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  1. ↑ there were 3 television crews out the front of the admission gates with all their gear and reporters and security didn't even look at them and here's little ole me with my crappy little mobile phone and they feel threatened by me and tell me to get off the property. Pfft. Pfft!
  2. Leaving the park with my family, channel 9 chopper hovering above the park, me taking a video on my MOBILE PHONE of the green lantern (couldn't really care about the simple safety issue going on with AA right now) and was told by Mr Security Guard Chris to stop filming immediately and leave the premises immediately. Nice way to treat paying guests Chris! Let me reiterate - I'm on my personal mobile phone taking video of GL for the kids and was told to bugger off more or less. Thanks Chris.
  3. UpperCoomera

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Reopening [Dec 26, 2016]

    Thanks @Jamberoo Fan and @westical!!! It's an amazing ride that covers a big area. Would be tremendous to walk through it and have a look. Thanks again!
  4. UpperCoomera

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Reopening [Dec 26, 2016]

    Not Scooby! But I said that when they removed the Gremlins ride. would be different to go for a ride through there now with it all stripped bare. I wonder where all the theming is? Hope they haven't just dumped it all and if so... who knows where the dumpsters are?!! :-) Does anyone have like a layout of the whole track as though looking from above through the roof? Cheers.
  5. UpperCoomera

    Dreamworld reopening - the summer season

    I don't use the word hate a lot, but it doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about you troll. Quick, click that downvote button, make me crrrrrrry! The word vulgar sort of POPS out at me though
  6. UpperCoomera

    Disneyland Australia; will it EVER happen?

    I would love a Universal Studios down the road!! But not to replace Dreamworld.
  7. UpperCoomera

    Super 8 Aqua Racer at Wet N Wild GC

    I got stuck halfway down the damn thing once. Stop laughing, it wasn't funny. Ok, it was a little funny... :-D
  8. UpperCoomera

    Dreamworld Lego Store construction

    I hope they make a big Lego replica of Dreamworld! All the rides and attractions built to scale out of Lego would be awesome.
  9. UpperCoomera

    Sea World future attraction ideas

    ↑ that is sweeeeeeeet! I'd pay just to have a look at them :-D
  10. UpperCoomera

    Sea World future attraction ideas

    Gaawwww, get out!! Who ever it is will they marry me? I'll gladly adopt the twins as my own!! A few years ago one of the Police Academy Stunt Show cop cars was parked, for a few months, out the front of a house down from where I used to live. That was cool. Thanks @AlexB ;-)
  11. UpperCoomera

    Sea World future attraction ideas

    Thanks @Jamberoo Fan and @reanimated35 Wonder who else was lucky enough to snap them up, like private buyers, etc.
  12. UpperCoomera

    Sea World future attraction ideas

    @Theme Park Girl seeing that aerial photo of Bermuda Triangle brought back so many great memories, miss it so much. Know it's prob not on topic, but does anyone have pics of the inside of BT or anyone see what it looked like lights on or during maintenance or something. Would love to know what it looked like/how it all worked, etc. Thanks in advance. Also, what did they do with all those awesome props from inside the volcano? Having a look at clips on YouTube, though very dark, reminded me of how awesome that ride was. Anyone know if any of them survived? Why, oh why did they get rid of BT :'(
  13. The AWU guy also restated this on SKY NEWS this arvo, specifically saying it was the River Rapid and had to lodge a Freedom of Information request to get Ardent to release safety reports or something