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  1. Yes, keep in mind this thing is as tall as Superman, but the fan turn is like 3x the width of the top hat, so it looks huuuuge. Being on an elevated site actually helps a little too, and is not something I had really considered until now.
  2. Touche. That said I wonder if it'll be gone in a few years since its not too much older than the original super 8.
  3. Two trapdoor start boxes: You can see in the artwork what each one does. One is a straight speed slide with humps, the other has twists and turns.
  4. -The slide is now a proper rally racer, with the final drop being enclosed, and a short open air section after the braided section, as well as a short one just after the start line (similar to Red Belly Racer at Gumbuya) @joz probably doesn’t like this since you only have limited chances to see your mates competing in parallel. -They’ve come to their senses and put the two speed slides on one side, so they wont have to split the queueing. One of them will be a turbo tunnel, which looks awesome. Happy to have a normal speed slide back in the country too!
  5. When I went past this morning you could see that most of the upwards sweep into the first overbank was in place. Definitely looking more like a rollercoaster now from the M1.
  6. Slick is a mod, but I didn't see him using his mod status to claim authority in the debate.🤨
  7. I do wonder if you could very lightly use an angle grinder and remove the bits of the letters outside the GD rails...Depends on how they are attached on really i guess. Or paint over them with dark enough paint such that they become simply impossible to read from a distance.
  8. How about, Dreamworld Tower: Tower of Terror - The Giant Drop.
  9. ^Wow, that's something I didn't know until now!
  10. Modern problems require modern solutions.
  11. Come on, you've spoken like that to other members way more often than I have, there's a reason we have to follow with a pooper scoop. Don't have a glass jaw. It's different because once the attraction closes it changes the nature of it. Offer all or nothing basically. There might have been a window for this as a part of a "farewell tour" type thing if the thing was still operating and was due to close in the near future, basically in the weeks or days around the closure, and even potentially a broader back of house tour for passholders for a few days. But it's been SBNO fo
  12. Come on you're being disingenuous. There's a difference between upcharging if something is available to normal guests (Eg upcharging for fast track if you can still ride for free, or charging for the tour of scooby if you can still ride the coaster, or UTT if you can still do haloween mazes and sit in the normal non vip seating or buy your own food) This is very different to suddenly closing a coaster to the public, then having the nerve to charge people to climb it "BeCauSE iTs a UniQuE ExpERiencE".....I think a lot of guests would find that especially galling. Yes people were
  13. Non enthusiasts enjoy bridge climb because it's in the middle of the iconic Sydney Harbour. Q1 Climb, Brisbane Bridge climb etc, all picturesque. It would just be awkward I'm sorry to say....."aww why did you close down this ride I liked it?" "uhhhh is it safe for us to be on here if you've had to shut it down?"....."Awww why are you charging us passholders to climb it instead of spending money to fix it or build a new ride". How do you address these questions when they inevitably pop up on social media? I thought Parkz was against half arsed attractions? But it turns out a cl
  14. Because it would create a negative guest experience for non enthusiasts touring an attraction they can no longer ride.
  15. When did the tower exist without the Tower of terror ride? What was the Tower of terror used for?
  16. Transformers didn't open with USS. Does the $1.8b include the resort at HK?
  17. Nah, Disney theming definitely is is much better, and more extensive than Australian parks. It's stuff like how Superman Escape comes out of white shed, or on Wildwest Falls the back of the lift hill is exposed. At Disney parks you just don't see any breaks in the theming like that, this means more design, more materials etc to finish the job. HK land and construction costs are high. Disney capacity requirements are higher, so more trains, more blocks etc. As for USS, I think because the park is slightly smaller than HK, and yes more attractions in total, but a lot of
  18. Why didn't you check the Whitewater West website? https://www.whitewaterwest.com/en/products/water-slides/icons/slidewheel/ 340-480 per hr, with 4 per raft, it's a group every 45 secs at least. But the site of Mach 5 is bigger than the site of Supertubes Hydrocoaster And if you want a longer slide, in less space you can stack it up
  19. Sometimes when an attraction closes, useful theming is stripped shortly after out for re-use for special events, in other attractions etc.
  20. The park needs more kinetic to compensate for the loss of the kinetic the TOT gave.
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