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  1. Wait what? 1. There is no 'Day Of The Dead' Precint on the website 2. Where did the 'Halloween' Precint come from? Wasn't that last year 3. 'Dark Arts' Precint is on the website but not on the map - and is said to be on Main Street -> Practitioners of the Dark Arts have descended on Main Street 4. Shouldn't ' Gothic Hall' be next to Scooby? What a mess! Lol Let's hope they don't repeat that cringey dance/moshpit at the end of the night to a corny EDM song like previous years
  2. I agree.. I mean the theme of buzzsaw is of a ghost who was once killed because of an incident regarding the ride and now haunts the area... I can't
  3. NOT TO BE DISRESPECTFUL as I know it's extremely soon but - do you think the area will have to be re-themed as I believe the ghost/haunted theme they have around the buzzsaw and river rapids is a bit too real now and might be seen as disrespectful?
  4. Touchy subject but yes I'm sure it could have been avoided if the ride was better assessed and operated. I guess it's just something no one would have thought to happen.. I also believe it probably happened because someone stood up on the ride
  5. Craziest news I think I've ever heard in my life since it's at a place I have basically grown up with. RIP to those poor 4 people I could not begin to imagine what they went through and deepest sorrows to the poor families of those 4 killed. Something I never in a million year would have thought to happen...
  6. Atmosphere looked great in that video! Anyone else agree that movie world should upload the mazes to their YouTube channel in HD once they know they won't return? I always feel like it's such a wasted opportunity. I would love to look back on previous mazes like Saw, nightmare on elm street, arkham asylum, evil dead, wolf creek etc but there is no good footage of them to be found online! They should definetely do that from F13 and wrymwood this year as we know they won't be returning.. Just a thought
  7. So corny, unprofessional and stupid. Can barely even watch that cringe fest. Really takes away from the whole eerie aesthetic that they should be going for. Clearly they are trying to impress the younger generation but common, who is coming up with this shit? How about less shows like that and more like this >
  8. Hopefully they are going to start making their zombies look more like Universal's, I remember last year they didn't look scary at all.. I think a scare zone based on just horror movie icons would be fantastic!
  9. I was just about to say I feel like a user like POP belongs on exhale not Parkz ?
  10. American horror story perhaps? I believe that would be a pretty hard franchise to gain the rights to as it's very popular nowadays.. Also probably the most requested maze by the GP
  11. there's definitely no denying that the Fright Night team reads this forum as they literally brought back Leatherface and Michael Myers just last night after I posted this ? Hope they keep it this way for the rest of the nights to come!
  12. Fright nights was scarier prior 2013 when they had the horror icons like leather face roaming Main Street with the chainsaw and Michael Myers. They seem to just reuse the same characters nowadays as well as picking teenagers off the street and slapping blood on them and calling them zombies and clowns.. The streets felt very empty last night. It was very rare to see people running and screaming like they used to.
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