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  1. All reports were that it collided with a empty raft so I’m a little Sceptical about this story. It was reported (abc story) Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi were killed instantly from crushing injuries when their six-person raft collided with an emptyvessel and flipped backwards in 2016
  2. Rabbit2014

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    If they move the exit for Arkham asylum to under lift hill and they could use the old lethal weapon theatre and old courtyard area for new ride/experience maybe a drop tower/tilting drop tower
  3. Rabbit2014

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    None of this is helping the public image of this once great theme park. I have been hoping they would pull there finger out and save the theme park but with too many rides that are too old and always breaking down it not looking great. I still hope that they just close the park down for 6 months remove the broken and re open as a refurbished with a few new attractions (keeping sky voyager for reopening)and a new image for the public so people can trust the place, I would hate to lose another theme park in the end like we lost wonderland
  4. Rabbit2014

    Aussie World Visit Jan19

    The sx360 is completed just not open yet
  5. I can’t believe a big investment by dreamworld and they have completely missed the major holiday period. I understand delays and such can affect these things but the ride still doesn’t have a opening date announced.
  6. Just because brogent finished up don’t mean that the video was synced cause dreamworld will change the video eventually and brogent won’t come out just to sync it.
  7. Rabbit2014

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Can anyone confirm if buzz saw is open as it’s not on maintance list anymore
  8. That will be great for Boxing Day to get two huge rides open will spread the crowds out abit Yea remove hot wheels since it had a long life since it was originally from Luna park Sydney and it not getting on well after they got new trains so it’s time to replace With a new coaster. Tower of tower will likely get removed in the future as well but I don’t think dreamworld want to give up on it yet even know it has so many problems
  9. I’m not seeing the next generation side of the ride the projection mapping was very basic
  10. The ride has returned most of the old theming with a few video screens with the monsters from the movie coming for you, axes are still there, lift has screens on it, disco room mostly dark still, loud music and couple of added extra sections the end of room is completely new set pieces. A little shocked to see most of the old theming that was removed was brought back still great ride wait time for those coming to it now over 1hr huge Line up into over flow
  11. Line up area and loading station still the same, still sending empty carriages around still waiting. Scary music for line up still same
  12. I’m on bus heading there, sign looks good
  13. Just spoke to guest services it should be open today, it’s testing at moment but i was told to call in 30 min to confirm it’s 100% open will let you know