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  1. Adam C

    U.S Trip Advice

    Hi Shane, ive not been to LA so can’t really comment too much other than everyone I know who’s been has stayed in Anaheim. I’ve done Orlando 5 times, the last time from Perth on Virgin/Delta during Sept/Oct school holidays. Virgin were great but Delta was a flying bus. I’m told nearly all of the US domestic carriers are the same. As for Orlando, last time we stayed off site but literally on the southern entrance of WDW. 5 mins to Epcot, DHS & AK. 10 mins to MK. The main benefit of this was we could have a mid afternoon rest/swim and go back later. This was a massive plus for the MK as it’s impossible to navigate from 1-5pm. I’m not sure what you’re budget or hotel expectations are, but we paid $83 a night and had free breakfast, free wifi and a free shuttle bus to WDW. The savings compared to staying at WDW meant we had a ton more spending money. (The wife and kids went nuts in the outlet malls). Now from the POV of a six year old girl, most parks are quite suitable. I’d probably skip Islands of Adventure and Kennedy Space Centre. Also, if you’re looking to possibly save on park tickets, just to Disney and maybe SeaWorld. There’s nothing wrong with Universal but it’s probably a bit more suited to an older visitor. EPCOT is another park suited to older visitors but kids can ride everything. As for avoiding the queues, try to hit every park 20 minutes before opening. The crowds don’t arrive for about an hour after opening so you can get a good three or four of the big attractions quite line free. When it gets busy, consider two plans. Firstly consider what 3 fast passes you’re going to book and when. At the MK, we booked our fast passes for early afternoon as everything had a massive line on it. Secondly, when early afternoon comes, consider going back to the hotel for a rest/swim and return around 5pm when the prams and wheelchairs start to leave. Alternatively, leave the big attractions alone and go for the theatre shows. At MK, things like the hall of presidents, Philharmagic and the Main Street cinema. The 25 minute rests will re charge you. As for water parks, I’ve not done Volcano Bay but thinking about your daughter, I’d probably lean towards Blizzard Beach. Aquatica and Typhoon Lagoon are both great but B.B. seems to have more going on for those under 5 ft. Again, if you’re on a budget, you may be able to buy a WDW combined parks and water park ticket and do B.B. & TL. We bought a 12 day combo ticket and used the water parks as rest days camping out by the wave pools. If you decide to stay onsite, consider carefully if you really want the WDW dining plan. It’s now $US 69 pp per day and many people on the WDW forum are questioning if it’s no longer value for money. Anyway, I could go on forever. If you want to know any more, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer if I can.
  2. This is bordering insane.
  3. Adam C

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    Hi djrappa, if I may, I’ll explain exactly what I meant by my ‘stupid’ comment. The Smiler incident resulted in two young ladies having limbs amputated. I was at Alton Towers at the end of last September. The park was relatively quiet (school day) but the Smiler was a walk on. When I got on and off, there was nobody in the queue. After 2 years, people don’t have confidence in it. Now my understanding is that Alton Towers attendances haven’t recovered to pre incident levels. So when I say the the Wicker Man is safer option, a flat family roller coaster with awesome theming is probably going to bring the punters back as opposed to another WTF 14 loop eurofighter. Personally, I like wooden coasters and if AdventureWorld in Perth installed one, I’d be on it every weekend. Onwards & Upwards!
  4. Adam C

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    I’m not sure how realistic this video is but I guess we’ll find out next week. Is it me, or is $28m for 600m of coaster a bit much? Could that money have been spent more wisely? Is this a very safe option after the Smiler incident?
  5. Adam C

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    It’s always made sense to keep the shops and eateries open after official closing time. Disney have always done it. Imagine if Main Street was closed as you were walking out. As for maintenance, I’d love to see the chairlift replaced with something faster and with a larger capacity; especially if Mi4 starts next to the Kraken. I’m not an expert on Australian taxation but do depreciation rules apply to something like the current chairlift. Could any write off help fund a new cable car?
  6. Adam C

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    There has been previous mention of a lazy river on previous posts. Personally I’d like to see either a donut slide or a water coaster (if budget allows) starting next to the Kraken entrance and ending by the go karts. That could be Australia’s longest water slide.
  7. AW Groupon is back @ $45. Expires 29th April. adventure world&crea=248701659491&netw=g&adpos=1t1&utm_campaign=AU_DT_SEA_GGL_TXT_RBR_SR_CBP_CH1_NBR_k*groupon adventure world_m*p_c*248701659491_d*AU-RTC-Brand-Root-Perth_g*rtc-brand-adventure-world-5-717081662-PHRASE_s*1407_t*kwd-311161963575&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&loc_physical_ms=9070720&loc_interest_ms=9070534&template=ETA_Root2
  8. Adam C

