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  1. Truth be told, I'm sick of this place for now... You guys keep bloody posting essays in response to me well after the I perceive the conversion is finished. If that "You're wrong" thing was put in and you guys were locked from responding it would be fan-bloody-tastic..... Want me to write it? Thought I was banned before. Guess someone blocked my Phone IP? Way to go, dumbass! Wasn't going to respond to this thread, till whoever it was blocked my Phone IP... What a dumbass you are, whoever did that! Do a proper job next time! Edit: Here... I'll do it for you... I need a break from this forum for now, pisses me off too much at the moment.
  2. Actually I'd guess it's even more simple than that. Looks like they just can't be fucked putting that important looking central bit(is that a break?) in Storage and risk having it sit around for years on end. So they've just welded it in place to make sure they don't lose it. Unless that was what you ment by "keeping it complete"?
  3. Told you guys that "Ranger" guy on youtube was legit.... He told me this stuff several months ago. Must have been one of these workers you spoke to. But anyway, I'm glad it's now not just a silly "colliric rumour" and someone else has gotten some really great info on it, as well some awesome pics. Thank you Jobe! Kinda hope some coaster firm takes it on as an interesting project. Would love to see it get done, but I personally think they need a good firm to get behind it. Kumbak would be great... I think the problem is mostly raising the millions of dollars of cash needed to refurbish/fix/rebuild it. Would need modern coaster trains as well. Speaking of rides being worked on for years and years, Melbourne Star will re-open by March 2014(so I'm told)... they finally started testing the wheel(without the carriages) again earlier this month, it turned again for the first time since it was shut..... They installed the carriages over the last few weeks and testing with Carriages can begin sometime soon. Even if the reconstruction is completed soon, I was informed it will still not open until early next year, so that it has an extended summer testing period and ING can be confident it doesn't suffer problems again. Hence they still refuse to actually announce the opening date, or their exact detailed plans for it's reopening. Heck if that can open again, anything is possible with the Orphan Rocker!
  4. Didn't say you were. Speaking of the Events Tent though, I actually also found that a bit weird they'd set one up almost a month early actually(even though events tents can be setup early). So perhaps you might still be right about that. Perhaps they're using it for the storage because it's the only one they have that's big enough to store stuff for this particular ride, even though it's their "outdoor special events" tent.... Unless they're expecting a really big crowd(as in the thousands) at the launch? That's another reason they might have set it up early, to train their events staff for an event for a bigger crowd than they're normally use to? Or to help with the launch event's own theming, could take a week or two to plan and put up? that also obviously may explain the amount of bins..... Surely the ride itself doesn't need that many(I count seven, mostly incomplete, in that pic)? how many bins does Superman Escape have? Unless, and this is a real possibility given the ride is their star attraction now, it's being setup early to be the main entertainment area of their entire Fright Night events. I know currently of a religious group that have setup a huge events tent up in America that's almost 3 to 4 months in advance of an event where that particular group is expecting 5000+ people..... So an early setup is certainly possible for that reason too. P.S. Has Parkz been worked on recently? Or having a few issues? Just noticed after I edit post, it removes quote tags from quoted posts?
  5. Actually I specifically said that it looked like a typical "Launch event Prop". And it does look different. Looked like Polystyrene to me. Also Gazza... Concrete statues are mostly hollow these days. Especially modern ones. They're usually moulded. Ever broken one? I don't think so personally. Kinda agree it's a bit bland, but that's only for the walk up path.
  6. The other poster noted the statues, apparently unpainted, were swaying in the wind. Usually that's because they have yet to sealed after painting.
  7. Sorry Gazza, Parkz is stuffing up on me today(not reload the page correctly after me posting!). SQL database problem I suspect? Sorry, here is my proper response: Actually I agree with you.... Never said they weren't hollow. Also that tent is indeed an Events style tent(clear "windows" as well as it's size show that it's a standard events tent), so it's obviously staying in place there, and most likely will be used for the launch even though it's being used for storage at the moment. Some events tents are permanently setup(waiting for bookings), others are setup for rehersals(sometimes weeks in advance), and in this situation it's probably Adventure World's own Events tent perhaps setup early to help the workers with covered storage(as you have pointed out) as well as plan for the coming launch event
  8. EDIT: Deleting massive Double Posting, See my next post.
  9. Lol! yep! A big launch event coming soon, and a big white "wedding/Event" tent being put up right near the thing that is the object of that event.... Edit: And on closer inspection the second pic proves me right anyway.... Just look at it a little closer.
  10. Note the location of where the guy in the picture is.... Next to what is obviously the launch event tent. You can put two and two together there.... and probably say, that's most likely a prop for the launch event being moved into place. It looks very diffrent to the ones being used in the outdoor section of the ride. I'd say that's probably a Polystyrene(or some other similar material) prop.
  11. Yeah that's what I actually meant. A historical steam-train society that will put them to good use. I agree with the last comment well. They could even just donate them(especially to the society you mentioned), which would give Ardent some much needed good local publicity, but knowing Dreamworld they won't. And they won't sell them at a charitable price either. So they'll just sit there unused.
  12. Yet to be stuck/sealed to the base I suspect. May not happen until they are properly painted that dark-grey(or light-black?) color the rest of the ride is. After all that's the same color of the figure in the ride-logo. Sealing usually happens after painting, at least according to "wikihow" on "how to build a concrete statue"... That's so that the various parts can be painted easier(without mistakes). And concrete statues have to be sealed on site(as they are shipped in parts, etc), even garden statues have to be sealed to solid ground(if being installed permanently). So the "eerily wobbling" might be normal at this pre-paint stage.
  13. If they bothered selling them, im sure there'd be a buyer could find them a new home somewhere. Obviously Dreamworld donating them to a historical society is probably out of the question(but would be nice if they did).
  14. Kinda hope they put in a second(or third if you include roadrunner) bigger story/theme-based family ride.... instead of just kids-flats. You probably know this already, but I just finished the game for the first time, and that actually happens at the end of it(Batman takes off in the Batwing, and then intercepts a police transmission and goes after Two-Face).
  15. Yay, we agree on something! Dreamworld, Movie World, and Adventure World are the only parks suited to such "Fright Night" events, and it's no surprise they're the three parks already running these evenings. Apart from the smaller halloween events at the Luna Parks.
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