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  1. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    Bonus round: The parks instagram story has partial walkthroughs of the areas. https://www.instagram.com/wbworldad/?hl=en
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    Christ. $200 spend for a $10 discount? I've seen better money making schemes from EA.
  3. A Flea in the Desert

    While i didn't know PVRK was a thing seeing as Starbreeze never released any info about it, the very fact that it runs on StarVR makes me moist. I'm considering upping my half day Abu Dhabi layover to 2 days, just so i can use the helmet.
  4. What competition? HHN have been running for the last 26 years.
  5. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Where is Matilda now?
  6. Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    I'd love to see them run through all 8 faces in the projection. The Holey Moley putt putt course with the Sydney face, uses #5, so it would be nice to see as much history right down to the faces brought out.
  7. The Off Topic Topic

    Logo looks like something made on Cooltext
  8. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    So today i found out from a coworker that TG has already started shopping round for it's Sydney location. He said that he recently got a letterbox drop about it cause it's going to be near his house to some degree (i have no idea of his area). Also being an avid golfer, he also heard chatter around his course about some second location. Not sure of the credibility of it, but it shows something may be in the pipelines down here.
  9. Theme Parks vs Cruise Ships

    @CruiseSF we need your input here. I'd say from an interstate perspective, yes. Having just looked up P&O prices, i can cruise from Sydney to Vanuatu and back again for 2K with $600 on board credit per room. You get 5 islands over 11 days with all your meals included and you can tell the kids to sod off for some quiet time on sea days. Plus you get a shitty amusement park/water park at sea. Meanwhile, using my October trip for reference. 3 people drove up, got a 7/10 hotel and stayed from the Thursday and left Tuesday, so 5 or so days. our hotel was about 1K, we payed for all our meals, driving up was cheaper than flying but we also had to pay for entertainment. So all up, we probably spent around the same. I even did Cairns with school 7 years ago and with the group discounts for 5 days it cost $1200 plus spending.
  10. This is one of those time where i want to be exited, i really do, but i'm just not. I don't know if its the lack of vegetation around the ride or what, i just cant put my finger on it. It could also be i'm not big on spinning coasters, but I've never ridden one.
  11. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    So the website's been updated recently with all the rides in 3 sections and the dining/shopping options in 4. https://www.wbworldabudhabi.com/en Cartoon Junction's headliner appears to be "Tom and Jerry's Swiss Cheese Spin" which sounds like it'll be a teacup ride. Other rides are: Daffy Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick (drop tower),Tweety Wild Wockets, Ricochet Racin’ with Taz (sounds like a Demolition Derby), Scooby Doo: The Museum of Mysteries (appears to be a Scooby overlay on the FNAF concept from IAAPA), Cartoon Junction Carousel, Ani-Mayhem, ACME Factory (foam play area). Gotham City:Headliner appears to be "Batman: Knight Flight" which looks like a flying theatre. Other rides are: Scarecrow Scare Raid, The Riddler Revolution (coaster), Jokers Funhouse (walkthrough), and Rouges Gallery Games. Metropolis: Justice League: Warworld Attacks (5D ride Ft. Brainiac) is the headliner, Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey (4D flying theatre), Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis, and Teen Titans Training Academy (another play area) are all supporting. Bedrock and Dynamite Gulch havn't been announced yet but will be in coming weeks, but Bedrock appears to have 1 ride that looks like a raft ride from the blurred out logo, 2 restaurants and a shop. While DG has 3 rides, a Roadrunner and Wile .E. Coyote suspended coaster, a Jetsons flying saucer ride and something Marvin the Martian related with 1 shop based around Yosemite Sam. The Plaza seems to just have generic names for the eateries (and shops), so no milking classics for this park. Although i would have liked to have seen another version of Ricks, but closer to the style and layout of the movie, complete with piano. Use it as an excuse to milk the brand a bit more and make it a bit more known, and even have someone play "As time goes by" (it's also the Warner Bros theme song for those playing at home) periodically.
  12. Roller Coaster Tycoon Switch

    It sounds like RCT Classic for mobile being rehashed.
  13. What were the metal truss beams going to be used for again? Also, was the cave in question on the last bend before the drop? i only have faint memories of this ride. And has the queue changed any bit?
  14. The Off Topic Topic

    How the surfboards are missing from the photo, is the Sandman there still?
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    I think you can blame Gold Coast tourism for that one.