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  1. Aqualoop seems to have closed for good. The ride has been removed off Wet N Wild’s park map as well as attractions list
  2. Press play on epic summer nights when Dive’n’Movies returns 27th December! As the sun sets, enjoy nightly blockbuster films on the big screen from 5:30pm in the Giant Wave Pool. Hire a tube or watch the movie from a surrounding deck chair and tuck into some summery treats. Plus, slide into the night until 7:30pm on selected attractions! For full movie list: https://wetnwild.com.au/attractions/dive-n-movies
  3. Hi Parkz community, hope you're all well, went to both Wet n Wild, and Movieworld today. So, here is an update of WNW, I'll start another topic for my MW update. Alright, well on my visit everything was pretty good, staff were friendly, park was clean and tidy, gardens well kept. They have also done a few improvements since my last visit. Unfortunately, this remains, do the world a favour VRTP, and get rid of it. Now for the good things. Kamikaze has been given a new sign. And the old buddy site has been turfed, it looks great. I'm not sure, but I think this building and the toilets in H20 zone have been repainted. Some excavation is happening in front of Blackhole, which is currently under maintenance. The kids play structure has received some flags, and looks like it has also received a coat of paint. Constrictor's paint job is finished, and it looks great. AquaLoop is also down for maintenance, and is getting a buff. I spoke with the supervision manager in charge of the work at the loop, and he said that they do this annually, it's to not only bring out the colour, but also to clean it. He said 1 year's worth of sunscreen, sweat, dirt etc. needs to be cleaned off. The company he works for, does business with all the theme parks, and they done some repainting at WNW in the past, they didn't repaint constrictor, but they did repaint, River rapids last year, and mammoth falls 2 years ago. Hopefully tornado is next on the list. Fun fact: to completely polish and wax super 8 racer takes 6 weeks. Now with regards to Surfrider, they didn't tell me where it's going, but I can confirm that it is being moved to another park. I also have some information about Skycoaster, the reason it is closed is because you need special training to operate it, the company that they used has gone bust, and they haven't found another company in Queensland yet.
  4. I don’t know if this has be discussed previously, but I noticed on the main theme park website there’s a blog section and is quite interesting to read. The latest one is definitely a great help for a first time visitor. Also the Fright Nights behind the scenes blog is another good read. https://themeparks.com.au/blog
  5. Color (american spelling for some stupid reason) Me Rad 5k is coming to Wet N Wild! I'd hate to see the pools after all the participants wash off!!!
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