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  1. If you're going for a Dive Coaster of sorts, I'd much rather see something like the Mack BigDipper coaster model (Example: Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland - YouTube) A thrilling compact coaster would work well forming part of a new precinct - chuck a few decent flat rides in and maximise your land usage to finalise the loop Movie World has been lacking. (with a link from Superman through to West) Even linking it into the Doomsday area could make that spot more than just a dead-end. Alternatively, do a larger family thrill coaster like DrageKongen at Djurs Sommerland would be equally
  2. Operating Hours at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Monday - Wednesday the park will be closed. Thursday operating as it has normally during off-peak (10-3) Friday-Sunday normal operating hours. I will be surprised if they keep Wet n Wild open through Winter this year. It struggles through winter on a normal year, and during those years there's always plenty of debate on why it's open, I'm sure there's plenty more support for that debate this year. All I'll say on that debate is that you're extremely lucky if you get close to 1000 people (a day) through the gates, there are many
  3. Does anyone else think that it's clearly not a finished product? or am I too optimistic?
  4. We're definitely still a few years out on any replacement for Arkham. There were a lot of internal talks (it reached pretty much every department's management levels so I'm going to hazard a guess they were pretty solid or final) of Arkhams replacement early-mid last year, so 2022 or beyond sounds reasonable. During the announcement of Rivals, management made clear to staff that they had the mindset of moving the next few major additions away from DC branding, so hopefully that desire has remained. Sea World expansion will be completed first, alongside a new slide for Wet 'n' Wild (assu
  5. If you've got a switch send me your friend code 😉 and on second thought, I'd be down for a Parkz MarioKart Tournament...
  6. Golden Hollows A mysterious old-world relic, the Golden Hollows hold the secrets of Mayan civilization; and the evil organisation that wants to strip this land of its resources. BuzzSaw The BuzzSaw name and theme wouldn't need to be altered all that much. This ride becomes base camp #1 of the company's illegal logging campaign. I think minimal physical theming in the way of tents/marquees, log bundles and logging equipment/machinery can be added to the entry pathway to the ride. The sign can also be changed to reflect the unwelcoming nature of a logging camp. Stylised "Kee
  7. The opaque/transparent conversion is for the first segment once you've entered the ship. Can see outside (the back of the ship) and then once the ship takes off there are projections on those windows.
  8. There are way too many things that require change at this point that it's far more viable to just build a housing estate on the property. But since we're all contributing, I figured I'd join in with this massive piece you see before you. If you're up to it, take a journey of Pure Imagination, otherwise, just scroll past, you're not really missing out on anything. In terms of park layout - the former gold rush country has left a gap in the loop which needs to be reconnected. Connecting pathway between DW and WWW needs to be optimised to encourage traffic flow and a lot of the shortcut path
  9. This is incorrect. Sweet Treats and Gotham have Post-mix guns. All outlets are capable of doing refills of post-mix excluding Village Bean and the Frozen Coke stand. (News Stand can do refills when the refill station isn't open too)
  10. 1. General Public - no benefits/early access for passholders (as of right now) 2. You enter the queue to the left of the large rival fight scene, go around to the right and you reach the queue split (there is a test seat here) - General Admission goes off to the left through all of the scenes while Fast Track, Reverse Seating and Single Riders go off to the right. 3. Yes, all but one of the comic book scenes are visible from the Fast Track/Single/Backwards queue area. 4. There is some very 'typical' fight-style music playing in the queue and station. (I don't know how else to ex
  11. DC Rivals Hypercoaster update photo dump for the 5th of August Comparison Shot 1 and 3 quarters Lift Hill and First Drop Am I falling or is the coaster? Either way, it'll be nice to compare what it looks like once the Joker face is done. Random Progression Shots Fence toppers Rakes This is where the toppers stop. In front of the gardens which are in front of the entry arch... the one below. That's where support concreting has finished. This is before the loop and includes the loop lead in and the re-turn before the bunny hills. Un
  12. Yes... landscaping. Will definitely do another shot when that happens, I just won't do it weekly unless there are noticeable changes. Which is why I included it this week - first hill visible and the supports are now fully and finally in place; having been concreted/grouted in place.
