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  1. Gary86

    'Big Brother House' Vandalised

    I don't think they don't use the amphitheatre anymore. I always thought they should clean it up and use it for Wiggles shows etc instead of setting up a stage in the middle of Main Street blocking the main pathways.
  2. A new ad was posted on the official YouTube channel.
  3. Gary86

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Dreamworld's ride page still has it "Coming this Summer" SkyVoyager is not in the site map which still has Thunder River Rapids listed. (leads to a deleted page)
  4. Dreamworld can be Australia's best theme park. All it needs is a decent operator. The longer Ardent own it the worse it gets making it cost more to restore the park.
  5. I thought the empty raft came from the holding pen which moved onto the track when the water level droped. I'm sure the rope was still attached to the raft in the accident picture.
  6. Gary86

    The Off Topic Topic

    It did have videos once and I think ride photos as well.
  7. Gary86

    Future Dark Ride at Dreamworld

    Still says opening Summer on the website so they have less than 2 weeks until it's officially delayed.
  8. Gary86

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    I love how they say to go to another outlet when Parkway is the only one open to the public.
  9. Gary86

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    My point is Dreamworld have a section for animals. Animals exhibits don't belong in a water park. The koala enclosure in the middle of vintage cars looks crap.
  10. Gary86

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Sounds good except for "wildlife watching" for White Water World. If I want to watch wildlife I'd go to Dreamworld.
  11. Gary86

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    @pushbutton Is the path behind Gold Rush still closed? Yesterday there were 2 staff members (one on each end) telling guests to take the long detour even though there still was access via the pathway and the staff were using it
  12. I didn't go. Just saying that too many people go to the White Christmas event which causes massive traffic jams.
  13. The bus I was on from Dreamworld to Helensvale station took an hour this evening due to a massive amount of people trying to get into Movie World. They need more nights and less people to avoid overcrowding and massive traffic jams.
  14. Gary86

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Also it's great that the river is clean. Guests were having a great time watching the turtles, hopefully they can keep it clean unlike the waterslides at White Water World which are covered in bird poop.