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  1. Beware you sit in the plane for 13hrs to get there.
  2. Gazza

    Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Are you sure? There's no female performers in the pic?
  3. Gazza

    The Off Topic Topic

    @Rollercoaster_Lover , this is obviously you because you are the only person who spells Green Lantern as Greenlauntern
  4. Do they hold staff meetings, and where? Often if the park has an auditorium or theatre for shows they'll be done in there, What sort of work happens before/after the parks opening times? Maintenance checks, cleaning, gardening, food prep for things like premade sandwiches etc.
  5. I guess, especially now Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster exists, but its kind of at a dead end given the way the routing has been done on the map, and if you went to SFFT you'd logically need to add SW San Antonio, and likely ZDT/Schlitterbahn. The thing with the US is that basically no matter which way you go, there is always another park within 2-3 hours that you can theoretically add on, and you have to say stop somewhere. The tour finishes at CP, but an idea could be to add Kennywood at the end, since its not really on the way to anywhere.
  6. Gazza

    Wild West Falls finally reopened!

    I noticed one effect has changed, the water tower previously used to leak, then turn off at the last second. Now it stays on, but the power increases at the last second, so the water goes straight over your head.
  7. Gazza

    WBMW parkitect

    This is probably the best grid based re-creation of the park ive seen...Reminds me a lot of the new map. Well done.
  8. Gazza

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Bring a friend for free is a bit Six Flags isn't it?
  9. Gazza

    U.S Trip Advice

    In terms of return flights to and from the US they can be as cheap as $800 and as much as $2000. In terms of flights from LA to Orlando, around $200-$300 return from memory....Have a look on Google Flights to compare (Though Southwest Airlines doesn't seem to show up) You can get direct LA to Orlando flights, or have a short 1hr connection somewhere like Dallas, which isn't too much of an odd routing. In terms of parks, LA has 5 majors, and it depends on what your interests are. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are both must dos. A 3 day park hopper should allow you to see everything you want to. Just up the road is Knotts Berry Farm, with a good mix of thrill and family rides and a couple of nice dark rides. A day is enough. Universal Studios is definitely a must do ..The studio tour of Course, but the Harry Potter and Transformers rides are worth the price alone.A day is enough, and you can fork out for a VIP pass to skip the lines, but I think it's unnecessary. Finally, Six Flags Magic Mountain is around 100km north of Disneyland, and has the biggest collection of roller coasters in the world, with just about every type represented.....flying, flipping, floorless, stand up, launched, racing, wooden....If you like rides like DC Rivals and Superman Escape, youll get something out of Magic Mountain (But the 6 yo might not) One day is enough, but pay extra and get a Gold or better flash pass, which lets you jump the lines, and is probably worth it for this park. Going in September is past the peak, but all Parks in LA and Orlando will be open daily. Theme parks In other parts of the country they might only be open weekends.
  10. I don't think a lot of things are really suited to the flying theatre ride system though. For things like a motion pod simulator or motion seats yes, but as I understand it for flying theatres its not about sudden movements like being dumped by a wave, nor is it convincing to squeeze a large theatre through a hole in the green room or the HWSW loop or strapped into a tailspin seat (Because fundamentally you'd have 60 people staring at the inside of a Tailspin OTSR that is like 10m high on screen. The technique is footage with the horizon fairly level. For me, its really back to basics to make this a success...Go over the 12 Apostles, over the Sydney harbour bridge, over Katherine gorge, over the Barossa vineyards, over the Nulabor ribbon of highway with trucks tooting. along the Gold Coast beaches, and yes conclude with a flight over DW. Anything else is tacky. It's fly over Australia, not pinball machine through the DW rides.
  11. Gazza

    Ferrari World Trip Report

    Ill sort those pages too over the weekend. Its funny, they used to have a space shot on the middle, and now they have that turbo track thing. Is that Speed of Dreams "Spiderman type ride still going? The Fiorano GT challenge is an odd one....I can see why they didn't bank it, it was in order to make it like a race track with hard cornering. But trying to translate motor racing realistically into a roller coaster always ends up lame...see Motocoaster. What about that kids shooting dark ride?
  12. I never said that grassed areas are a waste of space, just that they can be done better if you want to call it a theme park. In terms of guests not burning their feet though, not using bitumen is a good start.
  13. Good post, sums up my opinion well. It's sort of on the cusp of being a theme park, but the sparseness of some parts stop it from fully getting there. I think its fine to have the big lawns etc for picnics, but they sort of need a bit more to unify it, and the structures can't just be pool fences and council type shade structures. To me, a theme park is something that takes you away from the here and now, and when i was there, there's not quite enough to disguise the "Perth aridness" If you wanted to fix that, the lawn itself needs to become its own semi secluded precinct, with a few structures in there that unify it...Heck you could even theme the area as an "aussie bush retreat" . Then the fringes of the area get landscaped to separate it off. The green area is more tiki themed shelters, and a layer of tropical gardens, fading into wild western at the western end. The purple zones would be more of a classic main entry statement for the park. Do something with the paving here to make a distinc first impression. The red zone would be gardens to segue into the Abyss/Rampage/Goliath area. (And by the way, that area needs to be given a proper name....Eg "The Mythical Way" or "Land of Legends" or whatever)
  14. Gazza

    Thank you (2018 edition)

    I want stand up tilt on one side of GD.
  15. Gazza

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    I reckon AW either need to do an intermediate family coaster (Eg stuff like a Wild Mouse or Family Boomerang) Either that or a high capacity proslide....Im suprised better provision wasn't made at Kraken to have a 2nd ride making use of the belt, which would have cost a shitload. No flat rides pls, we don't need another Aussie World or Dreamworld.
  16. Cut back on non essentials like movies, cigarettes, consumer electronics...and before you travel just have a 'tightarse month' where you spend every weekend at home.
  17. Gazza

    Thank you (2018 edition)

    How often do 14 teenagers rock up, Skeet?
  18. Gazza

    Thank you (2018 edition)

    I dunno why this would be a major issue, the number of enthusiasts in a theme park would be a couple per day on average among thousands The number of them who are ticking off a ride on a kiddie coaster is an even smaller number of that. So don't try and tell me they are making lines longer lol.
  19. Gazza

    Thank you (2018 edition)

    I try to ride at least one example of each ride model. Kiddie coasters Ill do if they are there and no queue.
  20. Yeah the LPM one is just a standard oval type layout with a helix, semi transportable and sits on a base frame. Look on Google maps. The myer center one is custom, with supports from the building columns. Plus the trains have different structures. I think the LPM dragon has been there earlier than 2001...ive ridden it as a kid in 1997 or earlier.
  21. Gazza

    Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    I'm only going to count new coasters I rode this year. 1) DC Rivals 2) Deep Space (Adlabs) 3) Nitro (Adlabs) 4) El Loco (Adventuredome) 5) Gold Rush Express (Adlabs) 6) Canyon Blaster (Adventuredome) 7) Big Apple Coaster (New York New York Casino) 8) Big Dipper (Adelaide Show) 9) Jurassic Coaster (Ekka) It was a quiet year for me.
  22. The one in Vancouver offers multiple films, eg the standard Canadian one, a Chinese dragon one etc