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  1. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    So adventure World have added a special $5 season pass upgrade to their website. You must buy online for this to work. Seems like a great idea to encourage season pass sales with only a month left.
  2. So at the park today with @ABYSS and noticed a few things: Sprinklers have been added to the Rampage queue which was something they were asked to do last week. Inferno tower is back up and should be opening in the coming days. Goliath merchandise Will be available next season. More crow statues have been added to Goliath area.
  3. So I was looking on Adventure World's Website and they have posted some information regarding their Easter Event that takes place during the day. I think its good to see the park adding all these events to it line up to try and post attendance throughout non peek season.
  4. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    I managed to spin the Barrels a little to much that he said he wanted to do Yarlis Safari to recover. (Coming from a person who can do Rampage 3 times in a row)
  5. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    So went to AW today with @ABYSS and we decided to do an idea i got with a conversation with @iwerks. I have never done everything at the park in one day. But today I decided to see if you can do everything in one day including the pool, all kahnua falls slides and animals. We managed to finish it by 4:15pm. It was fun and it proves how much there is to do at the park. Anyway a few things from today. The park fairly busy for this time of the year. With 33 degree weather and the PMH Big Kids day out event happening in the park today it defiantly had some crowds. Goliath had someone yack on it 2 times within half an hour. Abyss was running 4 trains till about 2pm when they removed one. Was cool to watch and Inferno is back! The park is looking good and was great to see everything open again. The new High Voltage Power Main building. The High Speed internet to the Go Karts. (Nah just more power stuff added last season) * Oh and great customer services today by Jacob in Dragons Kingdom. When some people in line were talking and wondering what Kraken's wait was. He called the Kraken team and asked and got an answer to them. (But kudos to all the team. There all great and happy all the time) However its one thing I think the park could really benefit from is having at least the major rides have digital waiting signs which display the waiting time. Then next to the park map's put a summary of the main ride wait times. This would really avoid having people complain about long queues if they know what there getting into before.
  6. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    While at the park today I noticed just how much space there is next to Kraken. Could we see another Pro-Slide as MI4 or a lazy river? Or who knows? I would love to see a Bowl-wall hybrid. I guess time will tell.
  7. So I found this article that confirms MI4 and the MI attractions continuing every 2 years. Fun Park rides on 40 Million investment: by https://www.businessnews.com.au/article/Fun-park-rides-on-40m-investment?destination=node/384958 Key points: $40 Million spent on the park over the last 7 years. They plan on continuing its major capital spends every two years and is considering a number of options for its next one. They have seen a massive growth in attendance. They plan on keep improving. So what do people think MI4 will be? I still think a lazy river or another Proslide.
  8. Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    Not every ride need to be a thrilling coaster with inversions.
  9. well we might have jumped the gun. Inferno is no longer listed as closed. I am going to AW Nights tonight and we cheek if it has reopened. However Water Mountain is currently listed as closed.
  10. I was only trying to make a joke. But both choppers must have been there because 9 news was too.
  11. Since when was it sitting at the top of the drop? I thought it was just stopping at the breaks before the station?
  12. So I made a list of the MAJOR spending that has happened in the Park since Steve brought it in 2000. However in 2010 there annual attendants was only 250,000 a season, now 7 years later its doubled. Which means they make more revenue and passes cost more now also. 1997: Tunnel Of Terror $1 Million Steve Brought the Park 2001: Rampage $3 million 2002: Power Surge $3 Million 2003: Dragons Kingdom 1: Little Leaper & The Barnacle, Dragon’s Flyer & Dragons Express (Lets say $2 Million for 4 rides) 2005: Super 6 Aqua Racers 1 Million 2007: Shut Gun $500,000- 1million 2009: Freefall (A Lot more than its worth) 2010: Dragons Falls $500,000 2011: Kahuna Falls $3 Million 2012: Dragons Kingdom redevelopment: Yarlis Safari & Yarlis Barrel Spin ($1 Million) 2013: Abyss & new toilet block $12 million 2014: $300,000 retheme of Black Widow and Rampage 2015: Kraken $7 Million and Buccanier Battle 2018: Retheme of Water Moutain, 1.6 million on a new car park 2017: Goliath $7.5 Million & $1.5 million power Line 2018: ????
  13. @grrofunger there annual attendance is just over 500,000 a season. Also investment has been 40 million in 7 years.
  14. But Falcons Furry costed 6million USD total. So for around 8Million AUD they should be able to get some form of Falcons Furry costing them not much more than Goliath. Which Joz is saying is "Is not a bank breaker". Didn't mean Joz was putting it down. More that after being open 2 years Kraken is still a very popular ride.
  15. Not gonna say much on this as I don't want to say anything I shouldn't. However AW is differant as the owners want new rides. The park is owned by a rich mining family who want to invest in the park. They don't take much profit from it. I have heard they frequently visit the park for some rides. They have invested 40 million over the last 7 years and have paid that off. So with all their investments already paid off why wouldn't they keep investing. Also @joz I wouldn't put Kraken down, that ride always seems to be the most popular ride at the park.
  16. So I am surprised nobody has mentioned this yet. But Sea World did a live stream this morning about the polar bear cub and announced a few things. The most exciting will be Castaway Reef which is the new splash pad area which will be a multi million dollar attraction opening in October this year. Along with the Sea Jellies opening next April, the new Sea Lion show and the VR replacement in 2019. So hopefully we see SW transform back into its former glory.
  17. Just gonna post this, these are quotes from Andrew in an article I posted in the MI4 thread. https://www.businessnews.com.au/article/Fun-park-rides-on-40m-investment?destination=node/384958
  18. However there is a lot of major rides the park could still add A log flume, Drop tower, family coaster, another major slide as Kraken is always very popular, a lazy river and so on. I am not gonna say much more as I don't want to post things that were said to me in confidence.
  19. On the note of Inferno, I spoke to guest services while at the park and they said they are waiting for Huss to make a part and send it over. So I personally don't believe it will open until next season going on Huss's previous record.
  20. I thought I would make a thread to talk about the recently announced AW Nights events.
  21. So I was looking through the state records and found these photos on Archives of Adventure World at the State Library of Western Australia and thought I would share them all. It amazing how much the park has changed over the last 35 years. I have found different albums from different years including construction in decent quality pictures, so I thought I would share: (Pictures sourced from http://encore.slwa.wa.gov.au/iii/encore/search/C__SAdventure World__Orightresult__U__X0?lang=eng&suite=def) 30 JUL 1982 (Construction images of the park) 1983: Opening year, not the lack of shade in the opening years. 1984: 1987: This is now the animal section of the park. This is currently were Black Widow currently is. The main castle Before they painted the boat purple. Alpine Mountain, looking way different then it does today. The main Water Mountain slides Currently where Abyss, Rampage and Goliath sit. The main pool with small trees. The old train which now sits as theming in the Gold Rush section. Paddle Boats Along with this video I found show casing some old rides they had including a Cha Cha and a spider.
  22. To me I think it won't be around much longer, but I don't see a replacement for it (As in a new drop tower) happening until 2025 being MI7. I would love to see them get an Intamin version like Falcons Furry.
  23. It's a really great ride WHEN it's operating. It did well last season and the first half of this season. But now it seems like there is a major problem again as the tower went back up and down again. Thats what you get with a 30 year old Huss prototype from Germany. Hopfully they can get it running by AW Nights tommorow.