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  1. I’m not sure I can add much to what’s already been said. From our last trip (Mum, Dad & 3 teens) I’d suggest the following:- Arrive at every park about 20-30 mins before opening. Especially the Magic Kingdom. We booked our FPs for Space Mountain. 7 Dwarfs & Buzz Lightyear from early afternoon onwards. The thinking behinds this is that we did the west side of the park straight from the rope drop. Big Thunder mtn, splash mtn, jungle cruise, POTC, haunted mansion and Peter Pan all before the main crowds arrived. When the crowds built, we switched to less busy attractions like the hall of presidents and mickeys Philharmagic. Then the FPs kick in when you can’t move for people. Then consider going back to the hotel for a rest and come back about 5pm when the prams and mobility scooters are leaving. At EPCOT, arrive early and plan your FPs while hitting the other big ticket rides first up. Try club cool and do the Beverley challenge. At World showcase, go to every theatre show as it acts as a rest between each land. Frozen ever after isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you’ll need a FP if you want to ride it. By mid afternoon, either go back to the hotel or consider taking a boat ride from EPCOT to Hollywood studios and back. The round trip Is about an hour (20 mins each way) and you’ll get to see a few of the hotels. If you are going to a water park, my personal favourite is Typhoon Lagoon. It has quite a few double donuts which is always good for honeymooners. Happy travels. ps, have a look at this. -
  2. This financial report from 1 year ago suggests that PQRs debt is putting lenders off. Maybe that’s why the offer is low. I’m guessing the new owners will also inherit the debts. https://simplywall.st/stocks/es/consumer-services/bme-pqr/parques-reunidos-servicios-centrales-shares/news/how-financially-strong-is-parques-reunidos-servicios-centrales-sa-bmepqr/
  3. Firstly, I’m not an expert on Theme Park merchandise but I have in the past wondered about a Park’s ethos when it comes to merchandise. Is merchandise an extension of a park’s income? Does it have to make a profit or can it break even? Can merchandise form part of the marketing department? ie, can subsidised t-shirts, mugs, pens, etc be part of an advertising budget as they’re plugging the park in the local community. And then be written off against the tax bill. Ultimately, is merchandise sold to make more money or to promote the business? A couple of years ago, I went to WDW and came home with 2 t-shirts. Whenever I wear them around Perth, I’m always asked about the place. There’s a good number of people who enjoy theme parks /rides and I wonder if public exposure puts ideas in the back of people’s heads? Finally, I do agree that there is a lack of polo shirts at theme parks but being a novice on the matter, maybe they just don’t sell very well.
  4. I’ve not been to any of the Asian parks but have been to DL & Universal in the US and Paris. At the age of 4, my kids absolutely loved Disneyland Paris. Also, they also loved Legoland in Windsor which was always voted best theme park for 4-11 year olds. I’m not sure what other attractions are around Legoland Malaysia but I’m sure some online research might help you decide.
  5. Top Snooping iwerks. I’m guessing there’s nothing yet at the top of the hill. Could this be the start of Mi4?
  6. Living in Perth I’d go for Adventureworld. Assuming the bush land to the south if the park was available I’d go for either Space Mountain from Disneyland Paris or the Wickerman from Alton Towers. I do have a thing for wooden roller coasters. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iPorV9iFu3c https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ARXDI3KIWS8
  7. I do wonder what the next couple of big ticket attractions might be. There seems to be a general view that Mi4 will be a water attraction. As for Mi5, I’d be keen on something a bit less white knuckle. Maybe a wooden Rollercoaster or an air conditioned indoor coaster.
  8. I'd add that the night temperatures in Feb are much warmer and allow visitors to use the water slides all night. Personally, I really enjoy riding both dry and wet rides after dusk. It's definitely a different experience.
  9. My 2 sons loved KSC but my wife and daughter didn’t. Remember to take a load of coins as some of the toll booths are unmanned.
  10. Hi Joz, I agree that the special effects are superb. But the physical features of the ride are average. If it were me, I'd probably book it as a fast pass but wouldn't queue for an hour for it.
  11. We stayed next to the Fun Spot on US192. It's free to walk around. I wasn't impressed with the rides but the souvenir shops were arguably the cheapest in Orlando. My kids bought presents for their friends there.
  12. Sorry Alex, I pushed the submit button before checking it. My mistake.
  13. I’m more not sure wat your preferences are (white knuckle etc) but these ar the rides that have the ingest lines. MK - 7 Dwarfes Mine Train, Space Mouain, Splash Mountain. Do BTM, POTC, Jungle Boats & Haunted Mansion as soon as the rope drops. MK is always nuts for being full. After lunch, do all the shows like Philharmagic & Hall of Presidents. It gets quieter after 5pm when the prams and mobility scooters start leaving. Try a Presidential sweet at the sleepy hollow cafe. EPCOT - The biggest lines are Test Track, Soarin & Frozen ever after. From memory, you can’t fastpass TT & Soarin together. Frozen ever after is an average log flume. So consider fast passing Spaceship Earth and do the Beverly challenge at Club Cool. DHS - The big 3 are Tower of Terror, Rock’n Rollercoaster & Star Tours. Until Galaxy’s edge opens, do those. Fantastic is arguably the best Night show in WDW. Get a take out dinner and get a good seat about 45 - 60 mins before the start. AK - Flight of passage, Exp Everest & Dinosaur are the main thrill rides. However, Kali River rapids & the Safari also has big lines. We enjoyed the Yak & Yeti restaurant. If you’re just an adult group, I’d say Typhoon Lagonn has a bit more going on than Blizzard Beach. Volcano Bay looks good but I’ve read that the lines have been horrendous. Good Luck
  14. If the 2 yearly update still applies, we have 10 months before Mi4 opens. Does anyone have any further info/ideas on what might be coming?
  15. An interesting article about Legoland in the UK. Is it a case of you get what you pay for? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/legoland-renamed-deep-fried-crap-105000819.html
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