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  1. I doubt it makes much difference to Aussie World's usual clientele. My sense from visiting there a few times is that they don't really draw visitors from outside the immediate local area.
  2. Why would a park remove a perfectly good wooden mouse and replace it with another? Aussie World's mouse was a great ride. It's a huge shame that they weren't able to keep it going.
  3. Yes, I was astonished by how many mullets I saw in Australia. My condolences to all at this difficult time.
  4. You're spot on with this. Project Zero is a solid attraction. I still think GL is better, but the margin is much smaller than you might think.
  5. An official POV of Leviathan has been published:
  6. Really uneasy at any attempt to rank coasters based on watching a POV. I've ridden Tweestryd and the LPS Boomerang so I feel qualified to vote – but I don't think people should be judging without actually riding.
  7. For what it's worth, I have a coaster count of over 3000 at this point – and I can say that I've never ridden anything quite like the roller coaster at Green Valley Farm
  8. Not sure if they're old enough for this audience, but I did just rebuild my Luna Park album: https://www.themeparks.ie/australia/lunasydney/index.htm
  9. If I had to pick something, I'd say sitting in the airport at 7:00am on Saturday morning awaiting a flight to Armidale and thinking "what the hell am I doing with my life"? :)
  10. I've posted trip reports from the parks I hit on my recent business trip to Australia. Luna Park Sydney: https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2023/0203.htm Green Valley Farm: https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2023/0204.htm Sea World, Dreamworld: https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2023/0205.htm Gumbuya World, Luna Park Melbourne: https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2023/0211.htm Aussie World: https://www.bannister.org/coasters/trips/2023/0212.htm
  11. So can I – forever. I don't get reaction videos at all.
  12. Apropos of nothing, those air launches are absolutely incredible. Hypersonic was great, and Dodonpa (pre-modification) was absolutely insane.
  13. Thanks for the information. Will likely give it a miss so.
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