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    Legoland Australia

    Obviously he was talking about Dungeons. But i don't see them as a problem, given stuff like fright nights, Dracula's Cabaret etc are a thing.
  2. Gazza

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    That sounds a bit edumacational. Should be about FUN!
  3. What were the Mt Druitt Water Works, Im assuming it was some sort of a waterpark. Has anyone got any pics etc?
  4. Yeah, as others have said Seal Harbour wouldn't work for this sort of show, since it has quite narrow walkways so not enough capacity, and a lot of the dry land in the exhibit isnt really big enough for a stage (And there's no backstage to bring one seal out and send one back etc) The one at San Antonio had them introducing each animal, showing how they use clickers and rewards to to it, showed how they don't co operate sometimes. And obviously the show arena has the prop elements they actually train the animals on. It was a bit more involved than when you go to zoos/wildlife parks and there's occasionally a keeper who gives a brief talk at the exhibit.
  5. No, I think it's like SW in the US where it's a presentation on seal training, rather than a comedic scripted show. At SW in San Antonio they ran both shows in the same venue.
  6. Gazza

    Mt Druitt water works?

    Has this been posted? No? Good. The rocky rapids type slide at the end looks excellent. Worlds steepest water slide? And this
  7. Gazza

    West Coast of USA

    I think that's being a bit dismissive of the place, it's got an RMC and a big ass floorless coaster, and then a few unique rides OP probably hasn't ridden like the Superman sky rocket coaster and V2. Worst comes to worst, just stay for a few hours?
  8. Gazza

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    I thin he meant a "Warner Bros World" (Like the one in Abu Dhabi) not a "Warner Bros. Movie World World" (Like the driving school).
  9. Gazza

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    Police Academy and Gremlins aren't new though.
  10. Gazza

    Bakken April 2018

    At the end of April I was fortunate enough to have a spare Sunday afternoon in Copenhagen due to the nature of my trip, not nearly enough for a city like this. But enough for an abridged 10 hour highlights package of the city centre, and time for a couple of parks, one of which was Bakken. Bakken is easy to get to, 20 minutes on the S-Tog train from Copenhagen Central to Klampenborg, and then a pleasant walk down a residential street where you find the park hidden in some trees by a lake. The park is the oldest in the world, and has the Rutschebanen wooden coaster dominating the centre of the park, with essentially an oval loop of path around it with amusements on both sides. But i started on Tornado, which an Intamin spinning coaster. You sit in 4 seater cars that face inwards like the Gerstlauer spinners, but they have fabric OSTRs like on the Zacspins. This thing is brutal, the spinning gets unlocked as soon as you leave the station, the lift is fast, and then goes hyperspeed at the top so you get flung off the top and slam into a turn, so its impossible to brace because you dont know which way you will be facing at the top. From there it's high banked turns and helices and fast transitions (imagine riding the 2nd half of Jet Rescue with a spinning car). There is a floater hill halfway through the train just makes it over so you can see the necessity of why the lift has to speed up so much. The ride is mostly enclosed by a building, but it doesn't really do much...not dark or anything. The ride is a bit like a Zacspin in that you'll either love the intensity or hate it, but I liked it. Marihonen had no queue so I had a go on that. Continuing around the main path was Vilde Mus , a fairly typical Mack wild mouse ,but it had a nice facade. I should touch on how the park is. Basically individual operators own lots and have rides and restaurants and so forth, so there is some stuff that looks quite good, and other stuff that looks a bit carnie and old (Though very little actually looks temporary or anything like that), so the park has a certain chaotic character, like an old village or something. An amusement park in the truest sense. A side alley led down to Rutschebanen which is a scenic railway type wooden coaster, meaning no upstop wheels to prevent you from flying off the track, so in the past it had a brakeman. But recently it had a modern safety upgrade, so along the track are big flat brake plates that trim the speed a bit at various points. It was still an enjoyable experience, with decent sized dips and hills, and quite a lengthy layout. Getting back on the main path, I did Hurlumhej which is a vintage fun house, what really impressed me about this is that the whole house seemed to run off one motor, with all elements connected by belts etc, so everything moved in harmony, with entire rooms moving in an oscilating motion. The first bit of this video shows it off well. The next ride along was Racing, a flitzer coaster, which is basically a coaster that just keeps turning and dipping in one giant clockwise turn for the most part...It's sort of what i imagined Turbo Mountain or Geronimo to be like. Had a very retro feel, and the lack of harnesses in the cars was pretty cool. The back of the park was mostly just spin n spews, restaurants and game stands. There was a ghost train Spogelsestoget which was basically just run of the mill old ghost train with dodgy effects. If you've ridden the one at LPM you'd know what to expect. More flats etc on this side of the park, OMG this one was there though! which eventually led to Mine Train Ulven. Loved this one, its a mine train in name only. No boring slow turns or endless lift hills, this was a speedy, smooth family thrill coaster, with a confusing layout, drops into tunnels, leafy sections it would rush through, a bit of rockwork here and there. It had the Intamin flavour for sure. Kaengaru was right there, and an opportunity to try an new flat ride type (and an obligation to ride anything Australian themed). It's just a spinning ride with seats that bounce up and down via air bladders, giving constant pops of airtime, though it might be a bit nauseating if it went on for too long! Skyroller is a Gerstlauer sky roller. This version, where it raises up a tower and spins around is much easier to get flipping, so i got over 50 flips according to the counter! I had limited time, and nothing else really took my fancy, so I did a re ride each on Tornado, Rutschebanen and Mine Train Ulven and took photos. But just as I was about to leave I realised I had almost missed the Safari shooting dark ride. Cue the fake palm trees and fibreglass gorillas and lions. I was fully expecting something politically incorrect where you shot said animals, but instead the targets were giant wasps in the trees. My score was pretty measly; if you've ridden a few of these shooters you might have encountered some where it's a pain to get anything. I think i could count on one hand the number of targets I got. Overall, Bakken was a good way to spend a couple of hours, with a few of the coasters and the fun houseworth the easy quick trip out there, as well as that fun house. You can also get individual ride tickets, but I found the unlimited wristband to worth it for the number of rides I intended to do. Denmark is one of the few places where prices are as high as Australia....It cost 269 DKK which is around 60 AUD.
  11. Gazza

