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  1. It's a similar layout to Jersey Devil (Six Flags Great Adventure), modified so that the park can reuse the Green Lantern coaster station.
  2. If you're going for a Dive Coaster of sorts, I'd much rather see something like the Mack BigDipper coaster model (Example: Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland - YouTube) A thrilling compact coaster would work well forming part of a new precinct - chuck a few decent flat rides in and maximise your land usage to finalise the loop Movie World has been lacking. (with a link from Superman through to West) Even linking it into the Doomsday area could make that spot more than just a dead-end. Alternatively, do a larger family thrill coaster like DrageKongen at Djurs Sommerland would be equally as good for Movie World's lineup (DrageKongen - YouTube) --- Well, that's hoping that the plan is to continue with the precinct expansion model of adding a flagship attraction and a couple fillers. (3x rides for Sea World, 3x slide type tower+splashpad for Wet n Wild... plenty of opportunities to spend money at Movie World though - the planned but not executed PASS+HSD "fusion" show, and then stuff we'd like to see happen - Kids WB refresh, Arkham replacement precinct, etc. etc.)
  3. Operating Hours at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Monday - Wednesday the park will be closed. Thursday operating as it has normally during off-peak (10-3) Friday-Sunday normal operating hours. I will be surprised if they keep Wet n Wild open through Winter this year. It struggles through winter on a normal year, and during those years there's always plenty of debate on why it's open, I'm sure there's plenty more support for that debate this year. All I'll say on that debate is that you're extremely lucky if you get close to 1000 people (a day) through the gates, there are many days where 10% of that is hard to reach. Good weather days during the holidays are exceptions to the 1000 people rule, but they don't justify months of operation. --- Opening Hours - Plan your day at Sea World Gold Coast Warner Bros. Movie World Gold Coast operating hours I'm expecting that both Sea World and Movie World will reduce weekday operating hours through winter as well. Especially noting the conservative date ranges currently shown. (and once this happens, Dreamworld will obviously follow suit; if they don't announce it first) --- Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if COVID sees our parks completely adapt their operating schedules. Weekend operation of our main parks, Seasonal operation of the water parks. There are plenty of logistical issues with that, especially with contracted and salaried workforces. So it's not super likely to happen, but I can't say I don't see them moving closer to it. I know most of you are going to jump to "That doesn't make any sense, plenty of people still go to the parks during this time." As enthusiasts we have to understand that what we THINK makes sense, and what actually makes sense, are in many cases very different. Reducing hours means that you're increasing density of guests on the hours/days you're actually open, which means you're far better justifying the minimum number of staff you're required to have there anyway. Doesn't mean it'll feel any busier, especially without international tourists being here, and it goes without saying that a large majority of locals spend far less than interstate and international tourists, which is the part everyone seems to forget when talking about operating hours. this is all talking about off-peak, I'm not suggesting they'll change anything during the peak September-January season.
  4. Does anyone else think that it's clearly not a finished product? or am I too optimistic?
  5. We're definitely still a few years out on any replacement for Arkham. There were a lot of internal talks (it reached pretty much every department's management levels so I'm going to hazard a guess they were pretty solid or final) of Arkhams replacement early-mid last year, so 2022 or beyond sounds reasonable. During the announcement of Rivals, management made clear to staff that they had the mindset of moving the next few major additions away from DC branding, so hopefully that desire has remained. Sea World expansion will be completed first, alongside a new slide for Wet 'n' Wild (assuming that's still going ahead) before anything substantial happens at Movie World again though. I seriously hope they agree with Gazza and there's plans to move the Batman statue to Batwing. Have it positioned on top of the JL show stage overlooking Batwing or something. Add this to the dream category though; what about a Wooden or Hybrid coaster that acts as a barrier between MW and the Studios. Would then also act as a border for that non-DC themed area that bridges the gaps between West, Scooby and Superman.
  6. If you've got a switch send me your friend code 😉 and on second thought, I'd be down for a Parkz MarioKart Tournament...
