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  1. Well the ranger has had a good run from world expo 88 to travelling the show circuit in the early 90s now retiring after decades of service at Luna park a shame it’s being used for spare parts as it’s the only Huss ranger in Aus but at least it will keep the rainbow operating assuming this is where it being sent
  2. I don’t care that it was a rattley old rust bucket by the end of its service life but I do miss the thunderbolt, avalanche and the eureka runaway mine train at Dreamworld and of course in the other parks Bermuda, corkscrew Vikings, gremlins and the loony toons river ride
  3. The creature cruise used the station area and part of the track footprint of the lil puff circus train that used to be there back when the area was village green Tower of terror and part of tiger island took up the rest of the old lil puff track circuit
  4. R.I.P John longhurst’s Dreamworld. I think the only thing left in the park that has any connection to classic Dreamworld now is the model t fords and no doubt they will soon join. The log ride on the chopping block and even that got shifted for the shitty motocoaster well they suceeded on destroying an once amazing immersive themed Disney inspired theme park into a trashy amusement park good on you ardent! You get a gold star
  5. JThat’s so painful to see goodbye wipeout goodbye childhood .... Dreamworld is almost unrecognisable fuck ardent! Just sell to park to people who care about running it you just used it as a cash cow until you neglected it so much the money all dried up so sad I might go for on last visit before they tear down the rest of the original parts of the park
  6. Say ardent decided to sell Dreamworld and you had the money to buy it how would you go about fixing it? Me personally id first to a safety audit of all the rides I’d heavily market the nostalgia of Dreamworld bring back an updated one day holiday jingle repair the steam train and get another on loan from a steam museum chuck out the tractor on wheels invest in a well themed moderate family thrill coaster possibly a wooden or rmc in the old gold rush area bring back the paddle steamer and stunt show bring roaming themed entertainment to the park like they used to, invest in a Kenny koala /Belinda brown /cooee the gumnut fairy cartoon short for television remove and replace poorly themed attractions that are close to the end or their shelf life replace the log ride with a new log flume system from Mack or intamin with all the mordern safety features focus on quality theming throughout the park once you are in profit again reinvest those profits back into the park instead of using it to fund other ventures overseas and the start complaining why their share price is dropping and cutting dreamworlds future investments like ardent has
  7. As far as I can recall the turn table moved rafts continuously during load /unload but if they had to stop a raft I think they had to stop the turn table? I think?
  8. When it first opened with the rest of gold rush country it was a very popular ride in fact one of the most popular rides in the park apart from the thunderbolt and the eureka mine ride, I recall over an hour wait time in the queue some days the turn table was needed at that time to load/unload guests as fast a possible
  9. Yep ardent should just sell the park now I can see this getting very ugly for them it was common knowledge they had cut back on other areas of the park (eg theming and general building upkeep) in the last 5 to 10 years I had no idea they would also compromise on guest safety so sad
  10. So sad to see the mountain like this goodbye childhood memories! Gold rush country was amazing when it first opened it was so immersive you actually felt like you were in a mining town the staff wore themed uniforms the ambient music when you went on Eureka you felt like you were in an abandoned gold mine when you went on the rapids you felt like you were going on a raft expedition on a raft made out of old wooden barrels good times! at least they are keeping the ride itself maybe they will put a new mountain up in a different theme?
  11. Could it be merlin? With their recent expansion and investment into Australia in the last 10 years could we see a Legoland park?
  12. If it continues to be successful as well as the Dreamworld store it could potentially make merlin consider opening a legoland theme park
  13. If it does come back I have no doubt they will replace the seat belts with lap bars or they will just retrack the entire ride with a new ride system which would be complicated but not impossible
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