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  1. Not sure if this has been coved elsewhere but the Main Street emporium had a color change and new sign put up
  2. Thanks for the diagram Gazza on the other post. Does anyone have any concept of this "Inclined Turntable" from online? or is it something brand new? still trying to understand how it works to visualise it. Also do you think the whole area where wiggles car ride is will be knocked down for this new Coaster?
  3. The first attraction maintenance schedules have been published on the Dreamworld website. So far, nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. Dreamworld has tendered out the first stage of the tiger island redevelopment. I'm not going to post every image as much of the work is back of house all minor upgrades like added roofs.
  5. The Emporium has been repainted to remove the bright red, replaced with a better looking brown which gives it a better vibe. Apparently the whole of main street is being repainted to make it look more timeless. I think it looks great, and am happy to see the rest get painted the same. (thanks to Gold Coast Theme Parks on FB)
  6. Not sure when this happened, but it appears the three tiers of Dreamworld annual passes have increased in price. With the Saver Pass $129, Value Pass $139 and the Locals Pass $149. https://www.dreamworld.com.au/tickets
  7. For our non-Queensland members who can't reach the parks at the minute and can't ride Sky Voyager, I found the backing track for the ride today. Enjoy.
  8. Normally in April Dreamworld runs the Street Food Festival, which I find is a fun event that adds to a pretty good day. I've noticed that they have removed the 'Street Food Festival' from there 'What's on?' page and the website link is dead. It does seem Dreamworld is doubling down on Spring County Fair and Winterfest - maybe the food festival is dead?
  9. Thought I would start a dedicated thread for the construction of the wave swinger, seeing as we have ones for K&BD and Ocean Parade. The globe has been removed and is being stored in front of Steel Taipan (thanks to Oliver Trunks via Jaggs Journeys)
  10. With the new Rivertown comes an upgrade to the Billabong Restraurant. The current concept show an upgraded Restaurant, function room and a Taboo room.
  11. With Dreamworld opening dreamland and River town under construction, It couldn't hurt to start guessing what will come next when they come to invest in the next major CAPEX projects. Below is some ideas I had for what I think could help the parks lineup moving forward. Stage 2 River town: - 2025 MDMC rethemed with new spinning trains to make it more comfortable and to suit the theme of river town. The paddle Wheeler re opens (Super wishful thinking, with the park focusing on going back under that nostalgia route you never know) Then I believe a log flume or Chute the Chutes in the back half of Ocean Parade with a Mack Twist N Splash attraction to fix and bring life to the back half of ocean parade. (This would take up the old trolls and Flow rider land). The Mack Twist N Splash could even go in Wipeouts spot if required, if not needed a flat ride could go there in 2027. - 2026 Following this the park would need another major thrilling flat ride (Maybe a Mondial Ventura). Either in Wipeout's plot, Buzzsaw's plot, or even closer to the old log flume plot. -2027 Large thrilling roller coaster - 2028 Curious what people think or predict might come next?
  12. Dreamworld Golden Years has just posted a very cryptic teaser on his Facebook page. "Today is a historic day in the future of Dreamworld. Stay tuned, we will have some exciting updates to share later today." He generally isn't into too much hyperbole... so any speculations? Park has been sold?
  13. Does anyone have any pov footage of the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast? If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send it to me as I have looked everywhere and only found one very shaky video.
  14. Premier Steven Miles today launched a boost for Gold Coast tourism operators in the wake of severe weather. The GC Summer FUNds initiative is backed by a government investment of $2.5 million which will see 50,000 $50 vouchers up for grabs. DW annualy passes if you use the code (GCSUMMERFUNDS) at - https://gcsummerfunds.experienceoz.com.au/en/gold-coast/dreamworld-locals-annual-pass?fbclid=IwAR1zBte_Roe2ZNXJ06XbKnhBu5GHvZg5kd0KhfrYRhM_DAy77W0I6cMqwog (note Experience OZ is currently having overload issues) Village passes can be purchased from their websites. South East QLD residents, claim your GC Summer FUNds and SAVE $50* off selected Theme Park Passes and experiences including the Village Roadshow Locals One Pass (now only $169), Village Roadshow Locals One Pass Lite (now only $129), Australian Outback Spectacular’s Heartland (now from $59.99) and more! Be quick, limited time only!
