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  1. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    And the Mickey Ears.
  2. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    It looks rather weak during the day, but during the night is where i feel it gets its spark. The "Dinosaurs ruled the earth" illuminates and really brings the scene together, same with Predator Cove and the lack of illuminated letters. It really adds a HHN vibe to a normal ride. And with OST, went to the Reptile Park last week and you could not tell where the entry was. It was so overridden with long grass and even a couple of young trees. There was a mesh work fence across it also with weeds growing up it.
  3. jjuttp

    Volcano Bay - Electricity Pun Olympics

    Ohm my god. We really need to cut the power to these puns. They're re-volt-ing.
  4. jjuttp

    Fright Nights 2019

    Pipedream, but id love to see a Scooby maze. Bonus in doing it this year is that on Friday the 13th of September is the 50th of the show airing.
  5. jjuttp

    Star Wars Galaxy Edge - Opening

    What about those on CAIRNS or SUNSHINE COAST times?
  6. jjuttp

    Aquatopia Prariewood?

    I'm only 10k's north of WnWS, and its on the borderline of my "Do not travel area" due to the amount of traffic. Considering checking it out in a few months though if i remember.
  7. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    On the upside, we now get a photo update of how the pubs doing in it's reno.
  8. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    I'd get the outfit if i had the money. I'm a massive fan of movie, making movies, and more importantly, Scooby Doo.
  9. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    I mean, i kind of did. (Also, the 2nd part of my comment would have implied i've seen the prices)
  10. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    I Emailed them about the Scooby things, and yeah, nah. It's like the Inspector Gadget prices on roids.
  11. jjuttp

    Movie World April Update

    Went on Saturday arvo and both RR and Rivals were running 2 trains.
  12. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    It was what replaced the Draculas walkthrough.
  13. jjuttp

    The Off Topic Topic

    Has anyone else heard of Dreamcity in Melbourne? https://www.birchal.com/company/dreamcity Also back on the Robb train, i stumbled across this, its a funny read. https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Theme_Park_Review