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  1. hhttps://amp.smh.com.au/national/nsw/this-is-an-expansion-luna-park-plans-raise-ire-of-sydney-residents
  2. Never realised the wave had water cascading out of it. Rode Wipeout in 1997, 2006, and 2007. First time in '97 I don't remember much except walking through the back of the wave to get to the ride, but the second and third years ('06, '07) the water wasn't coming out of the wave like that. Guessing it was a feature of the ride, like the shark, that they turned off? Saving Water?
  3. I hope this goes ahead. The other three outdoor water parks do tremendously well in the warmer months but are only open 6 months of the year. This will be great during the colder months. I hope the aquarium is decent. Melbourne aquarium is a bit meh.
  4. Fair point. Makes sense. The roads are pretty busy in the area but it's an exciting proposal. I hope it goes ahead!
  5. Even though I live, work, eat, sleep, and love here every day all year round, I guess a guy from QLD knows more about my home city than me. My bad I'm just blind. BTW I already mentioned the crap traffic and weather not being perfect all year round.
  6. Its not as common as you think. Abhorrent is a bit excessive, it can be dreary in winter, but it's not that bad. I'm allowed to love the city I live in aren't I? It's a fantastic place to live. People who don't live here give it a bad wrap. Far worse than it deserves. You don't live in Melbourne so the roads or weather aren't your problem. Why waste your time. Let's just get back on topic please this is about the water park proposal In Dingley.
  7. BACK ON TOPIC I'm a little puzzled by the choice of location. The area is mostly industrial built on top of former rubbish tips. I work just down the road from Dingley. There's plenty of space so why on a Green Wedge?
  8. And yet none of the people you quoted defending Melbourne or agreeing with me are even from Melbourne. You've obviously got a chip on you shoulder and you aren't going to give it up. Your unfair prejudice and lack of impartiality means I'm clearly wasting my effort. Every major city in Australia have their own identities and things that make them great. Competing is just stupid. Good luck being angry at a city you don't even live in. That's on you.
  9. Most stupid comment I've ever read. Go look at a weather report before making immature unfounded comments. What are you 12? Melbourne can be changeable but it doesn't happen everyday lol
  10. My opinion based upon many years spent in both cities and speaking to many interstate and international travellers. People for the most part prefer Melbourne. They love the convenience of the trams and the straight line roads. The CBD, for example, is so easy to get around. Sydney is lovely, and the traffic is worse in Melbourne these days due to the rapid growth, but the road network it's pretty good and getting better. Sydney has beteer beaches and winter weather though, so nice and mild!! Also check this out: https://www.travelweekly.com.au/article/sydney-named-worlds-10th-worst-city-in-new-rankings/ Melbourne 2nd best! Lol sorry Sydney Hope Zagames builds this park btw!! 😊😊
  11. Brisbane yes, Sydney no. Your more familiar with Sydney that's why it's easier for you. Melbournes roads are mostly straight lines with teams going down them. Sydney isn't. Most people agree Melbourne is easier but you can have your opinion it's all good man 👍
  12. Clearly you've never been to Melbourne. If you did youd know it's one big grid which is easy to navigate. It was a planned city. Maybe you are confusing it with Sydney which is a spaghetti bowl lol It's only a proposal at this point. Melbourne have had plenty of proposals over the years that never came to fruition. They are trying to build this on Green Wedge zoned land. No permits have been issued yet either. I'm not getting too excited, ever since African Safari World, I know better than to get my hopes up. https://www.3aw.com.au/cool-reaction-to-melbournes-proposed-new-100-million-water-park/
  13. Yep its a Zamperla Midi Discovery http://www.zamperla.com/products/midi-discovery/ Its smaller than DW's Claw but it does a full 360. Its also the first of its kind in Australia :-) Here's an actual photo of FF's Voodoo: Taken from this Article: www.hit.com.au/news/melbourne/the-most-ridiculous-new-waterslide-is-coming-to-melbourne?station=fox Some stats for the ride are here: http://www.funfields.com.au/rides/voodoo-ride I'm liking the theming around the ride I can't wait to get on this!
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