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  1. Having gone through Sydney Aquarium (SEA LIFE Sydney) on monday, it makes me wonder how little time MW had to make those projections. They have a waist height white glump halfway into the wall in 1 area, but with projection mapping, they managed to put 3D coral and a moving clock onto it (I had to make a shadow just to check it was a projection). They also managed to project a walking penguin and the southern lights (Yes, at this time of year, in this part of the country, confined entirely within a water ride) into the waiting bay/unload station of the boat ride. Also, they have some really nice interactive mapping on the floor leading to a screen for the night time on the reef area, and the entire wrap around the final tank has floor mapping to look like water, then as you up the ramp to the final window, it shifts to sand. There's now a giant wave around the window and the floors mapping matches every part including another interactive beach part just infront of said window. I'm aware that Merlin has a bigger budget, but when you look at the idea that this is going into 1 of only 3 venues, adding that its the venue with the highest upkeep of the 3, time is the only factor i can think of. While its certainly not lifelike, it really is close in that it's Merlin style animation, and was installed on a rather large scale like this.
  2. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    Expedition Themepark recently did a local episode.
  3. jjuttp

    Photoshop contest

    You can make something like the above in both Paint and Gimp.
  4. Is the bus headed to Bushland Beach?
  5. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    Despite only writing Wacky inflatable waving men, my head still reads "AL HARRINGTONS WACKY WAVING INFLATABLE ARM FLAILING TUBE MAN".
  6. #Dreamworld That's too smart of an idea for them.
  7. jjuttp

    Dreamworld’s new marketing campaign

    Possibly because the TVC would have been filmed like a month ago when shit was still being built?
  8. Are we thinking of the same VR experience? Because this one uses models taken directly from the games.
  9. Atleast we know what the work experience kids been up to lately.
  10. Jesus fuck that's insulting to the brand. Doesn't stuff like this need to be marked off by the rights holders? Despite being the same company, surely they would have thrown a tantrum about this Six Flags level theming.
  11. So instead of the hologram courtyard being the final scene, it's now Dead Mikes? Does the discoball have fire eyes?
  12. >Calm and quiet >Dodgems Pick one
  13. Started killing people? You make it sound like they did it on purpose.
  14. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    Yet rides are still 10-5?