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  1. The park was meant to be a studios park when it opened. It even has the word "Movie" in it's name! You can't just say "Well, it has rides and that's what matters because I like them," because not everybody wants to ride big thrill rides. If there were more shows and parades, the park would be a lot more popular as it will appeal to a wider audience.
  2. Even if LPS could find space and soundproof screams of riders on a large-scale rollercoaster, the residents will think of something else to complain about, like them losing part of their precious view of the bridge and opera house.
  3. You're basically saying "Wouldn't it be great to see LPS close for another 10 years due to noise complains from nearby residents?". That's already happened, it didn't end well. LPS better not try that again.
  4. I'd like to see a new breakdance named the Whirler, putting the replica of the original ride's bridge to use. And Maloney's Corner definitely needs work done on the theming. The only 1930's themed ride is the Ranger, with the façade using a painting based off the 1902 movie, "A trip to the moon" which had it's own ride at the original Luna Park Coney Island. Also, LPS NEEDS to fix this on their site. I don't remember the park being called "Luna Park Adventure"
  5. Went to the park today. It's an amazing ride. I'd prefer if they use the same songs like the rest of the park on the ride's speakers because when you go into the Helter Skelter, you can hear swing and orchestral clash. Not a very good combination.
  6. It looks great! Too bad they didn't fix the backdrop though. They had months to do that.
  7. Today? It's cloudy, but not raining at my side of the city...
  8. The back of Coney Island definitely needs to be more than a vinyl wrap. I'm pretty sure they're going to fix the backdrop when Volare is closed more maintenance at some point. If they don't, it's probably not going to change.
  9. Well, the only thrill ride there is the ride at LPM, so I don't think that's going to happen because it's basically the ranger but with tighter restraints.
  10. Yeah, but I don't know what they'd make if they were changing the city background.
  11. I like how they're all hyped about this ride.. They didn't do this much when the Hair Raiser was coming... But that TV ad was amazing.
  12. So, I was reading the Sam Marshall book for the millionth time, and as I looked at the same photo from the '90s that I have millions of times, I saw this ride that looked like the spider from LPM. So I whip up google earth (the old version) and use the satellite view time machine, it's not there... It's probably due to low quality images, but can anyone shed some light on this?
  13. I think they should somehow make the carpark's lifts go outside the face, since when I was young and didn't go to the park as much, I was always disappointed in how you always popped out behind the face.
  14. Oh noo! I used to like the shooting gallery before it closed. Also, according to the park map, the Flying Carousel is named the Volare! and will be opening in March.
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