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    Control panel pictures

    It was taken in November, I’m sure the Goliath booth has a Christmas tree just like Abyss does. 😂
  2. Tim Dasco

    Control panel pictures

    Here are some from Goliath that we’re posted on a recent today tonight video.
  3. So I found this article that confirms MI4 and the MI attractions continuing every 2 years. Fun Park rides on 40 Million investment: by https://www.businessnews.com.au/article/Fun-park-rides-on-40m-investment?destination=node/384958 Key points: $40 Million spent on the park over the last 7 years. They plan on continuing its major capital spends every two years and is considering a number of options for its next one. They have seen a massive growth in attendance. They plan on keep improving. So what do people think MI4 will be? I still think a lazy river or another Proslide.
  4. So I did some looking online and it seems that FF has registered for a building permit to build a Wave Pool and associated building. Its great to see the park investing in another attraction of 2 million a year after building 2 new rides.
  5. Tim Dasco

    WWW expansion 2018

    I thought considering this has been semi announced we can make it its own thread. I am personally hoping for something along the lines of the proposed stage 2 for WWW with maybe some different slides on the tower. Will be intresting to see what they end up building.
  6. Tim Dasco

    Theme Park Survey

    I agree with all that @AlexB but we actualy haven’t been missing out on concerts we have had Taylor Swift, Adele, Katy Perry, Imagine dragons, Green Day, Pink just to name some. So I wouldn’t say we missed out.
  7. Seems the date is set, boxing day!
  8. Tim Dasco

    Gumbuya World New Ride Announcement

    We have a KMG Inversion model traveling which is called Rebel which is pictured above? Did they by chances amusements traveling Rebel? Or hired it for summer or have they gone and brought a new one?
  9. Tim Dasco

    Animated TV series about Aussie Theme park

    This is a list of names that Adventure World has trademarked.
  10. Tim Dasco

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Well when universal studios fast pass in Singapore is only $70 AUD. I think the still a joke. Along with Cedar Points fast pass ultimate being $79 USD.
  11. Tim Dasco

    IAAPA 2018

    TPR did post this tho, VR water slides. These seems different.
  12. Tim Dasco

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    Star flyer is a typical off the shelf name for this ride type. Plus most carnival rides like this are called star flyer or sky flyer. With that being said there is a 4th unit star flyer which was recently purchased and shipped from the UK to Australia. This one also matches the height of Sea Worlds.
  13. Tim Dasco

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    Something like Mystic Manor at HKDL is great! Great use of technology and practical theming.
  14. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    @Adam C I believe MI4 is still coming for 2019/2020 season. Personally as with MI1-3 I doubt we will hear much if anything until after the park has closed for the season. My personal opinion is either a Lazy River around the front of the park or another massive pro-slide next to Kraken. However we will have to wait and see.
  15. Tim Dasco

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    ^ Rivals wall stage 4: climb it backwards at night blindfolded!
  16. No they wont open it till they install either a roof or a complex harness system.
  17. I found this case study which gives a little inside into Adventure World's Abyss Marketing Campaign. So I thought I would share it. http://www.octopustree.com.au/#!work/adventure-world.html
  18. From all the footage yesterday the gondalas have been installed. It doesn’t really take that long to clad a building and do finishing touches.
  19. Tim Dasco

    Dreamworld for sale - in Monopoly game

    Surely they wouldn’t have to pay. When they did perthopoly a few years ago Adventure World got on it without paying.
  20. Tim Dasco

    WhiteWater World Slide Repaint

    An adventure river and expansion of WWW was announced with I-Ride and it seems construction is finally beginning.
  21. Tim Dasco

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    One could hope for an RMC or a GCI.
  22. Tim Dasco

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    Regarding footings, it depends how far down it is till they reach bedrock. If bedrock is a long way down it means the footings need to be longer which costs more. If bedrock is close to the surface then it’s cheaper. The was the reason why making Kraken at AW a hybrid was to cost prohibitive with bedrock being to over 20 metres deep.
  23. Key points have been taken in the images below: Link to the full report is here: https://secure.weblink.com.au/Clients/webchartclient/clients/ardentleisure/article.asp?view=21098218
  24. So at the park today with @ABYSS and noticed a few things: Sprinklers have been added to the Rampage queue which was something they were asked to do last week. Inferno tower is back up and should be opening in the coming days. Goliath merchandise Will be available next season. More crow statues have been added to Goliath area.
  25. Tim Dasco

    Universal Studios Australia?

    Lets also look at the budget for most of Universals Attractions lets forget about anything to do with HP. Jurassic Park is around the 100million mark, Transformers is 120million, Revenge of the Mummy is 20-30million plus all of there attractions are all large scale investments compared to our parks. So even a small Universal park will still cost over the 500million-1 billion USD to build at LEAST! Considering Australia's most expensive attraction to date is DC Rivals at 30million I do not see this all feasible at this point in time or for a while. Plus once the park is built they would still need to continue to invest. A park needs to keep building new attractions or something new year after year or people get bored and don't come back.