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  1. Jacko

    Sad day for Sea World

    [No. No. No.no
  2. Jacko

    Sad day for Sea World

    it's joke maybe that person is good at jokes
  3. Jacko

    Dreamworld Random Bulding

    i know that !!!!!!!!
  4. Jacko

    Dreamworld Random Bulding

    where's movie world's maintenance shed ?
  5. This Topic Is About if you got kicked out of a ride or a someone getting kicked out of here's mine 1:Swinger Zinger at DW Both of these happened ! First This Girl Was kicking my chair around 10 times and the person working there told the girl get out she was having trouble getting out of her swing so i jumped out to help her BUT the man saw me helping the girl and he kicked me and her out off the ride ! As This Happened To You or have saw it happen to someone else ? Jack
  6. Jacko

    Sea Viper Closed

    Is Sea Viper fenced off ?????
  7. Jacko

    Dreamworks at Dreamworld

    nah i'm saying where gingy moved near reptar
  8. Jacko

    Sea Viper Closed

    yeah this topic is about sea viper not the monorail and i DON'T A Heart attack :angry2:
  9. hey page the theme parks network sings there !
  10. Jacko

    Sea Viper Closed

    i'm 11 years old man
  11. Jacko

    Sea Viper Closed

    Back on topic for now i just saw this :excl: :excl: what the hell is wrong with SW shutting down rides until further notice will they have a date ever !!!!!! and SW's monorail shutting down soon for nearly 3 months
  12. Jacko

    Sea Viper Closed

    i saw the update ages ago but it had a date but it says now until further notice
  13. Jacko

    Sea Viper Closed

    i found this on SW's maintenance page any ideas here's the link http://seaworld.myfu...aintenance.aspx