  13. what was I thinking... I meant cars. Anyway. It's that time of the week. Rivals Update for the week ending 29th/30th July 2017. Comparison Shot 1 I'm still hoping there'll be some visible difference when the first drop is complete... or when the Joker LED head is lit up... (Although, I may have to alter the angle for it to even be visible) Comparison Shot 2 No need for this one anymore. Lift Hill This was the last piece placed for the day. That second lift hill support perfectly frames the Superman top hat Random
  14. Red thing looks to be for transporting of the train segments to and from the shipping containers -> maintenance bay. Or as a demonstration stand for whatever the 'public train assembly' entails. Not a missing support. It's designed like that. If pieces were to be connected to that one there would be a place for bolts, instead, it's just flat - much like the ends of the Non-Inverted Loop supports. (those at the top) Thanks for the updates!
  15. Here's my pointless update for this weekend. (Honestly though, the coverage this week has been amazing and extensive!) However, not everything has been covered! Which means there is actually something to mention Grouting of the supports has started around the Incline Dive Loop and the work on the Non-Inverted Loop seems to be torquing - definitely sounds like it. As I was in somewhat of a rush, here are my moving-car shots for the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July. Comparison Shot 1 Okay so I lied, the car was stationary for the taking of this picture. No
  16. Do not fear! Your update is here. July 16th DC Rivals Hypercoaster Update. If I could've uploaded it earlier I would've. Comparison Shot 1 I told you the first hill would be visible through the loop! Comparison Shot 2 First Hill Hey look, the first drop is there too! Brake Run/Station Area Air Gates?
  17. Ahh okay, thanks. Have to admit I don't usually pay attention to them but did notice that they're more organised/visible since the last time I did. Didn't even consider that. Thanks for the correction.
  18. Updates for Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th - the end of QLD School Holidays. Note: next weeks update will be on Sunday as well. Comparison Shot 1 8th July - Roadside Shot 9th July - Not quite Roadside Shot Comparison Shot 2 First Hill/Bunny Hills Station Area Station Platform and the roof are being constructed. Roof is the steel framing visible in the left of the photo. Track and Storage Lot Three track pieces on the road next to the first drop I'm guessing the pieces above are either fo
  19. That's not the entirety of Stage 2, it's the 'key feature'. (or that's what I'm calling it) Just like the humpy/Corroboree Theatre was the key feature of Stage 1. I'm hoping this "Future Lab" takes up the old Skylink station area. (oh and has a better name than Future Lab when it opens) Dreamworld works with the local and federal Government as well as Indigenous groups to design and develop everything within Corroboree.
  20. New Month, New Update. 1st of July 2017. Thanks for all the compliments on last week's update! Comparison Shot 1 Should be able to see the first drop and hill through the NIL over the next two months (Not the best photo this week - but for consistency I've posted it anyway) Comparison Shot 2 Station/Brake Run @AlexB Turns out they're using the scaffolding for the Maintenance Building. - but that's basically the same as the station, so we'll just say you were correct Friction Wheels have been installed in the Track Switch/Station area. (As s
  21. That support was initially connected (as one of the first parts of the ride to go vertical) but was, however, removed after the installation of the (?)Camelback hill(?) underneath. Image taken: 29th April So it definitely lines up with the ground support, and it wasn't in the way of the track below, but still must've been just too close. (or was damaged during track install?) Image Taken: 12th May Image Taken: 21st May
  22. Mid-week Update courtesy of an unplanned visit. [28-06-17] Storage Lot The smallest support in the lift hill area. (Literally the only reason I've included this photo - it's a cute little thing compared to the behemoth its underneath) Whatever these things are. (Yeah yeah.. I recognise that it's scaffolding.) Brake run catwalks. There are three new pieces in the lot (since my previous update) - however, due to the position of the sun I have no good photos of them. Station/Brake Run/Lift Hill Catwalk installation preparation Non-In
  23. Your very own DC Rivals update for the 24th of June 2017. (Photos taken between 5:00 - 5:15pm) Comparison Shot 1 Comparison Shot 2 Non-Inverted Loop Lift Hill Storage Lot Lots more supports have appeared over the past week - and only two track pieces currently reside within the storage lot; however there are four shipping containers in the area.
  24. "For safety reasons, only blindfolds purchased from Dreamworld may be used on the night and cannot be used on Giant Drop, Buzzsaw and Hot Wheels SideWinder. Blindfolds will be available for $4 from various outlets upon arrival at Dreamworld on the night. Safety regulations apply." Get your very own $4 blindfold - it has the Dreamworld Safe! tick of approval and we won't allow it on these three (major) rides. (but Tower of Terror is completely fine!) However, if you want a similar "Dreamworld Blindfold" experience on the three unavailable rides, feel free to close your eyes. Really Dr
  25. @Slick was right... the coaster is the same height as Green Lantern! I really wish I thought of that when I was doing the actual post.
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