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  1. They still do it today 😁 This was in my eldest's school newsletter this week lol:
  2. For a second there I thought I had opened the wrong topic lol...
  3. Shame they aren't able to salvage those old ad vintage canvas somehow Some great Dreamworld history right there in that billboard! I could easily imagine them being auctioned off to a nostalgic theme park or Gold Coast historic collector for a small mint, which could then help the park with a much needed financial boost or donated to the DWF.
  4. True, guys. I think the obvious issue is that it's something the park wouldn't want to make a big deal of, given it has had such a disasterous impact on them and obviously very negatively publicity as a whole. Alas, on the other hand, I also fear that not addressing it at all might be seen as potentially insensitive or disrespectful, especially being the first anniversary of their passing. Heaven knows the media will likely be all over it, they never let a good opportunity for a story slide 😑 And as AlexB has said, many members of the public will likely want to visit the park to pay resp
  5. Kinda reminds me of one of those old billboards that used to have parts that simultaneously flip over to change the image lol...
  6. Cheers for the update, @themagician. Was considering doing a quick visit over lunch to see if the Joker head had been installed yet, but clearly they are still busy getting other important things done before finishing with the aesthetics side! We will all have to keep a close eye out for the 'crowning moment' over the next day or so 😁
  7. Hard to believe it's only a couple of months now until the 1 year mark of the tragic incident at Dreamworld that changed everything as we knew it 😢 As much as I know it's far from a favourite topic to dicuss, but with the 1st anniversary of that ill-fated date on the quick approach, I can't help but wonder if Dreamworld are planning to do anything on the day, such as a memorial event for those (hopefully including the public as well) wanting to visit the park and pay respects? Obviously with TRR still standing at present it means that we don't have the previously discussed official
  8. Probably not, given their construction workers and operators have Sundays off. It would just be sitting there in the Logan Steel construction yard over today, anyway. At least by keeping it on site, it means they don't have to cart it back and forth and it's ready to go at 6am tomorrow when work continues
  9. Lol... fountain reaction! Given it was my initial speculation that inspired #TPSNfountaingate , should I be flattered? I'm not quite sure, haha
  10. Is Six Flags even in a financial position to continue opening new theme parks globally? Last I heard they had been struggling with bankruptcy over numerous years. Their Wikipedia page certainly doesn't show much growth over the past few years, and not much planned for the future. More park sales than anything 😮
  11. @Brad2912 I haven't seen it yet, but I have had the same assumptions as you - they are definitely gonna need that crane to get it way up there! So surely can't be far off
  12. Long time no see, guys. Hope everyone is well I too was on site at MW this morning for the placement of the final track piece, I did a live stream (or three) to my FB blog - it took about an hour or so due to wind delays. Anyway, I stuck around for a bit afterwards to grab some high quality piccies from a few other different perspectives and thought I would share them on here with you all, since today is certainly the day for it. Worker waiting patiently wayyyy up top of the lift hill staircase for the wind to die down, and the final track piece to be lifted
  13. I had a chat on site there with maintenance the other day? Take it with a grain of salt if you like, but you'll find its the most accurate info you'll get about it. I definitely wouldn't be posting if I thought it was just rumour.
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