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  1. If we're lucky, it'll have a spinning seat too.
  2. Heres your backstory https://deadline.com/2021/03/pepe-le-pew-space-jam-2-new-york-times-rape-culture-controversy-1234708688/
  3. Their animal animatronics are better than their dinosaurs which in turn are better than both parks bipeds.
  4. You think that matters to them? It's America. They're more than happy to move to goal posts just to give them a win.
  5. They try to claim it on the basis of "it opened for passholder previews first, and that still counts".
  6. Fuck all with the cash injection they got and the vaccine rollout opening the idea of bubbles. Ardents market cap is over 300 million, so yes while a big hit, they also have numerous other business' from bowling to Hypoxi to inject any additional funding that may be needed.
  7. You may fountain him, but he's not wrong. I can also guarantee at least 1 6pm news show will go off on a tangent for at least 30 seconds to properly remind people of the incident.
  8. The public will be fine. It's the media that'll kick up a stink. I can guarantee that whenever ST is on the news this year, TRRR will be brought up.
  9. To add to what Alex said, Featherdale is just down the road too. And it alone is the 1 wildlife park that every tour group goes to despite making Piss Weak World look like Disneyland and having both Taronga and WLS in the dead centre of the city. Hell, heading down the highway, it would also be a shorter trip to just go to Auburn Gardens.
  10. The USJ site is a bit scarce on how it works. Is that premium tier also a chicken or steak scenario?
  11. Did they make use of the 2 mini Thundas or?
  12. The Corroboree loop has been open for a while. It was like that when i went on the 12th last month.
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