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  1. If i'm honest, i think DW might be on the money with this one... Both VIC and NSW are hitting their vaccine targets 1-2 months before Christmas. There genuinely could be a good chance the borders open for the fully vaccinated - and if that happens in time for Christmas, there'll be an enormous influx of tourists from the south. I can dream right?
  2. Seaworld rented the Sky Flyer for a period of time as (jet rescue?) was closed for an extended amount of time, and the only other "adult" ride was Storm.
  3. Wow. Kudos to Dreamworld for that kind of response.
  4. I would argue - judging just the coaster itself, it's one of - if not, the best - hyper coaster out there. It is absolutely a world class ride.
  5. I'm not sure i agree. Typically contracts would be on a year-by-year basis, right? Dreamworks opened in March of 2012, t's almost June 2021. Would it be normal for an agreement to end at a different time of the year to when it was instigated? If the agreement truly is coming to an end though, that's a massive blow for the park. It's easily the best kids area in Australia, both attraction wise and theming. Hopefully something decent enough would be lined up to replace it..
  6. Interesting thought - would Movieworld move to being operational at night to coincide with the hotel?
  7. It’s people who do things like this who ruin it for literally every other drone user.
  8. You know something is severely wrong when a customer leaves and goes to Dreamworld.😆
  9. TPSN isn't often known for their high-quality, reliable information... but wouldn't this be awesome if it's true? What would everyone's thoughts be?
  10. I dare say, not much. I'd say DC Villains was probably moved to January cause of the prolonged closures throughout the middle of the year last year, and there was increased demand for travel and activities over the summer holidays - probably moreso than usual. Did Sea World do anything for its 40th? I can't remember any of our parks doing any substantial celebrations on major milestone years, aside from some odd marketing here and there?
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