    Great Escape closure

    It appears the Great Escape has risen from the ashes.
  9. OK, this is just my opinion so I’m not criticising anyone else’s view. I’ve not been to LA but have been to Orlando 5 times. Last time, my kids were 12 & 13. Firstly, the Holiday Inn Suites are an excellent choice. The location is perfect for all theme parks; especially if you want to have a mid afternoon nap with the little ones. Do get a WDW multi pass. I’m not sure what the current deal is but try to get a 6 day pass with 2 extra days in the water parks. Use them as follows. MK - 2 days in week 1 & 2. The MK is great for all ages. One tip is to do the left side of the park first. Jungle boat, Pirates, Splash Mt, Thunder Mt & Haunted Manor. Book your fast passes for Space Mt, 7 dwarfs and Goofy coaster (or meet the Princesses if the little ones like that). The MK gets stupidly full after lunch so consider leaving for a rest at the hotel around 2pm and return around 5pm. Or do the sit down attractions like the hall of Presidents, Philharmagic or ride the MK railroad. Take a pram for the 3 year old and if possible, a buggy board for the 6 year old. Finally, the Be our guest restaurant is awesome but needs booking online 6 months in advance. EPCOT - 2 days in week 1 & 2. EPCOT is very big. Pram is essential. Book your fast passes for Test Track, Frozen ever after and if possible Soarin. Lots of attractions for the whole family but more geared to older visitors. Again, consider a mid afternoon nap but come back for the fireworks around 8/9pm. Finally, try Germany for food. All you can eat BBQ. DHS - 1 day in mid fortnight. DHS is a bit of a building site at the moment. Star Tours, ToT & Rocknrollercoaster are main draws. Little ones make like Frozen singalong and there and B & Beast shows and a Little mermaid theatre. You may finish DHS by around 3pm so have a rest and return for Fantasmic around 7pm. It’s possibly the best WDW show ever. AK - 1 day mid fortnight. Fast passes for Exp Everest, Avatar and Na’vi River. Since Avatar opened, AK is now a full day. Lots of attractions but tends to close around 6pm. So think hard about a mid afternoon nap. BB & TL. 1 day each bit remember 1 park will be closed during Orlando winter. TL has the edge for teenagers but I’d pick BB for 3 & 6 year olds. Both are really good and Mum can relax on a sun lounger all day. Sea World. 1day. SeaWorld is great for the whole family. Sitting in the splash zone of the Orca show is a great experience but remember it’ll be cooler. The 3 Rollercoasters are arguably the best white knuckle rides in Orlando. Again. Lots of sitting attractions so don’t bother with a mid afternoon nap. Finally, arrive at the Shamu show 45 mins before the start. Dad & a teen can get snacks while the family save seats. Universal - Now we didn’t do Universal last time. Mainly because my kids aren’t into Harry Potter and my wife wouldn’t ride anything in IOA. That’s not saying don’t do U.S but we skipped it to make room for other stuff like shopping and KSC. KSC - Seeing the space shuttle was great but as for KSC, the boys loved it, the girls hated it. Volcoano Bay - is very new and I’ve not been. Looking at their website, it looks awesome and possibly better than BB & TL. Remember it’ll be winter and hold off on tickets until you know how warm it’ll be. Legoland - is targeted at young families ages 3-9. We didn’t bother as we’ve done the park in England. Finally, the Vineland mall near your hotel is the best one. Also, consider booking a table at T-Rex in Disney Springs. Awesome special effects but average food. And if you like LEGO, the LEGO store in Disney Springs is approx half the price of Australia. Just take a half empty suitcase. Happy Travels!
  10. I meant people who are self employed who can imply they were entertaining clients, etc.
  11. Well I suppose the customer is always right. Personally, I don’t think any average person would pay $250 for a cabana. Maybe people who can claim the money back on tax or who aren’t paying for it with their own money. I suppose,we’ll find out how successful it is if the fee remains or goes back to the previous $120.
  12. I was at AW today. The wristband was offering a return ticket for $29.95c. That said, it was a Friday and 30c but the park was relatively quiet. So if you go on a weekday, you’ll probably only need 1 day.
  13. Adam C

    Great Escape closure

    I was passing the Great Escape yesterday. No surprise that it’s still locked up. What’s the thinking on maintaining the water slides? Will there come a point where they’ll only be good for scrap?
  14. AW have 25% off on Groupon.