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  1. Yea and the new suicide squad movie is coming out later this year as well
  2. I last rode escape from Madagascar January 2020 and I was 105kg but there was no weight limit. It’s a shame cause I have always rode with my kids but that looks like it won’t be happening from now on.
  3. I expect it to happen especially when earliest government is considering opening borders in October when they expect 40-60% of Australian vaccinated. But that depends on states getting a move on.
  4. That one very flooded movieworld, hopefully that were able to keep water out of the justice league ride building as all other rides are above ground. The park could be closed for a Day or two for clean up once the storms finally clear up and water recedes.
  5. It looks like it will be harder for bigger adult to ride now since it is now two separate seats rather than one long seat where adults could just sit in middle of carriage
  6. found a link with most of story https://news.knowledia.com/AU/en/articles/jamberoo-action-park-s-splash-out-waterslide-to-be-replaced-by-new-cf972e17d5230ed6ff573647e22c739713f1666b see below: It has been a rite of passage for generations of families in the Illawarra and beyond. Over decades, families have trekked up the hill at the Jamberoo Action Park to stand atop the Splash Out waterslide, the first waterslide at the region's much loved water park. It was the first place many felt the pang of anxiety before launching down a whitewash of water, being swayed and swung around befo
  7. Was the drone kept 500metres from dreamworld tower if so all rules were followed
  8. Drove past on way home, sx360 was running, couldn’t tell if people were riding it or it was in being tested but it’s great to finally see it running at last. Hopefully they will announce something soon as well as the spinning coaster
  9. It does like like the frame that held the arkham asylum name in place on tower.
  10. Water effects were fully working on my visit in early December. Scooby had around some lasers type lights in December as well, not the same lasers it had in the past but it did have some working in December, they mostly were used just after the turntable in the disco room.
  11. Been to movieworld Friday and today (saturday), green lantern ran all day yesterday and still open today. Wild West falls water sprouts for old fateful are not working again, you can hear them trying but no water in the system. Scooby doo ride has no lasers working in disco room.
  12. That’s great will definitely ride it tonight then
  13. Im taking the family on second night, tho it’s a shame storm coaster doesn’t run at night but it is my first chance to finally come to this event and it sounds like it will be a good event
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