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  1. westical

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    They’re not forcing you to go barefoot.
  2. westical

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    No need to BEE concerned, they won’t sting!
  3. westical

    WB Studio Showcase - 2019/20 Edition

    They would just advise existing members of a price rise, it would be easier than forcing everyone to buy a new pass.
  4. westical

    WB Studio Showcase - 2019/20 Edition

    Or they could just put the price up.
  5. westical

    WB Studio Showcase - 2019/20 Edition

    Village has clearly forgotten their Premier Membership holders.
  6. westical

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Went on it Saturday, sat next to a family of four who hadn’t been on it before. They went from “I don’t see how watching a screen will be much fun” to genuinely enjoying it within seconds of it starting. Seems to get rave reviews on FB. Loading was very slow though.
  7. westical

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    What maintenance issues has Superman got?
  8. westical

    Fright Nights 2019

    There were multiple nights sold out last year.
  9. westical

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    You try to keep negative news to a minimum when announcing results.
  10. westical

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    14 months ago?
  11. westical

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Well this was a red herring.
  12. westical

    Trip Report: La Ronde

    I hope all their cash goes on ride maintenance instead.
  13. westical

    Dreamworld's Spooky Happy Halloween Nights

    I always thought Evie was a mummy.
  14. westical

    Dreamworld October Update 2019

    Believe they are upgrading them to PS3s.