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  1. Best seats in the house means different things to different people. I prefer to be "in" the action/experience, and the best way to do that is effectively be front row. Meanwhile at Draculas and Theatres, it's up top where i'd rather not be.
  2. As someone who's never gone before, is the "top rail experience" exactly what it says on the tin and effectively in the nosebleeds like Draculas, or is it closer to the action?
  3. jjuttp

    VRTP Membership

    Cool, i just tried with the number i use to login to the online portal. Went back into the app and my pass was still loaded too. I still get "This tier has expired" on the portal still though.
  4. jjuttp

    VRTP Membership

    Has anyone else been having trouble with memberships the last few days? I havn't seen anything in my inbox about them, but i cant log into the online bonus portal thing, cant redeem the $350 bonus' and i just took the pass out of my app to re-add it and check and again no bueno.
  5. jjuttp

    New VRTP App

    Should also add, it allows Memberships to be added, pass adding by scanning a barcode, and apparently fast track isn't available for memberships yet.
  6. jjuttp

    Six Flags Australia

    You're thinking of Piss Weak World.
  7. jjuttp

    Cedar Fair Sydney?

    Because that's what totally closed the park.
  8. jjuttp

    Drone usage at gold coast parks

    In my experience with the CASA apps, almost the entire area from Currumbin and upwards is towards Stradbroke free game. The northern edge of Currumbin where the channel is, is your limit on the GCA DNF area. Other than that everything was orange which means its free game, but if you see a helio, you drop it immediately.
  9. All i'm getting from this is, Chapek = Ramses II Karma = Moses 4 down, 6 to go
  10. Just saw the report 9NEWS in Sydney. I honestly never knew Richard Simmons ran DW.
  11. BGH sounds familiar. Did they buy the land the park sits on or get behind the Wonderland proposal?
  12. jjuttp

    Japan - Joypolis Tokyo

    Good to know there's still SEGA owned arcade parks now that SEGA World in Sydney and SEGA Republic in Dubai are dead. Your description of Wild Jungle just sounds like the river level of Dead Storm Pirates found in most arcades, albeit with more legs. Was there the Japanese table flipping game anywhere?
  13. jjuttp

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    They can, but if you see a chopper in the air you must ground your drone.
  14. Both. Initially shuttle, launching into a full circuit. Like Buzzsaw but in reverse.