  7. Golden Hollows A mysterious old-world relic, the Golden Hollows hold the secrets of Mayan civilization; and the evil organisation that wants to strip this land of its resources. BuzzSaw The BuzzSaw name and theme wouldn't need to be altered all that much. This ride becomes base camp #1 of the company's illegal logging campaign. I think minimal physical theming in the way of tents/marquees, log bundles and logging equipment/machinery can be added to the entry pathway to the ride. The sign can also be changed to reflect the unwelcoming nature of a logging camp. Stylised "Keep Out" signs, etc. Deity's Revenge The Mayan God of Flora wants revenge for the attempted destruction of its once-prosperous lands. Its statue can be seen standing over you as you enter the queue line. The ride area closest to BuzzSaw features an active logging site. Smoke rising from hot spots, sparks flying from chainsaws. An exaggerated site. Trees "falling" and a lot of audio cues around the launch track. While the other half of the ride where the reservoir used to be will have plenty of greenery, a few Mayan-style archways, totems and ruins. Totem Unicoaster Flat Ride The centrepiece of the ride themed is a totem tower. Ride chosen because it follows Dreamworld's latest trend of User-choice ride experience. If you want to roll, you can roll, if you don't want to, you can remain static. The ride would be shaded by a selection of triangular leaf-coloured shade sails. This ride placement is shown in Dark Green on the map and would sit on part of the RHLR course. The Temple Chute the Chutes (Log Ride) What would arguably be Dreamworld largest single capex spend - this immersive chute the chutes ride would have the longest ride time in the park; also boasting the highest capacity. (Although, it's not like it has any competition at this point, right) Majority of this ride will be indoors, to allow for show scenes focused on simple light and audio effects. (Nothing over-the-top, the concept has to be slightly reasonable right?) The entry plaza would be lined on both sides with taller trees, creating an enclosed walkway - forefronted by a Mayan style arch with the ride logo. The end of this walkway (which includes a new wider bridge over the railway tracks) is a foreboding forced perspective Mayan temple - the queue house. Left side for queue entrance, Right side for viewing bay/exit. Left side of this area, towards the car park/old BB amphitheatre would be indoors, this acts as a noise barrier to the car park and M1, while the other half of the ride would be meandering through dense jungle. The main drop on the ride would be of similar height to RHLR, and would be present on a faux volcano. The final homage to the areas that preceded it. Giant Drop and Surrounds Demolition of the entire raised walkway section, including existing ride queue. Signalised train crossings on both sides of new pathway. Ramped queue line entry/exit path wraps around front of GD building and utilises front of GD for overflow queue/main entry. Area where raised pathway used to sit will be a campsite with a small retail offering. Much like what the Log Ride store was. Drink + Ice Cream Fridge and a few small souvenir items. Offers ride photos for surrounding rides. BuzzSaw, Deitys Revenge and The Temple. The Red Circle is of course a large, reasonably tall directional sign. The Log Ride area I haven't gone into because with the restrictions you've laid out, I don't think there's reasonable demand for more F&B or Retail without further area development. A good-size family rollercoaster would definitely be perfect for that area though. Train station can remain where it is, log ride queue can be transformed into a static seating area. Pathways don't really need reconfiguration. (Thanks for giving me something to do this morning )
  8. The opaque/transparent conversion is for the first segment once you've entered the ship. Can see outside (the back of the ship) and then once the ship takes off there are projections on those windows.
