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  1. I couldn’t get a picture because I was driving (sorry) but just spotted BS track sitting in this industrial lot !
  2. Completely agree with this. Just wanted to add in context of my rant (haha), that my comment was referring to the media in general, not exclusively in reference to theme parks. That was my bad, I should have made that very clear but somehow forgot to write it. Could you please explain the difference to me? As far as I understood it, the media was any source that communicated "information", and journalism was a form of that ie. journalism is a branch of media as a whole. Very happy for anything I have said to be shown as wrong - if I am saying something incorrectly I would much prefer be told how and why, and then be able to use the right words next time.
  3. opportunity for another article => another article for people to read => another article for people to see ads on => more ads being seen and/or clicked on => more money for the media The media don't care about their consequences, they don't care what/who they ruin, they don't care how truthful the information they are sharing is, the only thing they care about is making money. Any way that they might be able to make even a slight profit, they will take and they will milk - Exhibit A: relating anything remotely to do with theme parks or the Gold Coast back to TRRR. Of course, I'm not saying every news outlet is out to get whoever they can in an effort to make money, but sadly, far too many are - because there should be 0.
  4. Why is Jet Rescue coming out of maintenance for two days, and then going back into maintenance? With both of those maintenance periods only being four/five days each? I'm no engineer or ride expert by any stretch, but wouldn't it be better just to have 12 day maintenance period?
  5. Barely remembered this so searched it up, as @AlexB suggested. This is the main thread for it: And here is also the Parkz page, with this article being the only thing on it if anyone else is interested as well 🤷‍♂️
  6. Yes, how rude of the Premier to look after the health and wellbeing of the state, and ultimately Australia. Very thoughtless of him. /s
  7. I work at a significant tourist attraction on Phillip Island in Victoria and I am seeing the same thing which amazes me as well - especially when I’m just creating conversation with guests while they wait for something and they mention things like they are coming down from some of the hotspots, and then even more when they complain and/or ignore restrictions 🙄
  8. These are from Wikipedia and all I could find about it.
  9. To be honest, I don't think there is a whole lot wrong with Hollywood Stunt Driver AS A THEME. I think they could keep it if they made a new show that was actually entertaining. I liked the original show, but HSD2 is awful.
  10. Just saw this - gives a very good look at how Vortex is going:
  11. That's what I originally thought and used to think until I read @Slick's interview with John Longhurst and this was in it: Please correct me if I am wrong because this topic does really interest me The interview as well: http://roache.co/2018/03/28/john-longhurst-dreamworld-origins/
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong, but didn't the Hollywood House get taken down, put into storage, but then eaten by termites?
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