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  1. gdalby96

    What to expect in at the parks in 2014?

    Oh yeah I forgot about that forum.
  2. As 2013 comes to a close I was just wondering what people would like to see in 2014 at the gc parks?
  3. gdalby96

    Sea World - No Entry train crossing

    When I say this I'm not bragging or asking for a medal, but the other day I just private messaged sea world on Facebook and they said that they would fix it and from that we have received results. I just did the same for the old train bridge asking if they could change it to a viewing platform. They said they will have a look into it. I would recommend that if people want changes to be made, they should private message the theme park.
  4. gdalby96

    Sea World - No Entry train crossing

    I know I stated the obvious. I was just summarising in one post.
  5. gdalby96

    Sea World - No Entry train crossing

    It is obvious why don't want to remove the gate. It pushes guests through the food court to try and make them to buy food. I know this may not make much of a difference, but that is how Sea World looks at it. They obviously recognised that people could get injured if they continue to jump the fence. The wire just stops this and by placing a stall it ensures that people still don't do it. If people get lost they can always ask a staff member.
  6. gdalby96

    Sea World - No Entry train crossing

    The park just needs a few signs showing where rides are like Dreamworld has. If not a few more park maps around the park.
  7. gdalby96

    Sea World - No Entry train crossing

    Well they have obviously listened to us. They obviously released its a safety issue, but they still want people to be aware of the food area.
  8. gdalby96


    No I'm not. I don't even live in Sydney. I don't think the prices of wnws are bad. I'm just saying I think to look at some dinosaurs it is a little over priced. I understand they can do what they want. Everyone has their own opinion.
  9. gdalby96

    How busy are the Gold Coast parks?

    You'll probably expecting queues for all rides at all the parks. Obviously the major rides at the parks will have the longest queues. I would recommend that you try to get on all the major attractions first. Here are my recommendations Movie World: When you arrive at the park go line up at Arkham Asylum (When I last went when the ride queue is full it was a 2hr wait). Then go to Superman Escape, this line shouldn't be to long, maybe about 15 - 25 minutes depending on how busy the park is. Then Green Lantern, batwing and justice league. Depending on queue lines you may want to see one of the shows. After lunch do Scooby Doo and Wild West Falls. Then if you want another show and the kids rides. Dreamworld: If you have a pass then I would recommend going on a weekend as the park opens an hour earlier for pass holders only. Usually Buzz Saw, TOT2, Claw and Shockwave are the rides that will be open. Try and do all of the rides that are open early. Then do the river rapids and/or log ride. Then other thrill rides. I may be time for lunch, but if not go to the animals. And then do the other rides. Sea World: I would recommend going on the rides (Storm, Vikings, Jet Rescue and Sea Viper) first. Then do all of the shows and animal attractions. You could then either go on rides you haven't been on yet or go on some again. Wet n Wild: Go to AquaLoop and Constrictor first as these are popular and can have quite long queues as the day continues. Then the Surfrider. Then H2O Zone. It doesn't matter what order you do these as they are all popular and can get real busy. Mammoth Falls usually has a long wait, especially in peak season, sometimes it goes all the way down the stairs. White Water World: I would recommend Hydro Coaster first as that is always the busiest and longest queue ride. Do the rest of the rides on that tower and then go to the RIP and BRO tower. Followed by the final tower. All the parks will be busy, so I would recommend doing the rides in the order I have recommend. That is just my opinion though, other people may recommend other orders. I would seriously recommend that if you have a Dreamworld pass try to go on a weekend and get there by 9am, so you get to go on half a dozen rides before the gates open. You will have to expect queues for all rides so try and be smart about when you go on certain rides. Maybe try and have lunch a little earlier so that you beat those queues and so while everyone else is having lunch the queues should be a little shorter. Really it is up to you. All parks will be busy and major rides at the parks will have queues at least an hour long. I would expect that the longest you could wait would be 2 hours, but that could change. Have a great time at the parks.
  10. gdalby96

    New Dreamworld Tiger Show

    Has anyone seen the new show? Is it any different to the last one?
  11. gdalby96

    Sea World - No Entry train crossing

    I messaged sea world about the gate and they said they will pass the message onto sea worlds team for review.
  12. gdalby96


    I didn't go and I wouldn't go. I have been to sea worlds dinosaur island. I have only seen pictures and read reviews about palmers. It's way to expensive anyway.
  13. gdalby96


    It opened today and a number of reviews and images have been released. I think it is stupid how the dinosaurs are so close to the resort. Palmer could have bought more land and made it further away from the resort. Guests are already complaining about the noises the dinosaurs are making. Also why did he put a huge t-Rex in the middle of the gold course. The dinosaurs don't look that bad. Palmer could have made this a great attraction, but instead he has made his resort bad. He should have made it like Jurassic park. Where you go on a car and it goes through the area, but still providing a path for guess to walk along. Also it is quite expensive. For a family of 4 it is $100. It should be half of that.
  14. gdalby96

    Dreamworld's New Attraction December 2013

    I meant the red kangaroos
  15. gdalby96

    Dreamworld's New Attraction December 2013

    Did it say what other animals will be coming to the area? i think if they are going to upgrade the area they need to upgrade the crocodiles, kangaroo, dingo and emu enclosures.