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  1. Well, Intamin invented the element...
  2. State Theme Park Incentives

    But if it is 5 hours from PER to SIN, why then would it take a further 7.5 hours to travel the 35km via coach from Changi Airport to Johor?
  3. I thought the hyped bit would take up that remaining free time with extras?
  4. Movie World New Park Map

    Could be as simple as re-rendering the file in 'cel shaded' style with outlines, brighter colours, a less yellow light source and less severe shadows. FWIW I don't mind the concept though.
  5. In terms of getting everything done in te night...Did you have a camera with you taking photos?
  6. I occasionally get a sharp feeling in my feet as soon as I step off, which I tend to find happens on rides where my feet are dangling with positive G-Force.
  7. Gumbaya coaster?

    No I'm not forgetting at all actually. What do you think the gist of my post was?
  8. Gumbaya coaster?

    They did WWW for $60m in 2006.
  9. Well not n Not necessarily. Parks often use an emotive name, but that doesn't necessarily carry through to an overarching theme. Like how Luna Park isn't themed around the moon/lunar bodies despite the name. Side question. How does the theming at Butlins compare to Dreamworld? I remember you mentioned that Butlins is your favourite, so Im guessing it has really good theming and dark rides? They will eventually build something to complete but it'll be Gerstlauer or Maurer.
  10. Does that mean the theme of Six Flags Magic Mountain is magic?
  11. Gumbaya coaster?

    Thats a bit dismissive. (To tell people to move along based on your opinion of what the park will be) The plans shown to date had a giant Boomerango for instance, which is a big ass slide that isn't for little kids.
  12. Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    Yeah I don't think being the first of a particular manufacturer is a selling point. What other 'records' did you mean?
  13. Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    Not an Australian first since there are body slide bowls at Casey RACE and the SA Aquatic Centre.
  14. Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    I dont think that artists impression is an accurate one to go by. Jamberoo have changed plans constantly. The small funnels on that blue raft slide appear to just be inaccurate drawing....The next size down in Proslide funnels can only take 1/2 person rafts.
  15. Some classic footage I dug out.
  16. Pushbutton I'm interested to know, if we look at just the roller coasters in Australia, which fit into each of the following categories? - Mild Thrills -Moderate Thrills -High Thrills
  17. Review Requests

    I've started doing some ride reviews in our great review section: But I need some inspiration....So, any requests for rides you want to see reviewed by me?
  18. ^Twisted Colossus would be on par with Tatsu and X2.
  19. Japan rollercoasters

    How did I forget to write Fuji Q?