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  1. Creature Cruise is seen in this ad. It wasn't that great and got even worse when it became Creature Walk!
  2. According to the news story the coaster is replacing the "Log Ride" which closed recently. False news since it replaces the Thunder River Rapids not the Log Ride.
  3. Just saw an ad on tv that said Vortex is opening this summer so as long as it's open by February 29 it is still on schedule.
  4. I don't think they don't use the amphitheatre anymore. I always thought they should clean it up and use it for Wiggles shows etc instead of setting up a stage in the middle of Main Street blocking the main pathways.
  5. Dreamworld's ride page still has it "Coming this Summer" SkyVoyager is not in the site map which still has Thunder River Rapids listed. (leads to a deleted page)
  6. Dreamworld can be Australia's best theme park. All it needs is a decent operator. The longer Ardent own it the worse it gets making it cost more to restore the park.
  7. I thought the empty raft came from the holding pen which moved onto the track when the water level droped. I'm sure the rope was still attached to the raft in the accident picture.
  8. It did have videos once and I think ride photos as well.
  9. Still says opening Summer on the website so they have less than 2 weeks until it's officially delayed.
  10. I love how they say to go to another outlet when Parkway is the only one open to the public.
  11. My point is Dreamworld have a section for animals. Animals exhibits don't belong in a water park. The koala enclosure in the middle of vintage cars looks crap.
  12. Sounds good except for "wildlife watching" for White Water World. If I want to watch wildlife I'd go to Dreamworld.
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