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  1. Flynn_Smith

    Traveling fairs!

    To compare: This is the map from 2017 - there is a bucketload of more space where the new pavilion is. That area alone was filled with the XXL, Cliffhanger, Speed 2, Extreme, Spook, amongst many stalls. Now, we have lost a majority of those rides, and the rest have all been crammed in towards the Animals.
  2. Flynn_Smith

    Traveling fairs!

    I don't think it is the full lineup. If it is, it would leave far too much space in Sideshow alley, for nothing.
  3. Flynn_Smith

    Traveling fairs!

    The EKKA have posted their ride lineup for this year, and to say it's lacklustre, is a massive understatement. Thrill Rides/Attractions: - Extreme - Freak Out - Rock 'N' Roll - Speed 2 - The Beast - XSCREAM Soundwave (New for EKKA) - Hollywood Horrors Family Rides: - Alien Abduction - Break Dance - Cars4Kids - Crazy Spinning Coaster - Dragon Castle (New for EKKA - and Australia by the looks of it?) - Euro Slide - Expo Wheel - Fantasy Flyer - Fungee Bungee - Groovy Bus - Tea Cups - Star Flyer - Rockstar - Jurassic coaster - Jumbo Flying Elephants - Mini Kids Ferris Wheel (New?) - Outback monster trucks - Pirates Revenge - Race-O-Rama - Double Decker Carousel - Sea Circus It could just be the fact that they haven't posted all the rides yet, but if not - it's missing A LOT of rides from previous years.
  4. Flynn_Smith

    Seat size on Hypercoaster

    The Hyper-Coaster has a test seat which you can try at the queue. If you pull it down and the light goes green, your good to go. You should be good on Arkham Asylum with the new restraints that they have, but i'm not too sure about Superman Escape.
  5. Is it just me seeing the Coca-Cola logo?
  6. Flynn_Smith

    What 10 Rides Do You Think Will Permanently Close First?

    Have you ridden Arkham Asylum with the new restraints? It's actually comfortable now. I'm not sure when the change was implemented, but it would have to be something quite recent. They are lap bars now.
  7. Flynn_Smith

    The Off Topic Topic

    That's been announced for about 2 months now
  8. Flynn_Smith

    The Off Topic Topic

    From what I saw, Batwing was closed all day, with mechanics working at the top of the tower most of the day. Superman was experiencing some issues which resulted in an unload just before the launch too. Please, for the love of god, spell Green Lantern normally 😫
  9. Flynn_Smith

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Went on Arkham Asylum today. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned anywhere yet, however there is a new set of wheels on the front train. VR riders are now only allowed to ride at the back of the train. Wasn’t any less shaky by any means, but the restraints are far better now, as there’s nothing to bump your head into. (Not sure if that’s a new feature, or a long-existing one.)
  10. Flynn_Smith

    DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains 2018

    What does that have to do with DC Super Heroes and Super Villains again??
  11. Flynn_Smith

    DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains 2018

    Do rides still close at 5?
  12. Flynn_Smith

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    And it would make use of the crappy arcade they have been running. Heres hoping they follow through and actually make decent use of the area.
  13. Flynn_Smith

    The Off Topic Topic

    @Rollercoaster_Lover's 3rd account?
  14. Flynn_Smith

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Yes. I believe the entrance to White Water World (through DreamWorld) is back through the metal gates which are wedged in between the Flowrider, and the HWSW. Is there a chance that DreamWorld may be expanding the Kung Fu Panda area so it links up with the Trolls Village, essentially making it all apart of the DreamWorks area?
  15. Flynn_Smith

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    I was there last Saturday. Heaps of testing with dummies was happening, also some work happening on the support structure. Not sure what for though