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  1. Here's a pretty good write up of the Marvel contract: http://orlandounited.com/2016/05/darn-marvel-contract/
  2. With the original rumour coming from a guy in England, I have to wonder whether he got his wires crossed with Movie Park Germany's 2017 Mack coaster: http://rcdb.com/13796.htm
  3. Sorry, take 2: http://rcdb.com/6453.htm
  4. I think we could be looking at something like this ProSlide hybrid that went into Siam Park Spain a few years back:
  5. The footprint is 36ft x 280ft = 11m x 55m. I've only been to LPS a couple of times, but I'm thinking you are referring to Coney Island and not the Big Top? If so, I'd say it is a bit too small if the ride needs the full rectangular footprint as I think the gap is around the 9m mark.
  6. Despite the suggestion by Screamscape to the contrary, Marvel is staying. Discussions between Disney and Universal are about the renovation of the area to bring it into line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not scrap to Marvel entirely. I'd be thinking Universal Studios Florida's KidZone would be a more likely location.
  7. Funfields has nabbed a couple of second-hand Gold Coast rides in the past... is the Reef Diver still for sale?
  8. Here are a couple of ideas I have had for Sea World for a family area and a kids area. I thought of both before we knew that the kids area was being redeveloped and before we knew where Creatures of the Deep was going to be located. This is all blue sky stuff that I really don't think will happen, but I thought I would share none the less. Someone earlier in the thread suggested a Paradise Pier-esque area. I've thought a general seaside boardwalk section would work well for a while now. It would fit on the reclaimed land that Creatures of the Deep is going to utilise and have a few family rides on the water's edge that you could see across the lake when you enter the park. I was initially thinking a relocated Carousel, plus a set of Flying Scooters and a Wave Swinger would be good choices. When cycling, the latter two rides would splay out over the edge of the boardwalk. The rest of the waterfront side of the boardwalk would have some seated areas. On the other side of the boardwalk along the park's boundary you would have a line of buildings, namely a fish and chips shop, a merchandise shop, and a couple of relocated carnival games (obviously have a bit more effort put into them than the current set of games). The second area that I was thinking of was a SpongeBob-themed Bikini Bottom area. This is an idea I had when Sea World first acquired the Nick licenses so I thought it would be a good re-theme of the kids area. Some of the existing rides would remain and be rethemed to things like the boating school (convoy, with new "boat" vehicles) and jellyfishing (aero top jet, with new jellyfish vehicles). Not sure what would be the best thing to do with the frog hopper or Heege tower but I'm sure you could find something to theme them to with the help of Google. A Davy Jones' themed Zamperla Rockin' Tug installation wouldn't go astray either. To wrap up the area I'd say a Krusty Krab restaurant and a replica of Spongebob's pineapple house would be musts. Anyway, bringing this back on topic a bit, the only thing I think that has a slim chance of coming true from that described above is that one of the new kids rides is a Rockin' Tug. I also think the suggestions that the new coaster would be a 80STD by Zamperla are on track too. Regardless, it's good to see Sea World putting in a bit of money to renovate this area which has really only had minimal changes since opening in 1999.
  9. Just had a quick check for any GCCC permits and found nothing relating directly to any works involving Eureka. I did however find that Dreamworld are expanding their maintenance warehouse, with a new building about two-thirds the size of the existing one being constructed. Perhaps they need to relocate some items that were in storage under Eureka?
  10. Couldn't it be possible that this is a replacement for the current kids area? I'd estimate the current kids area plus a new roller coaster would be equal to that block of land bounded by the monorail where the Sea Viper and Pirate Ship once stood. The current kids area plus the recently reclaimed land would form quite an area with no obstructions like the monorail.
  11. Tailspin is correct at last year not 2013. Some other things I noticed include Kennyland which should be 1999, Nick Central in 2002, Stingray retiring twice (with 2012 being correct), Little Rippers in 2007, and Madagascar/Shrek in 2011.
  12. That was apparently their original intention... http://www.parkz.com.au/article/2007/02/22/103-Parts_arrive_for_Wet_n_Wild_s_latest.html This was around the time the "temporary" Sea World Eye had an extended 2-year run on the Thrillseeker site so maybe Surfrider was destined for that spot?
  13. Yep. From TPR's interview with Michael Kitchen: 7 inversions Well over 500 ft tall World's tallest inversion near the top of the tower 123-degree drop (world's steepest) 2 beyond vertical drops More than 4 minutes from board to unload (1.5 mins on the lift hill) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiwJuaGaS_w
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