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  1. The Metropolis subway has really low capacity too.
  2. Exactly, and how many people are going to be checking wait times who don’t have a valid ticket or annual pass already?
  3. Would the hypercoaster’s popularity be any different if it had been themed to Mad Max rather than DC?
  4. There won’t be any presentations anymore, the company is no longer public.
  5. They did for Vikings - https://www.facebook.com/7NewsGoldCoast/posts/the-viking-revenge-flume-ride-at-sea-world-gold-coast-australia-has-been-retired/1097124120386275/ You must have forgotten about the exciting new attraction that replaced it in 2019.
  6. Works fine in my Firefox, seems to be an Alex problem.
  7. The article did mention a Dreamworld employee speculating she was having a period.
  8. It makes no sense to keep an attraction closed during quiet periods to save money?
  9. A 25yo ride would be fully depreciated by now. Likely the same for the 8yo upgrades. Regardless, if there was any book value left then the asset impairment would reduce their taxable income. Doesn’t sound like a valid reason to me.
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