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  1. Green Lantern had working audio both times I rode it Monday last week.
  2. Another piece on the way to the site right now
  3. I saw the Movie World one but the Village one was gone. I'll take a photo later. Now I'm going to checkout Scooby Doo without theming. Scooby Doo broke down 😣 Here is the Movie World sign and no village sign.
  4. I ment the framework around the other door.
  5. That wood around the door looks new. Why would they do that if they plan to tear it down?
  6. Does that $35 deal include Skypoint entry?
  7. Found this classic video from Dreamworld in 1994. They had some dinosaur displays around the park.
  8. Here is a POV I filmed in 2015 showing the theming.
  9. This video shows the river rapids in 1987.
  10. There's a lot of land to add a few attractions. Vintage Cars can use some land from TRRR and the old chairlift station, driving through a Gold Rush town with the station being an old gas station.
  11. There was a "ride" far worse then Creature Cruise, "Creature Walk". Creature Walk was a replacement for Creature Cruise, they just replaced the boat channel with a wooden path, so you had to walk.