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    Yeah, the price sounds about right for this sort of activity, that said the Storey Bridge climb is only $130 or so.
  12. Gazza

    West Coast of USA

    It sounds about right, whenever I spend 4 weeks in the US it usually ends up being $6000 all in, and that's with a bit of stinginess that you might not get away with on a family holiday.
  13. And this one is only 405m long:
  14. Sad to hear Gold Striker has decayed so badly. I rode it when it was quite new and it was excellent, so what a difference 4 years makes. I hope the raptor coasters start popping up everywhere, they just seem so fluid and because they are affordable, small parks will be able to get world beating coasters. By the sounds of it, the Bart extension to Silicon valley is still not opening till some time in 2019, but even when it does, Caltrain to Mountain View then the VTA light rail would still be the fastest way to get to CGA from SF. As for SFDK, yeah agree about Superman, they are probably my favourite compact clone type coaster. Disappointing to hear the designers have mucked up the Harley Quinn one though..I don't think we will see many in the future if they cant get the basics right.
  15. Respectfully, I reckon the wierd ass shaping makes coasters better. See: Every RMC ever. At least they are trying something different with the first drop, seems like a 21st century version of how the first drop was on the defunct Drachen Fire at BGW. I think the only real complaint I have is the supports are ugly, but meh, its a good conventional multi looper.
  16. Gazza

