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  1. Being a daily Kiwi lurker, I think now is my time to post: Exciting news for NZ thrill park fans! Rainbows End is terrible even by Australian Theme Park standards (am I allowed to call them that?..), but it does have a few rides which would keep "moderate thrill seekers" happy, namely: Original Arrow Looper Corkscrew - exactly the same as the one at Sea World, but with original white track, and original rainbow coloured train. Fear Fall - 18 storey Intamin drop tower. No where near Giant Drop size, but big enough to "feel the force" and scare weak people away. Zamperla Powersurge - prett
  2. I reckon a Zamperla Powersurge would make a great replacement as its a similar sort of ride.
  3. The idea of having a place you can surf anytime is particularly appealing to surfers when there's no swell. This was what attracted me to the idea of WnWS having one as GC doesn't have one and would've been a good point of difference. When I saw the original promo for the first time I was pretty excited. You can clearly see a standup surfer riding a peeling wave across the pool. Flowriders you don't have any forward momentum so the feeling is completely different to riding a moving wave. I'm not sure if small wave pools can be cranked up enough to provide quality waves Jacob. They seem to make
  4. Colliric you clearly said earlier that the statues were all made of concrete, and needed painting and sealing. I tried to point out that they would be made of a foam material, and that they were already finished. You then tried to tell us that the statue I used as photo evidence was just a one off prop and somehow is much different to the others. Gazza then provided a magnificent post, which should have closed off this debate. Yet you still are hammering absurd things like "unsealed concrete sways in the wind". Seriously mate, if you were right and these things were made out of concrete, and w
  5. I think it would have been better to put in a surfing wave pool and just have big wave and small wave sessions throughout the day so that it caters for both people who want to surf, and the families who want a ripple..
  6. Probably one of the better names out of the 5. Has anyone else noticed how the surfing wave pool which was in the promo video (as a separate wave pool next to the family wave pool) hasn't eventuated in the final design? Stink cos it would've been another first..
  7. They won't be made out of concrete! A concrete statue that size would weigh at least a tonne. That guy in pic 1 above must be pretty strong if they are. They'll be made out of a foam sort of material like Weta Workshop use in making all their "concrete" parts. I'm sure there were photos of the guys making them spraying them with something (paint?). Who said they're not finished and need a coat of something? This coaster is looking fantastic for Australia.
  8. When i was at Sea World this week i got the following information out of 2 different staff members: Opening end of 2013 New watercoaster requires the lift hill for Vikings Revenge up into the castle to be moved, so Vikings will change a bit They were piling and had a massive auger bit there doing the work. Jet Rescue, Vikings, and the Skyway were closed due to the close proximity of the auger bit (its rather large...), but Jet opened about 2pm. Couldn't get any more info out of them.
  9. Wow time has flown and i leave in less than 12 hours. ssar23 have a great trip too! westical - do you think there will be queues on the weekdays for the next 2 weeks? alex_1 seemed to think that the parks would be dead..
  10. I've never been to Movie World because i live in New Zealand! so its a bit of a long drive.. Really looking forward to the big rides at MW (superman, green lantern, batmans, scooby etc). Awesome alex - if the parks are empty on the weekdays i'll be rapt. I really wanted to hit them off peak so i could ride all the rides many times. Staying 5 mins walk from Cavill Ave, but i'll have a rental car for the whole time i'm there so getting to the parks for gate opening will be easy as. Can't wait for this holiday - I only went to Sea World and Dreamworld a couple of times back when i was a kid. T
  11. Gday everyone, I've got a 15 day holiday booked from 3rd November on the Gold Coast for me and the family. Have already purchased the myfun 3 park unlimited entry until June next year deal, and will get the DW/WW one too. Haven't been to Sea World since 1988!, Dreamworld since 1998, and have never been to Movie World or Wet n Wild so really looking forward to it. I've booked the holiday so that it was completely off peak (no school holidays or major events etc) and so that i don't miss any major rides due to maintenance. I only intend on going to the theme parks on the weekdays. How busy will
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