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  1. If we didn't already have SE, I would suggest theming around Speed Racer. Even though it's not as relevant anymore, it still could've been cool.
  2. Whatever they choose to replace AA with, in my opinion, needs to be big. Arkham was tucked away in a small corner of the park hence almost being forgotten about by the GP. It should either be something which towers over superman, or a good theme which forces people to not forget about. It’s a shame that the budget probably isn’t going to allow for this however.
  3. I’m just hoping that they can somehow incorporate a pathway which leads from the super man area to WWF, it makes no sense to have to go all the way around the park to get from attraction to attraction.
  4. The coaster is looking great, looking forward to seeing how the park looks with leviathan in it's skyline
  5. Hi all, sorry if this topic has already been discussed. I would just like to make this thread for everyone who does not live close to the parks and is wondering if it is too early to plan a trip. Here we can discuss the chances of another outbreak, how many rides are open, flight costs, and anything extra regarding planning a trip that interstate park enthusiasts may be interested in knowing for the coming year of 2021. I’m going to start the thread off by asking the question, Are the wait times long for rides at the moment?
  6. Do you think that the coaster is on track for the scheduled June 2021 opening? I am trying to plan a trip for next year and it would be great for it to coincide with the opening of Leviathan.
  7. Pretty sure the whole thing got demolished in 2004, correct me if i'm wrong. There are now 3 water slides, one called dual, one called fast, and one where you go on a tube, not sure if these are the correct names however. The slides are different to the ones that were in magic mountain, and now it is more of an arcade centre than a themepark. not to mention that the ferris wheel hasn't operated for a while
  8. FYI, the beach house is an arcade centre now, that just so happens to have water slides and mini golf, not just one attraction. Not worth a visit in my opinion
  9. Upgrade the animations at the very least, the animation is somehow worse than the ones in the 2002 movie. Also fix the story line, there really isn't one at the moment. Finally what they need to add is some of the old animatronics back. Just put them in the gaps to help provide added theming.
  10. I know it's probably a dumb question so don't ridicule me if it is, Do you guys think that it's possible that we see a 'final ride' ceremony for arkham? Or is the ride completely dead/non operational.
  11. Maybe some extra structural or mechanical issues have arisen in the maintenance, not sure why they would remove the end date completely though. They shouldn’t close it permanently though, right?
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