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  1. jjuttp

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    In my experience, i've learnt there's also a considerable amount of locals that also don't know that it was filmed here.
  2. jjuttp

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yeah. Nah. Not happening for a long time. It brings in too much business to fill 1 fanboys need for more HUSS contraptions.
  3. So you want to ensure that DW continues having the shittest coasters?
  4. Nope. I believe Oblivion at Alton towers is at 372m. That's almost half of Flight Deck (690m). Then you've got the likes of Krake and Baron 1898 at 476m and 501m respectively, and Raptor at Gardaland is only around 80m longer at 770m.
  5. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    It looks to be of the Tornado.
  6. Try out Tiger Trek at Taronga. Blows DW out of the water. And hell, even Billabong Zoo's wombat exhibit is better.
  7. jjuttp

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    He's replying to the first page in the thread. And @Outlaw Run Fanboy, it's because they're owned by the same studio. Around 90% of the stuff sold or on show etc in the park is because WB/AOL have their dicks in it one way or another. From owning to DC and Hanna Barbera (Justice League and Scooby respectively), to the eateries (Ricks is from Casablanca, and Dirty Harry is in the name), to the shows like Bonnie and Clyde (1967) or just making them in general (HWSD), Stemming to the merch. Harry potter is WB made, and they probably got the in park rights for the Elvis merch due to the 1981 biopic they made.
  8. >Ardent sells park >Mirvac or someone buys park >Mirvac or someone closes park >Mirvac or someone strongarms the council into rezone of land (think Simcity- turn blue land into green land) >Mirvac or someone spend a year or 2 popping up houses in the area >Mirvac or someone sells houses >Dreamworld gets forgotten
  9. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    As far as i'm concerned, they could rip every single inch of themeing off the BS queue and it would still be better than the ride.
  10. Spend money to make money. 12-16 year olds and those who pay $90 just to ride the big things.
  11. They need to take some ideas from the VRTP model. While they do have some things that are bang for your buck, id say VR have it down pat. -Their VIP tour isn't going to pull anyone in when it's $1200, minimum 2 people, and rather ambiguous. -They need to make WWW look like somewhere you want to go instead of just being the public pool for annual pass holders. Install Slideboarding, and a Masterblaster, theme the fuck out of it, and then advertise the thing like it's 1999. -Sort your shit out with Gold Rush. Will it still be Gold Rush? Will it not? get your shit together and just lay everything on the table Jamberoo style and let everyone know. -Stop removing things that don't matter, while leaving the things that do. IE, the train tunnel vs Blue Lagoon. -Find a way to get your own magic band like system, then litter the park with things to do. Disney have a POTC quest in one park, and Phineas and Ferb in another. -Work out what land you have available, where on that you can build, and then muster the cash and install something to (DC) rival DC Rivals. -Find something really cool for your "im too cool for that" crowd to do. Even if it is a VR escape room set inside the park or something. Dome screens are your friend.
  12. jjuttp

    Dreamworld Memberships

    Well even if you only took the 1 extra year offer, it still works in your favour. Memberships what? $20pm? You pay little over 3 months worth upfront, and get a year long photopass thrown in? Win Win.
  13. jjuttp

    Dreamworld - tiger escape scenario

    I can answer most of this. While a bullet is a last resort, its the only resort when a predatory animal escapes, as a tranq takes too long to come into effect (minutes, not seconds), and as said earlier, the possibility of pissing it off is immensely high. If it was something that could still be guided while pissed off (ie cassowary) then its a different story, and herding would be the first idea. Many larger establishments (Aus Zoo, Taronga) would try to keep someone trained in firearms around at all times, not too sure about many of the smaller places though as its up to the venue to how they deal with these things. They actually run firearms courses for zookeepers too. It focus' on where to tranq and where to shoot etc. Believe it or not, in close range deals like the animals in the night cage and a vet needs to go in, they either stick the dart to a large stick or use a blowdart. And @Jdude95, it's a Japanese zoo.
  14. jjuttp

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    You do know that projection mapping is 100% screenless right?
  15. jjuttp

    Movie World updates 2018

    I was trying to work it out from that, but the area looked more like Marvin than anything. And seeing the name Yosemite on the building next to it further cemented that idea.