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  1. Space Roller doesn’t have any insurance, heaps of operators struggled to find insurance during COVID. Wild Mouse has been around for about a year now, was supposed to do Sydney last year but obviously was cancelled. It’s just an SBF Cyclone, same layout as a Pindari Zyclon. Nothing special.
  2. Other ride operators from Sydney and beyond have confirmed. From what I’ve heard, Joylands doesn’t think it’s feasible to tour a two trailer machine (that requires a small crane to set up mind you) when there’s already a Breakdance on the circuit.
  3. All the HUSS Rides from the park (including the breakdance) are getting scrapped, so unfortunately everything that can be will be sold off, and the rest sent to the scrap yard.
  4. Most of Joyland's rides will be heading to their annual Christmas carnival at Jervis Bay, so doubt anything of value will be added (unless Pirates Revenge makes a surprise return for the summer). Spider will be returning (hopefully) at a later date, definitely not to the park and not for a few years at least, but there's the chance you could see it around at one point or another.
  5. Joylands has (and will) receive two rides from the park, one of which will for certain return to the travelling circuit. So yeah wouldn’t be suprised if Rockin Tug was included in that transaction.
  6. Strange to see how empty the space looks without the ride, it really dominated that back section of the park. As stated before, the Ranger’s electronic components will be reused to bring another HUSS classic back to life. I believe the shell of the ride including the arm, deck and gondola are being delivered to a local showman, however there are no plans currently in place to refurbish or restore the ride.
  7. Im not saying it’s the ride that’s gotten the best treatment, all the Huss rides have been looked after fantastically from a mechanical standpoint to try and keep them running as long as possible. But just looking at them visually, you can see that the Ferris Wheel has been looked after much better. New paint, lighting, etc whereas all the others have looked tired for years. Plus, a Ferris Wheel from a pretty reputable Australian manufacturer is going to be much easier to maintain than complicated Huss rides, most of which have multiple drives, etc.
  8. The Ferris Wheel is in pretty good mechanical nick, and unlike the Huss rides, was actually built as a permanent installation for the park, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as most of the Huss rides do. I suspect both rides will be hanging around for a while, seeing as Joylands aren’t running any carnivals at the moment. I was told Power Surge was closed due to not being able to follow COVID restrictions, but I assume it’s waiting on a spare part or something until it can operate.
  9. Breakdance looks like it’ll be next on the chopping block, fortunately for us enthusiasts, there seem to be quite a few showmen interested in potentially purchasing and traveling it. Does anyone know if Power Surge has opened yet? It seems like it’s just been sitting there for the last couple of days with no real movement.
  10. I can’t reveal much more than that at the moment, but unless things change drastically, Ranger definitely won’t be returning to the park.
  11. Can confirm Ranger will not be returning in its ‘current form.’ Haven’t heard anything about the Troika, but from how it’s been running the last couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised...
  12. We actually have a 'Kangaroo' model over here in Aus, technically a travelling model but only appears once a year at the annual Bell's carnival in Batemans bay (around a 4 hour drive from Sydney). It's definitely worth the trek out, they're fantastic rides and a whole lot of fun. I believe it's 1 of 2 original Bartlett's Flying Coaster units left in the world, with the other being the Kennywood Kangaroo.
  13. Fantastic photos! Any word on who owns the new coaster?
  14. Make sure that if you can, visit one of their amazing funfairs (or 'Kirmes') that they have over there. Maybe your not a huge fan of carnival rides in Australia, but honestly the quality of some of those attractions is better than what you'd find at theme parks, and the atmosphere (from what I've seen) is absolutely electric! Definitely something worth checking out. Cranger Kirmes is held in Germany during the August month, and features the likes of Olympia Looping, Wilde Maus XXL and many other notable travelling rides. The other I would have a look at is the Düsseldorf fair on the Rhine
  15. Taipan hasn't been to the Easter Show for 2 or 3 years now... was replaced by Chants Nitro Coaster (Ex-Python Loop).
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