  9. There are way too many things that require change at this point that it's far more viable to just build a housing estate on the property. But since we're all contributing, I figured I'd join in with this massive piece you see before you. If you're up to it, take a journey of Pure Imagination, otherwise, just scroll past, you're not really missing out on anything. In terms of park layout - the former gold rush country has left a gap in the loop which needs to be reconnected. Connecting pathway between DW and WWW needs to be optimised to encourage traffic flow and a lot of the shortcut pathways need to be removed or 'hidden' in order to drive people past F&B and Retail outlets. Now onto attractions.... Rocky Hollow/Gold Rush Rocky Hollow Log Ride basically needs to be removed; there's no saying if/how much those DIY alterations have effected the boats. Movie World hasn't altered theirs and the fleet on Wild West Falls is suffering from age related issues, so I can't imagine the Log Ride fleet are holding up all that well. Would free up heaps of space, allowing the entire Rocky Hollow/Gold Rush area to be redeveloped. I'd choose some kind of forest based theme, you could even have some fictional tribal inhabitants of which you'd base any architecture around. Would be a very greenery focused area with a modern log flume, medium scale family coaster and even relocate the carousel to this area, have it next to a retail store that sells a few small snack items/drinks. This would also provide access to the parks Rivals competitor, a large inverted coaster that travels partly along the main access road to the parks. (Could be named after a mythical bird) Amphitheatre would survive underneath the coaster and can still be utilised for night-time events. Positives: Removal of old 'unsafe' water attraction (as mentioned before as an in house ride it'd likely be much more expensive to insure) and replaced with modern standard, and more immersive flume ride. New family coaster New thrill coaster Updated classic Effective revenue opportunity with minimal labour requirement Negatives: Replacing one ride for another of the same type Money. Corroboree I don't see Vintage Cars lasting much longer, it's far too out of the way. To make anything viable on that side of the river they'd need to redesign any access point to it, in order to make it more inviting and visible to even the laziest of guests. Only way to do that sort of thing would be to remove the old Skylink station, relocate the Bilbies (expanded edutainment display would fit on the Vintage Cars site) alongside a new Crocodile show enclosure and new exhibit for Goldie. Which would greatly open up the pathway between the existing Red Kangaroo/Emu and Crocodile enclosures. Toilets can easily be relocated (well, ignoring the need for new plumbing fixtures) behind the existing Croc enclosure. Positives: Further increases links between Dreamworld and animal conservation Increased capacity for display and rehabilitation of Crocodiles and new show venue Increased opportunity to spread plight of Bilbies Goldie gets a new home Negatives: Removal of a classic Dreamworld attraction Money. ABC Kids World I feel like this area is pretty well contained and well rounded. Ultimately, it'd be great to expand the area into the existing footprint of MDMC, but realistically this ride still has quite a while ahead of it. Refurbishment of Big Red Car to bring it up to today's technological standards and a small indoor childrens ride inside the old F&B outlet. Positives: Updated attraction New attraction Negatives: MDMC survives Money. DreamWorks Experience New indoor shooting dark ride that takes over the Kevil Hill footprint, as well as some BOH space themed to Kung Fu Panda (accessible through the existing Pass Centre) Remove Dronkeys Flyers and use the space from the relocated Carousel and Dronkeys Flyers for a mini coaster (almost identical to Spongebobs Boating School Blast at SW) Positives: Solidifies focus on the family market with two rides that reach all ages Negatives: Relocation of existing, themed attraction Money. Ocean Parade Now this is probably the most interesting of all, well apart from the Tower of Terror section below... Wipeout replacement... I'd actually put a Volare style ride here. Tourbillon sounds great and all, but to round out the parks offerings, another family ride would work well in this area. Destroy Trolls and put in an RMC Raptor... Custom layout, utilising the Thunderbolt Station and weaving in, around, and over this area. Trolls would feature majority of the queue and ride area. Small pre-lift indoor section in laser-tag briefing room areas. Remove Hot Wheels and demolish all queue and station structure. Create a tree-lined walkway between the Thunderbolt and Old HWSW Queue tower. Place an Enterprise style ride partly where the V8 Simulators currently reside, alternatively building could be utilised as queue for the ride. Dreamworld Exhibition Centre could fit an extremely small interactive dark ride, or house a dark ride section of a rollercoaster, but I don't know what would be the best use of that space. Positives: Moving away from temporary attractions Proper utilisation of that corner of Ocean Parade New family-thrill coaster New family (and thrill) attraction that's not shaded seating Negatives: Removal of rough Dreamworld classic No defined use of Exhibition Centre building. Lots of money. Tower of Terror The unique footprint of this ride makes replacements hard to work out, especially if you factor in the noise you'd need to avoid around the Tiger Island area. You could use the length of the tunnel for a launch track and top hat or inverted element; or for a lift hill and then feed the track over or around MDMC and onto the Murrissippi Island area. (You'd have to factor in the need for a turnaround at the end of the ride, which would push the station closer to MDMC and reduce usable land in the little pocket between ABC, Dreamworks and Tiger Island) Alternatively, you could refurbish the ride and have both forward and backward facing seats. (Like Turbo Track at Ferrari World Dubai) Theme the ride to space travel and have the small pocket of land themed as a quarantine zone. (citing bacteria and not wanting to take anything dangerous to space) Positives: A ride that actually works Negatives: Uhh, yeah, you guessed it, Money. WhiteWater World Go ahead with existing expansion plans and add a tower (HWSW Station) feeding slide(s) towards that expansion space. Remove Wedgie and add a TornadoWAVE slide that utilises some of the space on that side of the wave pool. New, more comfortable version of Wedgie or similar slide can be worked into expansion plans if guest demand saw it as a viable opportunity. Positives: Something new for WWW for once. (Expanded attraction line-up) Utilisation of empty space. Negatives: It's just sad at this point. Money... ... Well, that was fun.
