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  1. Hope they have a few tube conveyor belts otherwise it could be a problem
  2. There's a reason for height restrictions
  3. Feel so stupid now was just talking to my old boss ( same who told me there would me new 2 rides in 2011 including a disko coaster that I had an argument with a certain member) that these early closures are not permanent and just while they do maintenance and tlc to these areas. Also too die for will be nothing like avpx. Expect something Big by world standards ( cough cough record breaker ) in September 2014
  4. Just as I thought they were starting to do good again if a few quality additions they go and do this stupid shit! Anyone thinking DW is about to go the way of wonderland?
  5. MDMC wont be going anywhere. In regards to Jacob's rumor post it's pretty spot on to what has been said by a higher up in WWW.
  6. Hmm rotting boat? Rotting old set. Hmm some sort of abandoned adventure coming to dreamworld I dont know....
  7. Just dont disagree with Robb and you should be right
  8. Rct3 Xbox 360 " ride the red ring "
  9. Anyone else think that panda looks awfully familiar
  10. http://www.coaster101.com/2011/11/15/iaapa-2011-gci-big-fun-concept/ This is what I am talking about. By the way was that some kind of joke?
  11. Could a gci big fun fit in the area?
  12. Anyone heard ir seen anything to suggest a new attraction?
  13. Could also fit a windseeker style ride in the area
  14. Wow first ever top hat I'm sure SE would have something to say about that.
  15. so it's going to be like AVPX except the riders sit down instead? the laziness in me like this idea
  16. could we possibly a jungle cruise type ride replace captian sturt in 2013 but with more australiana animals and themeing?
  17. Really? The degree of difficulty between demolishing the two attractions is completly different.
  18. Two Asians at superman escape front of the que with cameras in there hand ride op wad explaining for about five minutes they werent allowed on
  19. Oh no I hope there not rushing the whole project to compete with MW
  20. I have to agree its getting old now just need a change from the whole dc theme sure it makes them lots of money with kids bugging there parents to take them to ride the new batman or green lantern ride but I believe there overusing the theme.
  21. Could be giving in an Asian theme and adding a few pandas
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