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  1. Here is a POV I filmed in 2015 showing the theming.
  2. This video shows the river rapids in 1987.
  3. There's a lot of land to add a few attractions. Vintage Cars can use some land from TRRR and the old chairlift station, driving through a Gold Rush town with the station being an old gas station.
  4. There was a "ride" far worse then Creature Cruise, "Creature Walk". Creature Walk was a replacement for Creature Cruise, they just replaced the boat channel with a wooden path, so you had to walk.
  5. Channel 9 are going to run a story tomorrow night about why the rides keep breaking down all the time, making out parks seem unsafe.
  6. They can't put air conditioning on the monorail, it won't fit under the roof.
  7. There also is an entry inside Dreamworld. I'm guessing there will be a gate to scan your ticket / pass.
  8. There is an entry at the front. Dreamworld entry not required.
  9. Channel 9 also mentioned the River Rapids disaster & low visitors to the parks instead of telling the proper news that the Lego store is opening on Saturday. The themeparks should no longer do media callouts if they want to turn a good story bad.
  10. I'll vote for Escape from Madagascar. I find Road Runner boring, although it is outside my age group...
  11. This Grundy's ad got uploaded today. He also uploaded this classic Sea World ad
  12. Image from Theme Parks All In One
  13. I like the Gold Rush Country area. Remember if Gold Rush goes so does Old Time Photos and the Jail. Plus all the great theming in that area.
  14. It was the maintenance bay for a mine ride that used to be there, now it is a store room.