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  1. Yeah but once the green wall grows in front of it, it will look better than having white show through.
  2. If you were doing vertical gardens, wonder why you wouldnt do the shed in "Pale Eucalpyt"
  3. Good point but I dunno if they are counting overall slide height or the height of the actual start tower, since Gravity Wave is on a hill
  4. It's patently not though. Beach Park Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, Insano is 41m high https://www.beachpark.com.br/en/parque-aquatico#!atracoes On the WnW website, Double Barrel is described as being 12m high, so i would estimate Kaboom being about 24m high.
  5. Intamin normally use wheels to stop trains anyway (Given mag brakes cant hold them) You'll note none of our Intamins have pinch brakes.
  6. Having mag brakes (or even friction brakes) that raise and lower is pretty routine. Im surprised they didnt have brake fins to the side like on the old school Intamin hypers or premier. https://rcdb.com/541.htm#p=127284
  7. I take exception to this one. In any country, a certain number of deaths is expected from all causes (accident, illness, old age, homicide, suicide) and this remains reasonably stable from year to year (same as the birth rate remains reasonably stable from year to year) https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm But in places where the pandemic was bad, way more people were dying than usual, so clearly a new dangerous illness was the new kid on the block picking people off. A handful of deaths possibly being misatribued is really irrevant if hundred
  8. That's hauling. Also, I never fully appreciated the exit bridge would be right next to the corkscrew at eye level.
  9. Going past this morning, none of the tower sections are on site anymore, so the only bit remaining is the station.
  10. Yeah I don't think anyone should be forced but you can definitely dab on people who dont.
  11. Mack have two standard body shells, the one seen on Blue Fire and the one seen on Helix. Icon already had the Helix style one before Dreamworld:
  12. Yeah, whenever I hear "Big _______" I kind of switch off at that point. If there was a quick and easy solution, governments would gravitate towards it because they're cheapos.
  13. By the looks of the plans this has two lifts which should help.
  14. What do they pay? Sydney is an expensive city.
  15. Good they have started groundwork, I was expecting this to be "any time in the next 10 years" I'm happy that we are getting an Alpine Coaster down under, and with Coffs now around 3 hours from the GC I'll definitely pop down to check it out one weekend, but don't necessarily expect it to set your world alight.
  16. The funny thing is in Melbourne clothing stores were called non-essential. Naked protests to come?
  17. Here is a mini update, not really much point going back until opening day now. Super ripper is finished and has daylight ring effects on the enclosed section. The shade structure over the kids area is huge and looks very heavy duty due to the cantilever design.
  18. Agree, yeah someone might be worried about a vaccine..... But then then many of the same people were up in arms about warning masks too and developed bad faith arguments about oxygen deficiency etc even though if you went to somewhere like Japan pre covid people have bee wearing masks with a cough for decades: So it seems ANY measure will make some people unhappy and resentful.
  19. Open ST the 18th, ride, then go out and brag about how fun it is.
  20. It's not a boycott if you're not allowed in 💅
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