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  1. Village rewards their staff who have received great guest feedback with a shout-out on the facebook group, where they post the guest’s feedback along with your embarrassing first day photo, so to some this can feel more like a punishment. Reflecting on previous years, usually at Christmas time they reward staff with 2 extra day-passes in their bank to use for friends and family, this year it was replaced with a free lunch, that’s if you were working that one specific day! Dreamworld used to do “happy cash”, but I think that was scrapped this year, because no one would be bothered to go and trade in multiple paper slips for what I remember being like a free $3 coffee. Top-golf seems to have a good staff reward system, where they can spin a wheel for prizes.
  2. No logical sense? Really? I’m not going to converse with someone who only wants to mansplain everything while not knowing how the operating procedures actually work. I mean I just explained to you why it is not ideal to load guests while the tube is running its course and you’ve completely disregarded that. The operator is not moving around the platform because they are watching the panel which tells you exactly what zone the tube is currently in the slide via sensors. I’m not saying it’s the best operating procedure but it’s really the only safe way to do it without having to completely rebuild the slide.
  3. Dreamworld and WWW have recently introduced a new training system across both parks, which has definitely slowed things down (especially at WWW). Staff are expected to do twice as much as they were say last year. Regarding Hydrocoaster it has been running that way for many years now. One of the few reasons they have to confirm guests have reached splashdown before moving onto the next group is because the panel/ride can fault (quite often) which can cause the tube to not reach the top of the hill (eg. magnets/jets fault) and roll back. Those tubes are extremely heavy, you need about 3 people to carry them, so you would not want 2 of them to collide at any point. “Why can’t they load guests while the tube is in the slide?” Because guests don’t know how to sit correctly, especially international guests. So not only does the tube need direct attention but so do guests. In front of the tube while it is in the station (ready for guests to enter) are large rollers, behind the tube is the conveyer belt. Imagine if the ride faults while guests are all sitting in the wrong positions, getting in and out of the tube and the panel alarm is going off because the other group have come to a stop in the final tunnel, which you missed visually because you were busy assisting guests sitting down. This is all visible to guests so I’m surprised this is so surprising to you and others.
  4. All team members across Movie World, Paradise Country, Wet'n'Wild and Topgolf have been advised the parks WILL NOT OPEN TODAY, 26 Dec 23 due to damage from last nights storm. The Stand Down Clause will apply to all team members unless called and requested to work. All other properties will open as normal. Sea World remains open!
  5. The Vortex is likely to not open till after Christmas now with no set date currently
  6. In my opinion the event felt very lacklustre last night, I cannot imagine paying $90 or $300+ for a family for such a short and mediocre experience.
  7. I’ve been saying we’ve been needing more upwards seating pits in the parks! Glad to see it 👏
  8. Dreamworld has done immense progress in 1 year and the park is looking great and things are moving quickly. VRTP cannot relate.
  9. Jr lifeguards manage the GR/HC queue therefor they can’t operate slides OT has anyone actually seen the Wedgie lately and the condition it’s been in? I’m surprised people are surprised it’s retired
  10. Agreed with @Spotty, I’ve worked at one of the major parks as a ride operator and it is very much like high school unfortunately. It was extremely difficult for me at the start of my employment, many people weren’t very friendly or welcoming, my anxiety was at a high all the time and I even contemplated quitting. It got a lot easier once people start to know who you are and you’ve found your feet. I recommend making an effort in getting to know everyone, as you won’t work beside every person in operations as everyone is allocated different rides, trust me it’ll make your days go by a lot better once you start making friends and becoming a familiar face. I guess any job that the majority of workers are aged 18-25 will have its workplace drama and cliques, it’s inevitable, especially as some come fresh from high school and haven’t mentally left yet. As for the job itself I wouldn’t worry to much about messing up with the safety aspects of the rides, the training is very thorough and you will not be front-lining/supervising until management are sure you’re confident in doing so. You can still slip up and “breach” but management at my park were amazing and never made me feel cornered or alone. Guests are definitely rude, obnoxious and entitled but hey you get Karen’s at every ‘customer service’ job. I always had my team to shit talk, trauma bond, and share our horrible guest interactions with. I found guests were always worst in the morning. Usually the ones who show up to rides at 9:30am sharp (even though rides are always scheduled to open 10am) and deadpan stare at you for 45 minutes during opening checks, and when the ride would fault/delay of course (you have a 1+ hour line and have been notified by a supervisor that there’s an extended delay and you’re the one delivering the message to the queue, good luck!) Also my park never had a skill level to what rides you’re given, some newbies were allocated the biggest in the park to begin with. Id recommend it, even for a fun summer job! I think it’s a bit of a struggle if you’re naturally introverted especially at the start, but there’s always every type of personality within in the workplace. You’d definitely not be the only one. The turnover of staff is pretty regular, I know many coworkers who I worked with have also left since I did, it was rare anyone stayed over a year. The hours are exactly as Spotty described, not that great.. Benefits are free entry to parks, you can earn free tickets for friends but it takes a long time.
  11. what would you do if when you okay so he said yes would go? OT: other than the typo in my one post i’m confused at what you’re implying, i didn’t make this thread
  12. Conjuring was about a 15 minutes wait with fast pass, DCeased was the same, every other maze was practically walk on. I did FP for DC and Superman around 7:30ish and they were walk on
  13. Agreed, that’s why I said “in terms of sets”. They could definitely use it as a daytime walkthrough attraction. I think there’s still potential to amp it up. Firstly starting with the superhero’s makeup, because you could barely tell they were zombies. Secondly, add more zombies scare-actors. Thirdly, dim the lights and the rooms need more smoke. Also change the audio, the moaning and screaming playing on loop gets old and awkward, and add some dead body mannequins around the superheroes to get the point across more. I do disagree with it being “small”. Maybe the batman/robin room was a squeeze but most of the rooms are almost too spacious. I filmed a walkthrough and watching it back there is too much open space which definitely took away from the “scary” factor. Yeah maybe it is a bad maze..
  14. Referring to pre-shows, they are for fast-track guests only. Hellship was incredibly short, do not think it was a quality or memorable maze whatsoever. The same scares throughout. DCeased was amazing in terms of sets, really appreciated this walkthrough! It was not scary at all, but you can tell they spent a pretty penny on this one. Circursed was forgettable, Death Row was good, Conjuring was the best of the 3 and probably the “scariest” of the night. I think they need to work on having better endings to the mazes, every maze kinda ends in a lacklustre way, needs more of a punch! Kinda like the It maze ending a few years back did. Also noticed there’s no longer any IP scareactors in main street anymore. I think this is the first Fright Night ever without Leatherface (RIP), replaced by a baby mask with a chainsaw, does not give the same effect.
  15. Judging from their tiktok livestream tonight, they’ve brought back pre-shows to every maze.. Definitely adds to the experience, reminds me of early 2010’s FN.
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