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Can you quote the part of the article that says lazy river
  17. Earlier this year I visited Germany. (Full set of 350+ photos there) Heide Park is located 60km south of Hamburg. To reach it, I caught a train to Buchholz, and then changed to an hourly local train to Wolterdingen, a small village station where it's a 2km walk to the park entrance (No shuttle available) Heide Park is one of those parks that was established in the theme park boom in the 1980s (Much like Dreamworld) so it has a similar vibe with the style of buildings, gardens, neat planning. A lot of the older attractions have great stonework and traditional German craftmanship. Tussauds (Now Merlin) took over the park in 2001, and they do a good job on theming too, but the vibe is somewhat different on these attractions, and a lot of the old buildings have been re-purposed to fit new themes. So, the first thing I did was Indy Blitz. Damned if I'll queue for a kiddy coaster. Next I did the most recent major attraction, Ghostbusters 5D. Like Justice league, it has 3D screens with targets to shoot, though no physical targets. The cars are also 8 seater renditions of the ECTO-1 that can spin. From what I could garner, the park has a mascot who is an adventurer. And the adventurer has a warehouse full of his treasures, which have been taken over by ghosts. The queue had cool ghosts trapped in portraits. It was average overall, the screens were sort of just chucked on the wall, with props stuck on as well that felt a bit amateurish. Like there was a scene that had a bunch of shipwreck treasures and the theming on the wall around the screen was just ship steering wheels, bits of rope, a random treasure chest. And there were obvious things like when you left the station and turned the corner you could see the car ahead at the first screen, whereas if they had rotated the car as it left the station they could have faced you away and not revealed that it was just a big room with screens. But it was still, at one point in the ride you are teleported to NYC for a final battle, and the car actually has as ghost trap on the front that opens up and sucks the ghost in. The gift shop had its own Ectoplasm soft drink, pale green with a sort of apple flavour. Next up was Desert Race, an Intamin accelerator that could could think of like a Superman that has been squashed down a bit and had the top hat removed. The first hill has a bit of airtime, the other two are just more like twisting hills with not much air (like the two after the helix on Rivals) The launch is great of course, and the theming helped, although it looked a bit awkward, trying to pull of a desert setting in a place where it snows. What were they thinking with the logo though? For a thrill coaster with an off road rally theme, it's a bit vanilla isn't it? For the kids was a driving school with a similar theme. Nearby, and on the way was Grottenblitz a powered mine train coaster, which had a few turns outside, before going into a cave (Hence the grotten) with a diorama in it. Good family fun. More time in caves, with Drachengrotte, which was part of a really nice looking "How to Train Your Dragon" land (In German it's called "Training Your Dragon Made Easy") It was quite a short boat ride, with an oval layout, half of which was in cave. I confess to having no idea as to what was happening since I havent seen the films, nor understood the German. The outside theming was good, including an actual jet of fire. The inside part was a few static sculpts and a projector screen, and it had some of the same issues as Ghostbusters with some stuff kind of just slapped in, like the very visible lights with leads on the wall, but overall still looked alright. It was probably a weird itinerary, but I figured everyone would rush the coasters first, and I was interested in seeing some of these secondary attractions, without necessarily wanting to queue. After that was Krake, a mini B&M dive coaster, At 40m in height, it's only as tall as Superman escape, but feels taller for some reason. The ride delivers a quick burst of thrills, much like what you get from a drop tower. It's a very short coaster, but I don't think it matters really in this case, it's just a few rapid fire moments, and hits the brake run with a bit of speed, and feels greater than the sum of its parts. A lot of money obviously went into the theming, from the fortress station building, the well themed boarding platform, and of course the ship destroyed by the kraken. This would be a great ride at Sea World. And then onto my most anticipated ride at the park, Flug Der Damoenen. I hadn't fully appreciated how steep of a hill this was built on, and it makes for one of the most dyamic wing rider coasters, with big drops and plenty of speed. The shorter train makes this a bit less lumbering than the likes of X Flight for example. The theming is nice too, fitting in with the existing architecture of the area. Along the way are near misses that suit the satantic theme, such as wooden stakes, metal spike fencing, and a wooden bridge you narrowly pass under. The ride lacks the signature slow inline twist typically seen on wing riders, but the Demonic knot actually provides a similar moment of slightly unusual feeling slow rotation towards the end of the ride. I really liked this one, and did plenty of rides. Wing coasters have become one of my favourite