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  1. UTT Review: Early Entry: Great as always Canapes and Meet and greet: Went for about 45 minutes until 5:30pm. Members walking around with food and cast members such as doll haus. Talk to Maze Designer: Moved into the roxy theatre. Video didn't work (think this was intentional) and some microphone issues to make it a bit more of a light hearted part of the day. Just talked about what mazes they had this year really. Buffet: Very nice, dishes such as fish, carved meats, assorted salads and desserts, chocolate fountain, fried chicken and spinach, mushroom and baby tomato pasta
  2. First Fright Nights ever - My Review! Minor Spoiler Alert Mazes: Housr of Kain: First maze I did, I encountered several actors (around 5) and it was my 3rd favourite maze. The set pieces were very good and it got a few good screams out of me. Watch out for the man with a baby 😛 . 8/10 Leatherface: 2nd maze attempted, I was very nervous about this maze. Expectations did not meet my standards however. I was the 2nd person in my line and it seemed that the scare actors were not going at the right times, therefore the back were terrified and we felt nothing. I feel like this will be
  3. I wonder how themed the IT maze is gonna be then in regards to those images?
  4. Definitly the fair scene With the swinging things
  5. I was honestly thinking the same thing, and that is what im worried about
  6. How do you guys feel about fitting 17 rooms inside the dodgem cars? I am unsure about it?
  7. Where is the map located for fright nights?
  8. My ideas are: 1 will play with limbs and parts (doll haus) 2 will wear your skin as art (leather face) 3 will in inflict eternal pain - (house of kain) 4’s appetite is brains - zombie based (maybe Zombieland 2 or another original) 5 is where evil lies and no one really dies - IT
  9. I was just thinking maybe it could be Gambit? Considering there is a movie coming out next year on him.
  10. Can't wait to have a go, I believe it will get smashed with work soon to get ready for testing.
  11. It said that when she entered the pool end chube thingy she complained about having her back hurting and first aid came.
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