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  1. Im hoping that the southeast Qld lockdown won’t be extended past next Tuesday and I can visit for last time next weekend.
  2. They added extra days last year as a result of huge demand but if lockdowns are still in place there won’t be weekday nights added this year.
  3. Probably 30mins when it first opened, but after 6 months there wasn’t any real wait times. I did enjoy the original theming but it did get hot in there.
  4. if they are closing buzzsaw cause of the fact ride's proximity and future development, you would think giant drop is in same boat as buzz saw. I expect giant drop to be gone by end of next year.
  5. A maze theme to Halloween (Michael Myers) as there is a new movie coming out. What about a maze themed around the purge movies ? It can provide a lot of jump scares, if the idea from the start is that they are hunting you and you are trying to escape them. Spiral (saw franchise) will likely happen since we have had a saw maze in the past and alot of previous props would be reused.
  6. Apparently there is a announcement that lockdown for Sydney is going to be extended tomorrow, so Luna park shouldn’t be picking a reopening date yet.
  7. It appears like that have arrived, can’t wait to see the train on track in the coming weeks
  8. Sea world Leviathan coaster will have a few head chopper moments when it opens as well.
  9. That superman comic from Earlier post is the gremlins for the main parade. There are moving gremlins in bowl, oven and cupboard
  10. Not for my ride today, my ride was more rougher than Arkham and dc rivals today felt like the wheels weren’t round and as a local who has ridden it more then 40 times, it’s normally a very smooth ride. I’m there tomorrow will see if it any different.
  11. We rode the dc rivals today but had to be worst experience I have had on it, it was very rough and bumpy the whole ride. Don’t know if it cause of track condition or the trains wheels. It’s a shame cause it was a lot smoother when I last rode it in January and it only recently had it’s maintenance done.
  12. Coasterlife hasn’t the Friday pass holders night event already been canceled/delayed for a week thanks to the new COVID restrictions.
  13. And space jam is included in hooray for Hollywood with Lola, bugs and daffy in space jam jerseys
  14. from https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/aussie-world-opens-sx360-pendulum-swing-ride/ Aussie World has also revealed that construction is well underway on new spinning rollercoaster, to be known as the Dingo Racer. Designed for all ages and will have a capacity of 960 people per hour, featuring seven cars, seating up to four people each, that simultaneously spins while moving around the track. The rollercoaster car will reach a height of 14 metres before twisting and turning along the track reaching speeds of up to 72km/h. Fay added “with so much more in the pipeline for Au
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