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  1. I was there on the 2nd of January, green lantern didn’t have problems during the whole day/night. So I wonder what is causing so much down time lately, especially when it was closed for many months.
  2. Was there Saturday and water effect wasn’t working and didn’t look like it has for awhile, so you were extremely lucky to see it working.
  3. I’m doing both seaworld and movie world in the same day today but I feel both operate totally different COVID plans. Seaworld filled all seats on vortex, storm coaster and jet rescue. So we had to have other people seat next to us without spacing. Movie world keeps groups separated so if we had 3 in our group on coasters we would have a empty seat next to us for COVID socially distancing. seaworld rides lineups move so much faster with 30min or less waits cause of filling seats but movieworld it’s taking around about 1 and a half hour wait for most rides cause of empty seats
  4. Finally got to go on vortex today, was little or no wait. It is a shame it’s such a short cycle being used at the moment but hopefully they do use different during the year.
  5. ALL 4 WORLDS REVEALED! Travel Your World at Sea World Carnivale as we bring you a celebration of cultures coming together, with stops to Mexico, Rio, Africa & New Orleans! Rides for the night are vortex, castaway bay battle boats, jet rescue coaster and Nickelodeon land but storm coaster not open for the night
  6. I went on the 13th and it pretty much the same as last year, only this year less there was less rides open this year on my visit (green lantern, doomsday, Scooby and now retired Arkham closed) but Wild West falls open till 630. That shop always changes to white Christmas for personalised Christmas hats during white Christmas My visit was wet but bonus every ride was walk on without any lineup needed
  7. Unlikely especially when most nights are already sold out
  8. So both leviathan and trident are listed as opening on June 2021
  9. MONSTER TRUCKS - THRILLMASTERS LIVE! In a theme park first, it’s time to watch Monster Trucks roar into action at Dreamworld this summer! With 3 15 minute action-packed shows daily from the 26th of December until the 10th of January, you’ll see Australia’s best monster truck drivers take on some insane jumps and epic stunts in their world renowned Monster Trucks such as Outback Thunda and more. They’ll have you cheering and sitting on the edge of your seat for a wheely good time, all included for FREE with your Dreamworld entry. TRUCK RIDE EXPERIENCE
  10. It’s not great when white Christmas event is about to start and and so many major rides are closed for 14 out of 19 of the white Christmas nights with Scooby reopening for last 3 nights and doomsday for last 5 nights depending if there maintenance is completed on time.
  11. Unlikely since Aussie world’s other new ride still hasn’t opened when sx360 construction started in 2018
  12. Dreamworld are planning to focus on being a smaller theme park, so I expect this is the last big ride dreamworld will add for there foreseeable future. Especially when the $70 million loan they got from the government is meant to be repaid in a few years.
  13. Yeah wishful thinking, It would be a great replacement for arkham at movie world
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