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  1. UTT Review: Early Entry: Great as always Canapes and Meet and greet: Went for about 45 minutes until 5:30pm. Members walking around with food and cast members such as doll haus. Talk to Maze Designer: Moved into the roxy theatre. Video didn't work (think this was intentional) and some microphone issues to make it a bit more of a light hearted part of the day. Just talked about what mazes they had this year really. Buffet: Very nice, dishes such as fish, carved meats, assorted salads and desserts, chocolate fountain, fried chicken and spinach, mushroom and baby tomato pasta (loved the pasta haha) The Tour (SPOILER HEAVY AVOID UNLESS WANTED): This tour is based on a musical festival which was a bust and was on the lands of a drug cartel. You jump in a car and get taken over near the studios somewhere near topgolf?? A man kills a dude and holds his head. Tour guide runs away and the drug cartel owner yells at you to come to a shipping containers. Bunch of cocaine and you get told to run to a plane to take off to become her workers. Plane gets shot up by police and you get taken to another tour vechile. A girl in our tour was directly at the window and the tour guide popped up (she freaked out and fell over) so dont do that! You get taken back and that was the end of it. I honestly wish there was something more to this (I was thinking paradise country) to make it more interesting and longer? It was done in 10 to 15 minutes. 6.5/10 Theming was great! Fast Track: Very useful to get everything done, did the mazes 6 times and rides 4 times. Panic Rooms: We didn't attempt these as we were not interested. The souvenir is a fright nights pen in a coffin box.
  2. First Fright Nights ever - My Review! Minor Spoiler Alert Mazes: Housr of Kain: First maze I did, I encountered several actors (around 5) and it was my 3rd favourite maze. The set pieces were very good and it got a few good screams out of me. Watch out for the man with a baby 😛 . 8/10 Leatherface: 2nd maze attempted, I was very nervous about this maze. Expectations did not meet my standards however. I was the 2nd person in my line and it seemed that the scare actors were not going at the right times, therefore the back were terrified and we felt nothing. I feel like this will be rectified soon enough. We werent even jumped in the whole forest area? This maze does have a lot of potential. 4/10 Zombieland Double Tap: A few good scares, it was more unnerving. A lot of sensory scares in this maze. 6.5/10 Doll Haus: This maze was my favourite of the night and boy did it exceed expectations. The set design, the costumes, the makeup and the actors all stitched up to create a awesome maze (Dad Joke intended). Very unnerving and creepy and a great use of space. I would recommend doing this maze twice to really discover the great scenes this maze has to offer. Watch out for the corners! 9/10 IT: My 2nd favourite maze of the night, with great use of special effects and disorienting scenes to really mess you up. The end is where it is fully unleashed. I feel like some scenes could have been excuted better (the projector scene, for instance) however I feel like a large amount of money was spent on this maze and you could truly feel it. What let me down about this maze was the 2 videos really did spoil the majority of the maze. I personally feel like they should refrain from showing the mazes to avoid spoilers. 8.5/10 Precincts: Hell Born: Walked past 3 times, 2 of those times they had live peformances going. Fairly good music aswell. Loved the atmosphere it produced.7.5/10 Dead West: One of the best precincts due to the fact it had the theming of the Wild West Falls. Around 4 actors at any one time. 7.5/10 Baby Faced Killers: Around 3 at any one time, it wasn't the best they could do however they got a few screams. Where the clowns apart of this?? 6/10 Nightmares: Around 4 actors at any one time, no theming except for the actors and fog/smoke. 6/10 *I feel like it would be better if they made the whole of main street one precinct and gave it their absolute best? I would highly recommend buying the UTT or Fast track to get your value of the night. I will also be doing a UTT review later and be posting it in the UTT thread.
  3. I wonder how themed the IT maze is gonna be then in regards to those images?
  4. Definitly the fair scene With the swinging things
  5. I was honestly thinking the same thing, and that is what im worried about
  6. How do you guys feel about fitting 17 rooms inside the dodgem cars? I am unsure about it?
  7. Where is the map located for fright nights?
  8. My ideas are: 1 will play with limbs and parts (doll haus) 2 will wear your skin as art (leather face) 3 will in inflict eternal pain - (house of kain) 4’s appetite is brains - zombie based (maybe Zombieland 2 or another original) 5 is where evil lies and no one really dies - IT
  9. I was just thinking maybe it could be Gambit? Considering there is a movie coming out next year on him.
  10. Can't wait to have a go, I believe it will get smashed with work soon to get ready for testing.
  11. It said that when she entered the pool end chube thingy she complained about having her back hurting and first aid came.
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