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  1. I had in my head that you could fly straight from Australia to New York, but I guess that was one of those experimental Project Sunrise flights. Just a few more random points on this thread: - I agree with@Gazzathat I'd pick Hersheypark over Kennywood if I only had time for one, but I'd do everything in my power to make time for the other. - Skipping over Knoebels is a sin. That park is a joy, and arguably one of the nicest environments in North America. The two wood coasters are phenomenal and the atmosphere is in a league of its own. - If you're taking a domestic flight c
  2. There is so much to do and see in the US. California and Florida are a long way apart and you’ll miss an awful lot of things in the middle.
  3. Speaking as someone who's just finished an 11,350 mile trip around the United States.... ...trying to do Florida and California in the same trip is nuts, even if you're flying from Australia. I'd strongly recommend focusing on a smaller area. Not that I would, of course
  4. Update – I've just watched it. It's worth paying for.
  5. Hell no. The wooden wild mouse is an absolute treasure and one of the last rides of its type anywhere in the world. Removing it would be sacrilege. I think you might have ridden Arkham a few too many times if you thought it was totally rideable and enjoyable
  6. As a data point, a short video I made last year cost me almost €400. Not that I mind, though – it was a fun project, especially since I got to have a go in a real DeLorean
  7. If you load a Eurofighter train with adults you're going to have >600kg nine times out of ten. If that was really a problem there'd have been accidents before now.
  8. In fairness, Wonderland Eurasia had a few decent coasters – the Intamin 10-inversion, the Zierer ESC, and the IE Park indoor looper. The Jet Rescue clone was arguably respectable too, if it had ever opened to the public. Trip report here: https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2019/0518.htm#wonderland_eurasia
  9. The Reverchon Drifting Coaster is a heap of junk. Avoid at all costs.
  10. So let me understand what you're saying – you think it's okay to steal something you haven't because it's "likely" to be inferior? Wow. Just wow.
  11. Quite a few Gerstlauer coasters have aged badly over the years. I can't say I'm hugely surprised to hear that Abyss has suffered a similar fate.
  12. I did. I hated it. https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2018/0111.htm#dreamworld
  13. I actually see it as much worse than watching a rip-off copy of a Hollywood blockbuster. I can't imagine he's going to sell more than a few hundred copies at best; a RMC documentary is of niche interest after all. Personally I'd like to see him making a reasonable profit that he can then invest back into producing other material of interest to theme park enthusiasts.
  14. The initial figures were entered manually. In my case I don’t think it’s going to be practical to do anything else.
  15. Kind of surprised you didn't include the Bulahdelah Tornado in this poll (I'm here all week....)
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