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  1. westical

    The Off Topic Topic

    Page Not Found - which is legal.
  2. westical

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    Which one is then?
  3. westical

    Dreamworld April Update

    Unless I’m mistaken, I believe several of MW’s hand driers are some of the last opening day attractions left.
  4. westical

    Dreamworld Neon Nights Returns

    Seems a few local experts have been wrong about the popularity of Neon Nights and Cosentino.
  5. westical

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Even worse, Village don’t own the land that Movie World, WnW, Outback Spectacular etc. are on 😱
  6. westical

    Wipeout is closed for good (retired)

    Is the shark still around?
  7. westical

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    The Tumbler was iconic and easily recognisable to the general public due to the popularity of the Dark Knight trilogy, albeit getting on in years. The new one is from a comic book I think? Even the announcement barely raised a blip on this forum. By entertainment value for me a one off show would be more interesting than a swapped out parade float that I don’t recognise. Also don’t get me started on the MOVIE World batmobile not looking anything like the one in the most recent MOVIES.
  8. westical

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    To be a little bit fair to Dreamworld and without knowing the specific defects, they contract others to do the construction for them. If there’s an issue with the build it may be something that was totally out of their control.
  9. westical

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I did notice last month that one of the sets of free lockers at Superman had been removed (four down to three from memory).
  10. westical

    Wipeout is closed for good (retired)

    Ahh this sucks, my favourite ride at Dreamworld. Looking unlikely I'll be renewing my pass, assuming Sky Voyager opens by June.
  11. westical

    Sea World Ferry Service

    I thought it might be a safety thing as it would get people back to Surfers before sunset, but the later services in June ruin that idea.
  12. westical

    A Movie World History Lesson

  13. westical

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Oh hai. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en-eu/events-tours/epcot/epcot-international-flower-and-garden-festival/