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  1. If they don't sell a "Big Dipper Pretzel" promo food item there is something wrong.
  2. @Noxegon make a website where the user is presented with a random theme park and must move the slider between theme park and amusement park or anywhere in between. We then put the parks on a scatter plot and write a dissertation on the results.
  3. The Germans have a better word, freizeitpark which literally means "Free time park" so no ambiguity there.
  4. I think the issue with anything is that there is stuff that straddles the boundaries. Like Dorney Park or Luna Park or Nagashima, squarely Amusement parks. Or Disneysea or Phantasialand or PortAventura, squarely theme parks. But then Australian parks, some SF parks etc straddle the boundary and have zones with themes, but some without, and then sometimes attractions that break the theme. And also, the other factor to consider is what level of theming brings it from amusement park to theme park. For example Adventure World does have zones (Eg the Nautical Zone, the min
  5. I think Mack have a more robust system. In Australia GL basically picked stock music so it didn't really add much emotion and Arkham was so quiet and useless it was a waste of money. But yeah, onboard audio slaps when it's properly composed and matches the ride movement, like when you ride Space Mountain and there is this specific point in the soundtrack where the music drops and you go down the first drop and turn and its the coolest thing ever And even stuff more recently like Taron it just added a whole extra layer to to the experience for me.
  6. But I mean, I think the presentation of this already seems better than DCR. The lack of a connecting path wont sink or swim the ride. Re onboard audio, I've come around to the view that it basically a non negotiable for any major ride these days, if I were running the show I'd sacrifice other things to have it.
  7. DW already has probably an excess of outlets, many of which do not open, so it can make sense to have fewer outlets with high turnover rather than dispersing staff onto lots of little ones and have them twiddling their thumbs waiting for guests. Is a path really a drop in the ocean? Additional path and a ramp or bridge structure would be several hundred thousand. If you wanted to do it "properly", eg with -a bridge going through the loop -a hub in the middle of the reverse spiral -Landscaping and theming along these paths so you aren't walking through a field of grave
  8. I don't want this coaster to remain in Australia.
  9. Devils advocate, I could understand why the path would be left out. The coaster is the only ride in that area, when previously it had three rides, plus shops. The park circulation pattern would be as below: So the main benefits of the path would be better photo angles of the coaster. Non riders would only be going as far as the entrance, which is not very deep in the area. So hey, why not have everyone go back via main street and not walk that much longer, and hopefully buy an ice cream or some lollies or a coffee on that side.
  10. Umm, no? We're talking about the coaster, it's entirely relevant to the topic. Quit trying to derail every topic or poll with what you think people should be talking about.
  11. Gawd, night and day. The roll at the start of Takabish is not really too different to the initial roll on Abyss at AW, or even the final roll on GL. Both a bit slow with hangtime, still “fun” though. Meanwhile the one on BF / ST is taken at full speed with a bit of whip and spins very rapidly. (Which reminds me, the corkscrews on ST will be good as well, they have the flick at the top which gives you a bit of a head spin compared to the fairly continuous spiral you would get on Corkscrew/SV) https://www.coastercrazy.com/forums/holiday-park-26-04-09-europa-park-27-28-
  12. I think I'll be damn close, there will visitors that prefer ST to DCR or even SE because it "has loops" and a triple launch. Im not sure how many people on here have ridden BF or it's clones but it's a top ride in the world with a really well balanced layout and the final roll is the best thing ever, a true WTF moment you have to experience to understand.
  13. Yes but theming should be a rich tapestry of finishes, not just saying "hurrr it's snake themed so lets put snake skin on EVERYTHING" The rock tunnels don't have snake skin on it. Needs to be balanced between theming related to the snake and theming related to the snakes habitat, IMO. Agree on Rivals, that's what happens when "sleek/modern" is insisted upon. I'm sure we know a few other recent Australian attractions where that was clearly the driver 😏
  14. Lol don't lie. Literally popped down just now in lunch hour to have a look and all the steel work and slide pieces are there but no vertical construction.
  15. Because the path is not the snake. However a path with snake tracks, or a path textured like a typical snake habitat would make sense.
  16. Apparently other X Car coaster have had problems. Drayton Manor took theirs out. The one at Magic Springs was SBNO for a year. Can't speak for Ukko at Linnanmaki. The rest are in China... Maurer no longer market the product line.
  17. Yeah I find it hard to criticise this. We got renderings and POV at the announcement Regular construction updates. Videos showing how it gets built for a layperson. Docos with 10 min episodes like Efteling do would be cool but tbh I'm not sure if many people other than thoosies watch them. These videos are digestible. Where is all this for Leviathan?
  18. Yeah it would be kind of cool if they had BD 1 2 and 3 lined up a the entrance (With 3 doubling as a test seat)
  19. Awww look at that attention to detail. I thought thoosies loved that sorta thing
  20. ok fine ill be more accurate lol DW, put this in the physics excursion worksheet
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