  10. This is incorrect. Sweet Treats and Gotham have Post-mix guns. All outlets are capable of doing refills of post-mix excluding Village Bean and the Frozen Coke stand. (News Stand can do refills when the refill station isn't open too)
  11. 1. General Public - no benefits/early access for passholders (as of right now) 2. You enter the queue to the left of the large rival fight scene, go around to the right and you reach the queue split (there is a test seat here) - General Admission goes off to the left through all of the scenes while Fast Track, Reverse Seating and Single Riders go off to the right. 3. Yes, all but one of the comic book scenes are visible from the Fast Track/Single/Backwards queue area. 4. There is some very 'typical' fight-style music playing in the queue and station. (I don't know how else to explain it) 5. Hope not 6. Dispatches are somewhat typical for our parks. Not the fastest but they're certainly not slow either. (Staff on today were amazing-interacting with guests, just generally excited) 7. Can't answer this for sure but I am sure Mack officials will be on standby for the next few weeks until the ride is fully worn in. 8. Just at the queue entrance. Can't miss it -they've got a bright fuschia sign for it and a few staff there. (however I'm sure this will be moved to the Photo/Video/Fast Track booth at the front during offpeak) 9. I'm sure they could've designed some large 360 degree interactive for the queue, however, with the current scenes there's no way they could comfortably fit something in without it looking out of place or like an afterthought. 10. Not me, already ridden it 6 times --- Row 10, Left seat (direction of travel) is easily the best seat on the ride; and Rivals beats out Twisted Colossus taking top spot as my favourite coaster. -- To answer some other questions: Currently only running one train. Backwards seating is $10 and operates on a return-time system. Loose item storage is available at the load platform [Enough space for small items like coins up to a fairly large backpack]
  12. DC Rivals Hypercoaster update photo dump for the 5th of August Comparison Shot 1 and 3 quarters Lift Hill and First Drop Am I falling or is the coaster? Either way, it'll be nice to compare what it looks like once the Joker face is done. Random Progression Shots Fence toppers Rakes This is where the toppers stop. In front of the gardens which are in front of the entry arch... the one below. That's where support concreting has finished. This is before the loop and includes the loop lead in and the re-turn before the bunny hills. Underneath the Inclined Dive Loop - landscaping, as expected, is going to be extensive. Random Nice-looking Shots The storage lot won't be of much use anymore Wider shot of the station area theming Operator control booth is progressing rapidly Panorama(s) Morning Afternoon Green Lantern Comparison
  13. Yes... landscaping. Will definitely do another shot when that happens, I just won't do it weekly unless there are noticeable changes. Which is why I included it this week - first hill visible and the supports are now fully and finally in place; having been concreted/grouted in place.
  14. what was I thinking... I meant cars. Anyway. It's that time of the week. Rivals Update for the week ending 29th/30th July 2017. Comparison Shot 1 I'm still hoping there'll be some visible difference when the first drop is complete... or when the Joker LED head is lit up... (Although, I may have to alter the angle for it to even be visible) Comparison Shot 2 No need for this one anymore. Lift Hill This was the last piece placed for the day. That second lift hill support perfectly frames the Superman top hat Random Panorama Sorry that it's not the best quality, but I've had to crop it to cut out a grey area.
  15. Red thing looks to be for transporting of the train segments to and from the shipping containers -> maintenance bay. Or as a demonstration stand for whatever the 'public train assembly' entails. Not a missing support. It's designed like that. If pieces were to be connected to that one there would be a place for bolts, instead, it's just flat - much like the ends of the Non-Inverted Loop supports. (those at the top) Thanks for the updates!
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