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  1. Scratch that. If you watch the video they certainly do push the ride-within-a-ride statement 🙄
  2. Seems they’ve dodged any of the *actual* problems. Unless i’m confused, what would be the benefit of closing batwing to “align with the construction”? Is it not just a footpath in that general area? Keen to know what all of these theming enhancements supposedly are too..
  3. Considering all indication of an April opening has been removed, I would say unlikely. Yikes.
  4. What would you consider Hagrid’s at USO to be? Widely regarded as a family coaster and has a spike w a switch track…
  5. It’s interesting with WWF. They can almost get away with the awful nature of the effects on the ride considering the theme. Definitely agree it’s in major need of a re-haul. Easily one of the best themed rides in the country and it’s in a sad state of affairs..
  6. As usual, the precincts seem to be a few actors running around in different costumes (but typically no overall theming to make each area stand out from eachother). One I am particularly perplexed by however.. is the “Maze Hub” precinct. We are surely reaching at this point? 🤨
  7. Really clutching at straws there with the “first ride within a ride in the southern hemisphere” remark… They’re not wrong, but really? 😅
  8. Been almost a year since i’ve been here! Thought i’d throw in my two cents.. Surfrider going to either MW or SW is a big plus for either park, but the idea of putting it in the middle of Superman? Awful. When you walk into the park, the first thing you see is Superman’s huge top hat standing tall and proud - it’s the signature entrance and what everyone knows the park for. Why ruin that with a tacky one-trick-pony that will stick out like a sore thumb? Will totally ruin the aesthetic. Sea World is definitely the logical option here.
  9. White Christmas wasn't plagued with Omicron. We didn't learn much about it until just before Christmas. Cases weren't in the 50,000+ and we weren't losing any lives. Totally different ballgame now. Not to mention the vaccination mandate wasn't introduced until halfway through the event.
  10. To my recollection none of our parks have ever had any Australia Day festivities, so there isn't a need to make a stand on the issue. No need to poke the bear.
  11. Considering there is an entire area dedicated specifically to the Indigenous Australian culture, I think it would be in incredibly poor taste to host an Australia Day event given the current climate... wouldn't you?
  12. Boy oh boy i cant wait to ride the Stell Tiepan 360° Tailwhip! Considering in peaks backwards for DCR can hit $25, this is totally justifiable.
  13. Fantastic news, this will be an incredible ride. Thought it's worth commending Dreamworld and their marketing team for this one - they've truly set the standard on the proper way to market rides in Australia from here on in. Everything has been executed perfectly and they haven't missed a beat. Really hope this is a fresh start for the park and just a taste of what's to come.
  14. Would have to be over 27m at least? Gravity Wave down in Funfields clocks that...
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