for Perth

    Was at The Maze: Home of Outback Splash, this afternoon. It appears there is good news and bad news re: their expansion. It appears to be confirmed for the 2019/20 season. They might even put in a viewing tower before that, just to give an idea about the height(which seems odd). The staff member who confidently told me this also said they would be taller than the ones at Hillary’s. I reminded her that they no longer existed. It seems they are doing some work on the aviaries at the moment. Some birds, like Henry, were off display. It was 25 degrees here in Perth, so there were some people enjoying the water playground. The inflatable slide is looking a little worse for wear - that will probably just make it through next season. The park also has a new resident Wombat.
  16. iwerks

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    He’s probably referring to: ”If we're going to say that "if every ride has a theme, whether or not it fits with the ride next to it, then that makes it a theme park" then i'd like for you to visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show, one of the finest theme parks that New South Wales has to offer.” 1.I think he’s just venting. 2.We know you can’t get offended. 😜
  17. iwerks

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Spider webs are gone too.
  18. iwerks

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Great day in the park, today. Beautiful weather in the early to mid twenties. AW was quite empty, which is surprising because it’s the start of the school holidays and there’s only two weeks left in the season. No wait for most rides, except for the Grand Prix, which was up to about half an hour. Kraken was a walk on. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, including some kid who had climbed up a tree near rail rider. Someone else managed to get a mat from the slides into the big pool. Geniuses!
  19. I keep getting sponsored ‘articles’ about theme park woes from real estate sites. It’s the same article that has appeared over the last six months.
  20. iwerks

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Just checked - arm fixed.
  21. iwerks

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Not to mention these guys.
  22. iwerks

    The Off Topic Topic

    @Tim Dasco was really happy about that April Fools’ joke. 😜
  23. iwerks

    The Off Topic Topic

    Every April Fools’. https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/breaking-news-dreams-do-come-true-perths-getting-a-disneyland
  24. iwerks

    Virtual Reality Centres

    ^Zero Latency is now open in Brisbane. Tonight, I took the opportunity to visit Perth’s first multiplayer VR gaming centre - Optimus Gaming. It’s in Balcatta, less than a minute off the Freeway. It cost $50 per person for an hour. You can play with up to 8 people per game. None of us had done Virtual Gaming before, but we had experienced VR at the Singapore Science Centre. It didn’t take too long to go through some basic tutorials. We had a go at Smashbox Arena and Skyfront, which were excellent. Smashbox was a multiplayer team game similar to a hyped up version of dodge ball. Skyfront is a shooter where you can fly through various different terrain - like Ancient Egypt - and kill your friends. I got my butt kicked several times, but I’m looking forward to going back. It didn’t make me motion sick, which was a bonus, but there were a couple of times you felt like you were about to fall over. It’s definitely an experience I’d recommend if you can’t afford your own VR console.
  25. Anyone catch the segment on Good Game about 'Zero Latency', virtual reality centre in Melbourne? There's also an international franchise called 'The Void' that looks pretty similar. It seems ironic that we've just lost our first generation of virtual reality parks and then this comes along. Looks exciting, has anyone tried it? http://www.abc.net.au/tv/goodgame/ https://www.zerolatencyvr.com/