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  1. I'd love to see a return of some older characters from the parks history like Gizmo and some of the lesser used Looney Tunes like they did with older Batman characters for DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Maybe some temporary information plaques about former attractions outside their old entrances making up some sort of in park historical walking trail type thing? As much as I'd get a kick out of the idea it might just end up bringing awareness to the lack of magic the park currently has.
  2. Was in the park briefly this morning and saw this.
  3. If that is the actual new disco room, I am beyond excitement
  4. I like the look of the waterfall theming but that entrance looks like a train station
  5. I recently bought a VR One Pass and was extremely disappointed it was printed on the same flimsy plastic film as the VIP pass. I'll give them the benefit of hoping they are just trying to use up existing stock before they order more but I was expecting something more solid for such a price increase.
  6. I think announcement video did a better job than this one. It spends more time highlighting the rides weak story line than the rides many awesome strengths.
  7. By the looks of this the theming seems like it will be in a similar fashion to Green Lanterns flat cutout style. Hopefully there might still be a surprise or two up MW's sleeves for the inside.
  8. I'm personally not a big fan of it as I'd rather have the money spent on something that enhanced the experience (like head chopper scenery, tunnels etc) than something mainly just acting as a glorified billboard.
  9. I just love it! Great concept and a nice change. @Slick Can you convince them let you re shoot Superman MRT video while your at it?
  10. It looks like Sky-Ads has a history of Sea World protests http://www.sky-ads.com.au/?D=58 My personal favorite banner is the Justice for Captives favorite saying "Google the Cove"
  11. Agreed it does look quite cheap. You can see skin between the gloves and the suit.
  12. I could be completely delusional but there was talk about a go-kart ride inside the Hollywood student driver set in between shows. But it does now sound a lot like WnW Buggys. On second look It does make a lot of sense that this is the next toilet block to be referbed.
  13. This couldn't be related to the planed go-karts attraction? Like an up charge booth?
  14. I would have loved to see what could have been done with Storm if Sea World went with an Intamin water coaster instead of the mack model. Think of the lift coming out of the show building then dropping back in and out of the show building superman style. If Dreamworld went in this direction I'm sure they'd have a superior attraction on their hands.
  15. I was stupid enough to drop in to Movie World today to check out Scooby and after two hours of waiting understood the necessity of opening this attraction. It's ugly and disappointing and feels like some temporary fairground ride set up in an empty show stage but I guess they had no choice. The park is packed and anything to suck in a crowd is a good move. A-frame signs are now full size and in multiple locations using very similar wording to as what has been suggested on the forum. Some of the fake wood paneling that was rife with graffiti and general wear has been nicely repa
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