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  1. For me the ultimate insult in Warner operations was seeing Green Lantern loading efficiency and throughput quadruple after the queue had been closed for the day. I suppose the operations are still somewhat more efficient than China....
  2. Busch Gardens has four trains for Montu even though the ride can only run three – it's a maintenance thing. Separately, if you want to see truly insane capacity, check out Olympia Looping on a busy day – with five seven-car trains it can handle of the order of four thousand guests per hour.
  3. Heh, don't ever go to Universal Japan then They sell fast passes in bundles of specific rides – between 3 and 7 of them – so if you want a pass for something popular like Flying Dinosaur you end up having to pay for a pass for something you probably wouldn't have bothered to ride otherwise. Also, their top tier fast pass only limits a couple of the key rides to one use only.
  4. That makes seven coasters for my next Australia trip. When the world goes back to normal I'm expecting to have to travel to Sydney on business. I look forward to that :)
  5. Not even close mate, sorry. I've ridden the one in Texas. It is a fantastic ride but the throughput is very limited. I'd have thought something high capacity would be a better fit for Dreamworld. Being realistic, I think a good fit for Dreamworld would be a new generation Vekoma – any of the below would work. Before anyone asks, I have ridden Lech Coaster and it's an absolute masterpiece. https://rcdb.com/11034.htm https://rcdb.com/14492.htm https://rcdb.com/15998.htm
  6. Bull. A good wooden coaster doesn't need inversions. Most of the inversions on wood coasters add nothing to the experience.
  7. Not if it's maintained properly. I've ridden a few wooden coasters backwards, and they're fun. I look forward to this one –– not that I needed an excuse to return to the Gold Coast parks.
  8. Why wouldn’t there be? Every country has things to see. Here are the photos from my trip: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150275910020915.379351.672525914&type=1&l=57064d93cb The one thing I didn’t get to see was the Mass Games, which by all accounts is the most elaborate show in the world. I’d recommend watching a British documentary on the subject, which is very well made: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0456012/
  9. There are actually four amusement parks in Pyongyang. Mangyongdae Funfair, Taesongsan Funfair, and Kaeson Youth Park all date from the eighties – though the latter was levelled and rebuilt with a collection of Zamperla rides around 2010. The flying coaster you saw is a Zamperla Volare – not a type that's generally known for its comfort, but the one in the DPRK is remarkably good; I enjoyed it. Rungna People's Pleasure Ground opened in 2012 – after my trip. It has a Reverchon mouse. If anyone wants to do the parks I'd recommend going through Koryo Tours; in 2011 they were able t
  10. Stand-up tilts are fine. It's the floorless ones that must die.
  11. Moving on, here's the next chapter: http://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2018/0111.htm
  12. Humans do things that are useless and meaningless every hour of every day I respect the fact that many people think that counting coasters is dumb. It may actually surprise you to learn that I don't actually disagree with this; it is a stupid hobby, but the fact is that I've made the choice to do this which is my prerogative as an individual. There's a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon that is relevant here: http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1995/04/27 I count lots of other things too – just because. I'm expecting to fly through my 250th different airport in 2018 – and whatever
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