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  1. Snapping like that is not going to help your case.
  2. Think it's worth point out a Fright Night has been added for the 1st of November (Friday). Just in case anyone wanted to go on what will probably be an extremely quiet night.
  3. Definitely not giving out wristbands all night. Only up until about 5:20-5:25ish until day time visitors are clear. But sorry, didn't realise you worked in admissions for Village. I'll be sure to take note of that next time
  4. Yeah, you obviously went in when wristbands were still being given out, but when you came back it just clocked over to the park being clear of daytime visitors (therefore, no need for wristbands). The guy was only doing his job. Anyways, back on topic. I went on Friday night (the one night I wasn't working) and must say I enjoyed it for the most part. I preferred the opening this year and thought it was well done with the lighting and fire effects, along with the monsters/zombies sliding along their knees into the crowd to get some good scares. But what probably could have been done better was the 'release' of people into the park. One side of the rope was dropped first resulting in the flood of people trying to jump over (And many trip) on the other side. Now, mazes. As for people complaining about not getting much done that night, if they planned well they could have. I achieved all 4 mazes, along with Scooby, Arkham and Superman (even with a break down). My favourite maze was most definitely The Darkness, which we were going to skip due to poor reviews. Although it wasn't the best themed, it was definitely the scariest, especially with the tricks they play on your senses. Just as your eyes begin to readjust, a nice bright UV light brightens up the room again. The foam wall slappers freaked our group out the first time we got hit by one and overall this maze really got to us. Hillbilly was a close second. This maze was extremely well done, especially the sewer entrance. It really just makes you realize how much work goes into these Fright Night attractions. This maze did have the 'creepy' factor more than the 'jump scare' factor. I appreciated the detail and effort in Walking Dead and Evil Dead (especially how WD went through the different seasons and the effort gone to with the RV), but they just didn't have the scares in them. Evil Dead was definitely my least favourite due to the number of people going through the maze at once and it became obvious throughout the night that ED was either a love or hate attraction. All in all, great night, great atmosphere (especially the Main Street flamethrowers on the buildings) and wish I could go for another night (if only).
  5. ^ Or you may have just missed the person at the front gate giving out the wristbands People have a tendency to simply walk right by.
  6. Movie World has paid for two private charter buses to take guests from Movie World to Helensvale Station and then express to Surfers. I believe the first bus comes at 10:45 and the second at 11. I suggest you get there much earlier though as it is a first come first served basis and everyone has to get a cab/other transportation.
  7. Gold Coast 8 October, 2013. A multi-million dollar advertising blitz will boost visitors to Gold Coast theme parks after being launched by the Queensland Government, Village Roadshow and Ardent Leisure today. Premier Campbell Newman said the Theme Park Capital of Australia campaign would reinforce the Gold Coast’s position as Queensland’s leading tourist destination by focusing on its world-class theme parks. “Our theme parks rank among the very best in the world, and are ‘must-do’ experiences for any holiday on the Gold Coast,” Mr Newman said. “That’s the message we’ll be taking to all of Australia and New Zealand through this unique joint media and promotional campaign. “The campaign will showcase in one complete package – that the Gold Coast is the Theme Park Capital of Australia. “Only on the Gold Coast is there such a range of theme parks all within a stone’s throw of each other, making it the one-stop shop for any family holiday. “We expect to see significant increases not only in theme park tickets sales, but in hotel bookings, visitor expenditure and brand awareness of the Gold Coast. “The $15 million campaign is jointly funded by the Queensland Government and theme park operators and is a great example of how the private and public sector can collaborate to generate significant tourism benefits for Queensland.” Treasurer Tim Nicholls said tourism contributes $22 billion a year to the Queensland economy. “Overnight stays on the Gold Coast contribute around $4 billion a year and there are almost 10,000 tourism related businesses operating on the Coast,” Mr Nicholls said. “This campaign will help to strengthen the tourism economy on the Gold Coast and drive the growth that’s important for the industry’s future.” Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, Jann Stuckey said families coming to the Gold Coast would also enjoy our world-famous beaches and many other wonderful local attractions. “While this campaign focuses on the Gold Coast theme parks, it will benefit the region’s wider economy through accommodation and retail spending,” Ms Stuckey said. “This campaign aims to cement the Gold Coast’s reputation as a premier tourism destination in Australia and supercharge visitor numbers to Queensland.” The campaign kicks off Sunday 27 October. It's good to see some focus finally being given to the theme parks by the state government. Thoughts? This could only be good for the parks, right?
  8. I've seen Fright Night ads on television (rarely) but have also heard a bit of radio advertising on Sea FM. As many have commented above, these events will sell themselves.
  9. This is what was appearing in surveys last year (it was between this and a eurocoaster and was up to guest vote). At 145m, I believe this will be the tallest ride, or one of the tallest, in the world, probably something they'd like to have for marketing. (Correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. We will get 5 mazes this year. 3 currently confirmed (Conjuring, Evil Dead, Scream): https://twitter.com/FrightNightsAU/status/370817201726439424/photo/1 "Oh what could possibly be next? #2announcementstogo"
  11. Any small amounts are typically allowed in. If you are caught trying to take in large amounts of food, you'll typically be asked how many people it's for and you may be told to eat it outside the park at the picnic table. If you've got some homemade sandwiches (like max 4), there SHOULDN'T be any issues.
  12. Currently it's pretty random. Obviously to the water parks you can take your own food in (other than commercial). Sea World doesn't have security at the front gate as far as I am aware. Movie World will have security do random checks and the front gate staff also do checks, but you can always just pop out to the picnic table outside the park to eat it.
  13. Yes, that happened on some of the nights last year. A few nights still had lines open later. As far as I'm aware it all depends on the line lengths. As for 'pushing' people out, this usually began when the last maze had shut and security had been notified.
  14. Frightnights.com.au What I've gathered from the site, the park will be open from 6 to 10:30, outdoor rides (Green Lantern, Batwing, Superman and Arkham) being open until 9 as per usual, and Scooby/Mazes open till 10:00 with the final 30 minutes having no mazes open. "As the sun goes down, unspeakable horrors are happening at Movie World and nothing is as it seems. From the moment you arrive at Fright Nights you will be fighting for your escape among the dead, the demons and the psychopathic maniacs while the merciless Ringmaster commands the soulless creatures of the night. Welcome to Movie World's Dark Side." Everything else is as per usual, no face make up, no pass outs, etc. Don't get me wrong, I think this year looks amazing already, but shouldn't opening hours for the event be extending, not decreasing, due to the massive demand for Fright Nights?
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