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  1. There's been a lot of healthy talk over a certain attraction coming to AW this coming season. But what about the rest of the park? What is the Platinum pass? Are any other changes taking place? Will the castle remains remain the same? Is anything leaving? What news on the menu? Are there any plans/ideas to load patrons on to slides/rides any quicker or more efficiently? And what is Mi3? I'm guessing some of our readers may have a finger or two in the AW pie so as they say in Gavin & Stacey "What's occurring?"
  2. Me and my brood are off to Paris and the U.K. next month to visit the rellies. We've bought a 2 park, 1 day ticket for DLP so I did some research on how to fit both parks in. I noticed that the new Ratatouille ride opened last month and that it cost $270m (US) $AU 300m+. What made me wonder is what size theme park could you construct with that sum of money?
  3. So i was snooping around the net the other day as usual when i stumbled across this https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y5Q5M57 it's a survey about mid north coast water parks with questions like "when was the last time you visited a water park" and "would you visit one on the mid north coast?". Try it out and tell me what you guys think it could mean
  4. Hi, I noticed on the Funfields website it says: "funfields is now closed. we will re open bigger and better on saturday 19th September 2015" Is this an indication of a new Ride/Attraction coming to funfields? anyone have any info?
  5. But not actually anything to do with tropics. Since we're starting topics on things we've already discussed, I have some theme park related questions, 1)Does Disneyland's Pirate Ship run on a rail? 2) It says on Wikipedia that the uniforms for the Ride OPs at DCA's Twilight Zone cost around 1K, True?
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