  15. (Didn't see a dedicated thread, so here we are!) The Dreamworks Store transformation into the new Parent's Centre is well underway \ Escape from Madagascar's Ride Sign has been removed The "Beware of Ogres" sign has also been removed by Shrek, leaving a hole. Semi related- watched the Wiggles show and Kenny and Belinda seem to have a new look: A couple weeks ago:
  16. You lazy bitch. Wristband system seems relatively easy. If they're going to sit with a pay to play model at night, I wonder if it would be easier to have a code scanner at the entrance - you could purchase online or via a ticket vending machine, and then just scan your code to enter? They had this sort of thing at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier and it worked pretty well. I didn't expect that they'd open dodgems as well, but I guess its another step towards night operations, and offering more than just food trucks. keen to see how this pans out.
  17. I thought I would throw this out there as an interesting observation. Every summer since TRRR Dreamworld has held a summer event, a Circus, Monster Trucks (geez these weren't the best...), the jet pack people etc.. This was clearly a way to get people in and it does seem to work. This summer it seems like Dreamworld isn't doing anything 'special' for January. I think this is Dreamworld believing the lineup is strong enough now to bring people in (and Dreamland is opening with new attractions) but I do find this interesting because it means Dreamworld now has school holiday events every break except January. I think it's a premature move personally especially at MW has Hooray for Hollywood but keen on what others think.
  18. The first dates have been added to the Dreamworld website for the maintenance schedule for 2023. No major closures next year, except for attractions in Dreamworks due to the refurbishment. Interestingly, most of them are only listed as closing for a couple days in January. I’m thinking that maybe the area will close from this date and they aren’t yet sure on length of time. However Mad Jungle Jam isn’t expected to close until July. So maybe the refurbishment will be in phases throughout 2023 to ensure the entire area doesn’t need to close and massively reduce the attraction count for guests
  19. So it was on this day a year ago that Dreamworld made its $60 million announcements of the Dreamland Parents Centre, Dreamworld Flyer, Kenny & Belinda’s Dreamland, Ocean Parade Expansion and Rivertown. I know we’re only halfway through the whole construction process, but with everything’s that’s already open, under construction and any new information we’ve found out over the past year, how does everyone know feel about these announcements now? There were a few people on here that had strong opinions about some of the announcements, but also a lot of people were very excited by it all. Personally at the time, I was unsure about the Dreamworld Flyer and Ocean Parade Expansion. But seeing them complete, I think the Dreamworld Flyer was a good decision as it’s transformed the front of the park for the better. And while I still have the opinion the splash pad should have gone in the existing Ocean Parade area, I do think it works better being close to Dreamland and it still leaves a large area of the park for future developments. I had already expected a Dreamworld redevelopment, but I think Dreamland has turned out to be a nice project, and has allowed the kids area to become more complete. The theming and immersion isn’t quite to the level of Dreamworks, but I still think it’s turned out well. And having seen the overall layout of Rivertown, that’s made me even more excited for its opening.
  20. The title describes the thing. Dreamworld has launched a new online Merch store. Shop from five different outlets in the park including the Main Street Emporium, Tiger Island Bazaar, Fairytale Treasures, and the Lego certified Store (though the lego store redirects to a different site, the remaining in-park outlets are all hosted on the same site). Dreamworld Merch Shop
  21. Under the accessibility page on their website, Dreamworld have created a document called ‘The Dreamworld Visual Story’. They describe it as carefully-curated guide for our guests from how to get here, where to park, right through to what to expect on our rides and who to ask for help if needed. They have two versions of the document, a full version and a more brief version. I have read through both versions of these documents and it’s fantastic to see the park invest time into creating these. On the scheme of things, it’s something small they have done, but I can see it making a massive difference for a lot of guests that need this kind of information. It’s been very well written and I congratulate the park on doing this. The Visual Story can be found here: https://www.dreamworld.com.au/park-information/accessibility-information
  22. Not sure if there is already a thread like this but do you think they will incorporate Motocoaster into Rivertown? If so, some possible ideas on what they could do and hopefully at minimal cost. I’ve put some ideas here, just a track recolour, Quad trains, one piece of theming (an Aztec/Mayan gate over a portion of ride) and recolour of the shades on the launch and queue. It’s a rough job done on my phone, but hopefully brings an idea. Do you think they will do anything with this ride to bring into the theme of Rivertown or Gold Rush, or just wait until it’s retirement?
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