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  1. Hey there, feel free to start a new topic if it doesn't relate to an existing one. This reminds me, the summer season is over, and so is the last of these general purpose megathreads.
  2. Plus, if we learned anything from the hoax pics from a few weeks back, its easy to play with the colour range and saturation slider in Photoshop to make it look different. Having seen the track in person, this isn't representative of the colour at all. It's not baby pink! Of all the photos posted in the thread, I think this one below best portrays the colour. Magenta is the wrong word for it....Magenta is the colour you see on an an ink cartridge, and it is certainly not that pink/red. It's definitely towards the purple end of the spectrum and away from pink. Not Cadbury purple of course, but still in the purple range....Fuchsia is actually a good description I reckon.
  3. I've never been to Las Vegas before, but a family visit in Late February and early march gave me a chance to finally check this destination off the list. It's better city than I thought it would be, but carries a similar feel to many other touristy places in the US I felt. I did all the main rides in Vegas itself. I wouldn't have minded riding Desperado either, but that is only open Friday/Saturday/Sunday, which didn't work with my dates. First off Adventuredome It is located a the back of Circus Circus, which is pretty seedy feeling (But hey, I won $175 there so not gonna be too harsh on the place). The park itself is clean and tidy, the building looks a bit 80s (But was completed in 1993), it was fairly quiet (Many rides I was the only person onboard) and arcade machines take up all the spare floor space. It has a few standard flat rides, such as a Chaos, pirate ship, dodgems, frog hopper, carousel etc etc. There was also a drop tower called Sling Shot, which reminded me a bit of the one at Adventure World, with a fast launch up, and a controlled descent that wasn't that intense. Canyon Blaster is a large model loopscrew (The next size up from Sea Viper) so for that you get an extra loop plus a helix at the end. It ran the same trains that Cyclone had, but it wasn't that rough at all really. The thing really got moving, despite the first drop looking quite small. It was kinda cool how the whole floor of the theme park vibrated a bit every time the thing ran. Did about 3 rides. The only other thing I rode was El Loco, which is, you guessed it, an S&S el loco. Compared to green lantern, it felt a bit quicker, but definitely did bang around a bit more at a couple of points. The trains had speakers, but no onboard audio was working. The first part of the ride was similar enough ) to Green Lantern up until the 2nd block brake. (Same elements, but the first drop crosses diagonally under the main structure, and the first curved incline is banked a bit better. All felt very familiar, but I literally do not know what they were thinking when they did the dive loop on this one. Surely it could have been more flowing: The last bit of the ride is completely different, and sort of runs off away from the compact first part. Theres a bit of an outward banked turn, and another little banked section, and then another dive loop, but the bottom of the dive loop has brakes, so as soon as it finishes you are back at the station. Overall, It was a really good little coaster! I did 4 laps.
  4. Yeah, it pretty much sums up the consumerist side of America in a nutshell. I regret not getting one of those alcoholic slushies you see on the street every 50m.
  5. I probably should rephrase that, obviously Vegas has a lot of one of a kind type places, the corridoors of the Wynn, inside the Bellagio, the amount of huge replica stuff along the strip, and the utter vom stuff like Excalibur. At the same time, when I mention touristy places, I thought as a pedestrian, particularly on the southern end of the strip it felt like being in a really big version of Citywalk.
  6. As for the rest of the rides. At New York New York (Which is actually pretty well themed, similar standard to DC villains I thought in terms of finish) is the Big Apple Coaster. No, its's not a shity Pinfari, it's a shitty Togo instead. Thats actually a bit harsh on two counts....The Togo stand ups were good, and it wasn't as bad as people say, but still not great. You walk through an endless arcade to reach the coaster, and hand over your $15. There are paid lockers to put your stuff in, but they are too small to fit a carry on sized bag (And no larger ones are available) for the benefit of anyone who has come straight from the airport via a breakfast buffet with your luggage (Very specific, I know) The ride only runs with 10 people minimum, so I gave up on waiting for the front seat when told and sat somewhere in the middle. The trains are quite well detailed, with chrome taxi doorhandles etc (No pics since no cameras allowed in the station) After you dispatch the train exits outdoors onto a long straight and slow lift hill. The first drop is big, but not very steep (kinda like Cyclone) and there are a couple of big hills and drops, so it feels a bit like a quasi hypercoaster. Eventually you reach the main bit of the coaster, which is on the roof of the casino and the track turns back and forth in a fairly tight area, like a turd that refuses to flush. It had the potential for greatness, with a vertical loop and dive loop, a steeply degree banked helix, and several bunny hops, except it bangs its way through, and the hills dont deliver any airtime. Eventually you reach a sloped brake run that drops down through the roof and back into the building. I didn't take them up on their half price re-ride offer. The only other thrill rides to do in Vegas are the three at Stratosphere, which is basically like centerpoint tower in Sydney, but with three rides on top. For $35 you get access to the top and three rides, which I thought was good value. Plus your ticket is good all day, so you can go up again at night (But I didn't do this) First off I did Insansity, which has 10 inward facing seats (Kinda like that "hard rock" ride at the show) except its on a crane arm that swings out over the edge of the tower, so you are 250m in the air spinning around looking down. It's a bit of a bum clencher to start with, but the worst part is probably just the spinning. A cool ride. Next was XScream . Imagine a see saw of coaster track, so when the track tilts, the train rolls to one end, and when it tilts back it rolls backwards. There are mag brakes and buffers so the train cant run off the end. What makes it crazy of course is the way it runs off the edge of the tower, so you get that terrifying moment of feeling as if you are going to run off the end and fall to the ground. I sat up front. The train design is such that the front rows hang off past the end of the track when they reach the end. It looks cool off ride, but on ride, once you reach the end of the track, you are just staring out into thin air and the view beyond, so with no immediate frame of reference nearby, its hard to tell that you are rolling beyond the end. In videos of this ride they show the track tilting, and when the car is stopped at the end it tilts again a bit more just to really scare you, but it never did that on my cycle (And seemed to tilt to a lesser angle in general). Again, a really cool ride...Is there anywhere Scenic World could put this on their site? Finally, Big Shot is a space shot ride, but it is something else because it is at the top of the tower, so you get an immense view. Naturally i sat looking straight down the strip. I think all the rides are worth a shot. With the stratosphere ones, it's probably better to jump on without watching them run Despite its poor quality, everyone should give Big Apple Coaster a go, just so they can understand it's place in coaster folklore.