types of B&M. If you want an intense looper, that is best left to other manufacturers....Let B&M focus on rides that give a sensation of flight. Further up the hill was Scream, a gyro drop that was a conversion of an old observation tower (Seriously, what's with all the duplicate rides at this park?...2 monorails, 2 slow boat rides, previously 2 flumes) Oh, as for the ride, well I love drop towers so this was good fun and I liked how they had the kids drop tower right next to it. A nearby building in the area had a balcony you could go up into, and a slide back down for the kids. Really like when parks just have random nice features to explore and opportunistic play for children. Next was Bobbahn a very lengthy, albeit bum vibrating Tobbogan coaster, with the signature sense of constantly accelerating and feeling out of control. This one was at the top of a hill, and has the first lift hill off the top, so you get quite high up, allowing for plenty of turns. A couple of shallow uphill sections keep it going even longer. There's even several turns that are underground, so I cant even begin to imagine how much this ride cost in the day, given Bobsleds are a pretty expensive coaster type to build. The ending of the ride is a bit anti climatic. You hit the brakes at the bottom, then make three right hand turns, passing through the maintenance bay, and then finally rise up a lift hill back to station level. In some ways the likes of Avalanche at Blackpool work better because its just downhill all the way. Continuing around the park is Limit, their SLC. I did my duty and gave it a ride before moving on. Big Loop was the remaining coaster, with a couple of loops, a couple of corkscrews, and a helix. Super simple stuff. Continuing around the park I had a look at the Mayan flat ride area, but literally the majority have been pulled out and blocked off with bamboo, which is not a great look, especially considering that their flagship coaster Colossos right next to it is out of action too. It made the back end of the park just feel un-loved so I quickly moved on. A bit of a bummer to miss Colossos since I loved El Toro too. Moving back towards the middle of the park is the Panoramaturm observation tower, where I got my fill of aeral photos of the park. And then after that was Mountain Rafting, a river rapids ride with ridiculously high capacity and all the old school wave generators still going (Many parks in the US have theirs off) And again very visually attractive. Because it was early afternoon, when the sun is less disruptive to photos I did a lap each on the Monorail. And the mini Panoramabahn. @pushbutton German parks often have at least a couple of Monorails, and also trains etc to, so these are the places to go. It was on this I spotted that I had completely been avoiding a Peppa Pig kids land that only opened a few weeks earlier. Not for me of course though. Procrastination continued with a burger at Piraten Burger. ....and a stroll around the rest of the Pirate themed land, which had a splash battle that I skipped and one of those onion boat rides. This loop of path led past the Oldtimer ride. Eh why not? Turned out to be worth it because the gardens were beautiful. Continuing on was the Wildwasserbahn. Again, why not? wasn't too wet, and the station theming was nice, but otherwise fairly run of the mill. At that point I had done everything I wanted to, so spent the rest of the time till closing re-riding Flug and Krake, finishing up on Desert Race, where the ops gave us a bonus lap because we were the last train of the day. Overall, its an extensive park with a good variety of attractions, though seeing so many removed ones gives a feeling of disappointment. The park sits at a level that is behind the likes of Europa Park and Phantasialand, but better than a run of the mill amusement park, and should be even better with Colossos returning in 2019.
  18. I reckon it'll be good. It was designed by ride centerline group, who also do the RMCs.
  19. Im confused? I mean, if you wanted to do SFFT, wouldnt you just do Tour B, which concludes at SFoT, then press on south to San Antonio? Why would you need to go from Cleveland?
  20. Could you go to SFFT yourself at the end?
  21. Beware you sit in the plane for 13hrs to get there.
  22. Gazza

    Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Are you sure? There's no female performers in the pic?
  23. Gazza

    The Off Topic Topic

    @Rollercoaster_Lover , this is obviously you because you are the only person who spells Green Lantern as Greenlauntern
  24. Do they hold staff meetings, and where? Often if the park has an auditorium or theatre for shows they'll be done in there, What sort of work happens before/after the parks opening times? Maintenance checks, cleaning, gardening, food prep for things like premade sandwiches etc.
  25. I guess, especially now Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster exists, but its kind of at a dead end given the way the routing has been done on the map, and if you went to SFFT you'd logically need to add SW San Antonio, and likely ZDT/Schlitterbahn. The thing with the US is that basically no matter which way you go, there is always another park within 2-3 hours that you can theoretically add on, and you have to say stop somewhere. The tour finishes at CP, but an idea could be to add Kennywood at the end, since its not really on the way to anywhere.