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  1. Hope they have a few tube conveyor belts otherwise it could be a problem
  2. www worker

    Ride Accidents

    There's a reason for height restrictions
  3. www worker

    Dreamworld Ride Opening Hours

    Feel so stupid now was just talking to my old boss ( same who told me there would me new 2 rides in 2011 including a disko coaster that I had an argument with a certain member) that these early closures are not permanent and just while they do maintenance and tlc to these areas. Also too die for will be nothing like avpx. Expect something Big by world standards ( cough cough record breaker ) in September 2014
  4. www worker

    Dreamworld Ride Opening Hours

    Just as I thought they were starting to do good again if a few quality additions they go and do this stupid shit! Anyone thinking DW is about to go the way of wonderland?
  5. www worker

    Dreamworld 5 year plan - a challenge

    MDMC wont be going anywhere. In regards to Jacob's rumor post it's pretty spot on to what has been said by a higher up in WWW.
  6. www worker

    Captain Sturt Closed at Dreamworld

    Hmm rotting boat? Rotting old set. Hmm some sort of abandoned adventure coming to dreamworld I dont know....
  7. www worker

    Theme Park Review tours

    Just dont disagree with Robb and you should be right
  8. www worker

    Sea World Storm Coaster construction 2013

    Glad they got the footers done so early
  9. www worker

    Atari files for bankruptcy

    Rct3 Xbox 360 " ride the red ring "
  10. www worker

    Unlicensed WoW Park has finally opened

    Anyone else think that panda looks awfully familiar
  11. www worker

    Forgotten Dreamworld

    http://www.coaster101.com/2011/11/15/iaapa-2011-gci-big-fun-concept/ This is what I am talking about. By the way was that some kind of joke?
  12. www worker

    Forgotten Dreamworld

    Could a gci big fun fit in the area?
  13. www worker

    Dreamworld's Festival of Happiness

    Obviously dreamworld has there facts wrong
  14. www worker

    Flume Ride @ Aussie World

    Anyone heard ir seen anything to suggest a new attraction?