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  1. They also need to work out whats happening with Bunya. It's had its sign removed i believe and no longer exists on maps or the website, so i don't think its coming back which is a shame.
  2. To add to the JL problems and don't know if i mentioned this yet, but each screen was doing something different. Your 3 alleyway scenes had 1 screen off but still taking points, 1 in 2D and the other was over 3D'd. Like for that to work you would need to view it from the car park. The ghosting was bad even with the glasses on. Then the others set on the ship were all 2d.
  3. Like how they made ToT and Morocco at EPCOT look similar due to the sight lines.
  4. I went to SW/MW today and 3 kids rides, battle boats and storm were open at SW, all exhibits bar SJ were also open. Vortex tested once, but that was it from the others. I only had 20 minutes in MW, but rivals and doomsday appeared to be the only things closed. Could see lights going down LT way.
  5. Work seems to be moving quickly. I swung by on Dec 20 and it looked like they just finished the gazebo. The footing were in place on the hill too, but without poles.
  6. Argueably, Arthur at Europa and Jurrassic Flyers at Universal Beijing count too.
  7. Speaking of mini golf being open, King Tut's up the road is closing on the 20th.
  8. Anything Adam West or have the skipped the best Batman film?
  9. If someone heads down, said someone will be sure to get pictures. Other than that, theres been no new news. Feel free to head down and prod around for us though. Get some pictures, speak with ops.
  10. If superman is a 5, where do we put the launch intensity?
  11. Wait until he gets a job in retail...
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