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  1. So sad to see the mountain like this goodbye childhood memories! Gold rush country was amazing when it first opened it was so immersive you actually felt like you were in a mining town the staff wore themed uniforms the ambient music when you went on Eureka you felt like you were in an abandoned gold mine when you went on the rapids you felt like you were going on a raft expedition on a raft made out of old wooden barrels good times! at least they are keeping the ride itself maybe they will put a new mountain up in a different theme?
  2. Themeparkfan

    Government meeting with theme park company

    Could it be merlin? With their recent expansion and investment into Australia in the last 10 years could we see a Legoland park?
  3. If it continues to be successful as well as the Dreamworld store it could potentially make merlin consider opening a legoland theme park
  4. If it does come back I have no doubt they will replace the seat belts with lap bars or they will just retrack the entire ride with a new ride system which would be complicated but not impossible
  5. Themeparkfan

    Movie World development front of main street

    I personally think having benches in the middle of the Main Street square looks cheap and tacky they should have put garden fences up on the planters like Disney does to keep people from standing on them and put benches around it that would of fixed the problem in my opinion
  6. Honestly I think Dreamworld can no longer try to complete with movieworld in the thrills market especially after DC rivals has been announced. if they truely are to be competitive with the village parks and to bring people back they now need to go in a difrent direction focus on the family market and go back to their Disney inspired roots that the park was founded upon so many people comment on how good the park was back in the day on social media and they need to listen to this feedback Dreamworld was once a unique immersive experience as no other park had that disney like feel ,immersive theming and entertainment they had the media used to call it "Australias answer to Disneyland"
  7. I think a big part of dreamworlds attendance issue is the fact it's still fresh on people's minds and that they havent removed thunder river yet they need to remove this ASAP to really wipe it from existence and construct something new and exciting somthing that really has wow factor that will draw people back
  8. Themeparkfan

    Dreamworld: What If?

    I feel eureka will probably be a complete rebuild. Possibly using a MACK wild mouse? good to hear if eureka will reopen sounds like they won't completely remove town of goldrush this is all great news I love the direction they are heading with this maybe this is just the first step to eventually seeing a new larger attraction later on after putting these new theme enhancements and new experiences in place exciting times!!
  9. Themeparkfan

    Disneyland Australia; will it EVER happen?

    Hopefully in our lifetime
  10. It was the attention to detail the manicured gardens the amazing ride and park theming when you walked through the town hall entrance into mainstreet square you were transported into another world another time when went into village green it felt like you walked into a real Bavarian village with a snow capped mountain with a waterfall down the side (avalanche ) you would walk down to river town see the vintage cars and the captain Sturt paddle wheeler and you felt like you were in an old river town of the early 1900's ect the theming just flowed Dreamworld staff had costumes that fit the different themed lands they were in the entertainers and live music where ever you went in the park the fun of the fair atmosphere it was all done just right and I gues after John longhust sold it they attempted to turn it from its Disney-like origins to more of a six flags park which in my opinion was a big mistake with mismatched theming ect
  11. People are going to disagree with me here but I think Dreamworld needs to demolish or refurb goldrush asap install a few good high capacity family rides like a new paddle wheeler or do some kind of new attraction on the murrisippi river (jungle cruise style?) and a classic Wooden coaster maybe? And a good focus on the detailed theming like they have been doing with the tiger island refurb Dreamworld had a magical atmosphere back in the day and I think bringing some of the old Dreamworld magic back with some familiar but also new family attractions will attract more people back to the park
  12. Themeparkfan

    Dreamworld Log Ride reopening 2017

    They are probably switching the pumps on and off ever so often to keep it from falling into direpair just as an option until they can make a decision on the ride
  13. Dreamworld will no doubt respond to this with their next attraction I feel the park has a lot to prove and will respond to competition I predict they will either invest in a big coaster/thrill ride to compete or focus on the family market and open several different attractions perhaps in the gold rush / blue lagoon redevelopment ?
  14. Themeparkfan

    Old video footage of our Aussie theme parks in 80's/90's

    Yeah gen 1 Enterprise had a full compliment of cars attached. The only time they would be removed is for maintenance purposes
  15. Themeparkfan

    Coaster Track At MovieWorld (HOAX)

    This is too funny how ironic lol maybe village saw the pic on here and called Mack for a repaint lol ultra troll level for movie world ! Barbie THE RIDE confirmed!