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  1. Missed opportunity MDMC should be moved into this shed. Add some half working flashing lasers and now we have Mick Doohan’s Spooky Coaster!
  2. Pic from today. Also for those who like car park updates, the car park was full. Most people at White Water World.
  3. http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/movie-world-release-ad-ahead-of-dc-rivals-hypercoaster-launch-next-week-on-gold-coast/news-story/93f79a79ce01476ab146deba5e4d16a2 Movie World release ad ahead of DC Rivals Hypercoaster launch next week on Gold Coast Kathleen Skene and Andrew Potts, Gold Coast Bulletin September 12, 2017 1:25pm A CACKLING Joker, malevolent on a stormy sky, opens the thunderous new promo for Movie World’s long-awaited DC Rivals Hypercoaster. DC Comics villains from the Injustice League — Brain
  4. Great result. See what happens next. New Ardent Leisure board member Dr Gary Weiss is firmly behind investment in the Dreamworld theme park. Pictures: Jack Tran Business Ardent Leisure’s new board member Gary Weiss says Dreamworld has ‘strong future’ Alister Thomson, Gold Coast Bulletin September 5, 2017 12:00am AN activist shareholder appointed to the board of Dreamworld owner Ardent Leisure has firmly backed plans to revitalise the ailing theme park. Gary Weiss — executive d
  5. I do agree the tigers could not be utilised to walk in the parade. If a parade was established and was popular a Tiger Island float could be created. That is true Dreamworld staff levels are not the same as Movieworld for their dressed up characters. It would have to be decided of which characters are more appealing to kids. The characters choice could be rotated each month so the parade experience is different on guests return.
  6. While Dreamworld/Ardent is looking for new experiences for their theme park. I would like them to explore the idea of a daily parade. I feel they could show off their attractions and create an exciting experience with licences they already have. In no order they could have as follows: * DreamWorks Characters like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Puss in Boots * Two tigers walked from Tiger Island * Someone or displays representing the Corrboree section * Vintage car promoting that ride * A car from the Peter Brock museum or replica * Characters from ABC
  7. More on Nara Dreamworld. http://www.news.com.au/travel/world-travel/asia/inside-nara-dreamland-japans-creepy-abandoned-theme-park/news-story/d9f6c73ea413cd64fa3dd97638187aed news.com.au
  8. The Vintage Cars have been listed as closed for maintenance for a while. Does anyone have info of its return? Could Jamberoo Fan may be onto something, as in a relocation to Gold Rush?
  9. I was at Dreamworld yesterday and can report the park had a great attendance. I arrived at 530pm. For those who like carpark reports it was 85% full with people still arriving. You didn't have to go far to find a crowds of people on rides and at the entertainment performances. I saw the beatbox show twice last year and noticed the crowd was larger for the fire machine show last night. Dreamworld do seem to be putting guests first as they moved the fire machine show starting time to 7pm so guests could experience it before the rain started. I am not concerned about the newspaper
  10. Both parks close around the sunset times for Sydney and Gold Coast. I would not expect WnW Gold Coast to operate as it gets dark. I would love for WnW Gold Coast to open earlier. Have they opened earlier in any past seasons?
  11. Just a thought. Could they be preparing to convert SDSC into a VR ride?
  12. From driving past MovieWorld tonight it looked like you had a big crowd out there for White Christmas. Glad to see.
  13. I have never seen the fountain operating, but have observed it on old park maps. Also it would have been a cool effect when going past on the train.
  14. As we know between now and 2019 the rides that are left will still have to close for scheduled maintenance (shiiiiiiiiii). Guests will need something else to keep them at the park till later in the day. I'm not a fan of the idea, but the only thing I can think of is that they install a couple of temporary carnival rides in the Sea Viper area. Any thoughts?
  15. Now that you mention it, for people visiting Dreamworld tomorrow have a look at the condition of the river outside the Billabong restaurant. I did not observe the usual eels or turtles disturbing the water. A solution like a fountain would need to be installed there. But of course other issues would be a priority at the moment.
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