  7. Verbolten?
  8. It all kind of reminds me of previous Alton Towers advertising:
  9. Why would the water slide have running water anyway?
  10. Allegro Crab, just to clarify, the competition is about guessing what you think the layout will be and seeing how accurate your guess is (Sort of like "pin the tail on the donkey") not a design your dream hyper competition. By all means, you can submit your "real" guess alongside your dream layout though.
  11. ^Ive thought about that, but im not sure how well GD would be able to take the skyjump cars without fairly extensive modification. They'd be much heavier for starters, so new winches. The cars hang out a lot further from the tower, so a new station building. Because the cars hang out so much more I imagine they exert a bit more moment on the track than the current cars (Especially when braking) so you'd probably have to replace the tracks too. It would pretty much be a full rebuild of the ride system. But I think doing stand up or floorless cars would be similar enough in weight and profile to be an easier refit. It's a strong ride, as DjRappa says, but Im a fan of the floorless cars, and would love to see em on GD.
  12. Its not as if they could have split the queue hey?
  13. Nah, all the Australian ones are definitely 60s, you can tell because the 45s have a half width segment on the wide end of the funnel. Curiously, the screenshot of the Adventure Park artwork is of a 45...
  14. Did Motocoasters VR go anywhere?
  15. Id rather a cableway than a light rail spur, because it avoids the narrowness of SW drive, can be more direct, and has a bit of tourist appeal. Doing a light rail branch so close to the systen core invokes the issue of dividing frequency: If you have a track pair, branching means only 1 in 2 trams can serve each side of the branch (you can also do something god awful like "one tram in four" but that trashes legibility and would lead to uneven passenger loading) If you have to do a branch, it needs to be towards the end of the line so the division in frequency doesn't have a negative impact. Think of the way in Brisbane the split between the Ipswich and Springfield branches happens at Darra...Works well because outbound of Darra the population density drops off, so only having half the trains to each branch is bearable because demand at each station is lower. Whereas on the GC doesn't work because you are splitting the frequency at main beach, even though Southport, GCUH etc have heavy demand and would suffer.
  16. What about the theming on Buzzsaw ?
  17. Too bad it wasn't a product when Buzzsaw was installed...
  18. It could go either way...You could not update, and it would be no different to the way theme parks have Batman rides that aren't the latest film Batman. Or you could just forecast the cost of updating the doctor a couple of times during the life of the attraction in the initial budget (Negotiate with BBC when buying the rights that they have to provide relevant updates for the life of the licence) Or design the ride to minimise the number of times you actually see him outside the preshow (Fill it up with Daleks? Have him facing away from the camera when fighting etc)...The place in Cardiff seemingly affords this.
  19. Why is there a random empty enclosed room after the toll booth, and why does the track pass through a narrow gap at its corner? Thats a big open space with a spaceship, crushed cars, light posts etc.
  20. Yes, film sets are not used in theme parks because: -They are often too flammable, and often use foams etc that are not safe or insurable for permanent installation. -Not durable enough for guest abuse. -Many props and sets look good on screen because they are far away and a camera can only capture a certain resolution, but in real life, up close, are quite rough and don't look good. This goes for sets both big and small.
  21. People are free to talk about the theme, pull your head in. Re mack doing a Floorless coaster...nope. I'd consider a floorless one where there is nothing between your feet and the track, so you see the track structure and crossties whizzing below your feet at high speed.
  22. If its a Dr Who ride, why do you need to change the Doctor every 3 years? Because if the doctor is a time traveller, it would always be that generation of doctor conducting this particular guest adventure at that point in time right? Am I missing something or am I some kind of genius?
  23. Excellent Now all you have to do is adjust the curves in the spaceship part to reflect the floor plan posted by jjuttp.