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  1. I ride it backwards only once per visit. It's way better backwards and no line
  2. Now Sea World needs to do the same for Jet Rescue and Storm.
  3. Simple maintenance

    The back of house pathways are on the park map so technically it's not trespassing.
  4. So much land around the old Mine Ride. They could build a bigger indoor/outdoor coaster to replace it. Why do they want to open a 30 year old ride that was built at the same time as another ride that killed 4 people?
  5. They were already on YouTube, I just edited them together. Some of the ads were hidden in some other videos. Dreamworld Sea World
  6. Thanks for sharing the Movie World ad mix I made last year. I also posted a Sea World and Dreamworld version.
  7. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Dreamworld seem to think all of there Big 9 thrill rides are now open... (1:20 in the video)
  8. Forum upgrade

    I use the Kool Aid man to say "Oh Yeah" that's an awesome post.
  9. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Maybe they will move the random dinosaur from the river rapids to the log ride.
  10. New Dreamworld jingle

    I heard that song in Dreamworld's Main Street in 2015.
  11. Movieworld digital ride photos.

    I got the groupon deal too. You scan your pass at the fast photo area found at the exit of certain rides. You get a link emailed to you to a website where you can view and download your photos. Set up your digital ride photos at the kiosk located outside guest services at Movie World.
  12. You've gotta see this awesome 90s Sea World video. Member when Sea World had lots of great rides.
  13. Arkham Asylum - VR coaster at Movie World

    I got my fist VR experience today. You pay by card $5. You need to sit at the back of the train. I felt my headset was about to fall off during the ride so I had to hold it to stop it from slipping. I don't think the staff checked it before they started the ride. Otherwise it is a great experience, I will do it on each visit.
  14. Giant Drop Western Side Reopening

    I took this photo from the LEGO shop today. The Giant Drop was stopped here on the tower.
  15. DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    The workers are having a meeting right now They are taking photos of the coaster.