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  1. My laptop with the game has been playing up so I haven't been able to do anything, but the problems have been fixed so I have recently started working on it again.
  2. Brilliant, because i'm loving it. Can't wait to see Scooby Doo and Wild West Falls.
  3. Is this still alive? because the work is your putting into it is fantastic
  4. This is just wishful thinking and speculation: Dreamworld: I hope they open another full circuit inverting roller coaster considering that the Cyclone is the only one and it was sadly closed when I was at Dreamworld in November (and since I sat at the back when riding the Wipeout, I got a clear view of a coaster I could not ride). White Water World: There are no simple drop slides like the Jetstreams at White Water World, so something like that may be there next attraction. Sea World: Just more animal related stuff. Movie World: After the family attraction (I wonder if this may be a replacement of the River Ride), I hope they do something with Chinatown Alley, re-theming it to Diagon Alley may work considering there is no Harry Potter related attractions at Movie World, a flying coaster would fit a Harry Potter theme but I think that will forever remain wish, I don't think we will ever see a flying coaster in Australia. Wet n Wild: Either a bowl slide or a hyrdo coaster/aqua blaster (I am not sure on the correct term), considering those are types of slides which are absent from the park.
  5. I find it hard to believe myself, it's just something i've been told and it could be a possibility for a larger person as the AquaLoop tubes are smaller than those of a regular enclosed water slide.
  6. I'm kind of skeptical if the Blue Lagoon footprint would be a big enough for a Wooden Roller Coaster, I think that the unused space on the island in the centre of the Murrisippi River would be the perfect place for a Wooden Coaster, Australia sadly hasn't had a woodie since the closure of Wonderland Sydney. Anyone else agree?
  7. Not sure how exactly it could be done, but a larger capacity for the BuzzSaw.
  8. Apparently some people get stuck on the AquaLoop right after the trap door release rather than not making it around the loop, the risk of getting stuck this way would be present on both the AquaLoop and the Wedgie.
  9. What do you personally consider to be the most intense ride on the Gold Coast? I expect to see a lot of people saying either Giant Drop or Superman Escape but I actually consider the AquaLoop water slide to more intense, standing on that trap door and awaiting the drop is terrifying (but the anticipation is half the fun), and then there is the actual drop and the loop.
  10. What theme parks (if any) have put in escalators, can you post links of pictures for proof? I know that some day, water parks will have elevators to the top of tall water slides. Onto the main topic, an upgrade would be nice.
  11. Ended up going to Movie World, Wet n Wild and Dreamworld, not the combination I expected at all, but the best one for ride fans.
  12. Dreamworld needs another roller coaster, the Cyclone is going be closed in the latter half of November, which means the park is free of any intense roller coasters.
  13. Not every park needs a main street, however I do, as i'm already using the circular hub idea, main street leads to to the center of the park, where I will try to incorporate a central hub. So various paths can hopefully lead off to various themed lands, some rides (such as the Metal Gear Solid 3D Cinema, which will be located in Main Street.) will be located outside the themed lands.
  14. Those rides all appeal to me as well, but coasters are my favorite types of rides, and seeing a big roller coaster that I can't go on while I line up for the Wipeout will be a big tease.
  15. Well that sucks, being what is refered to as a 'thrill seeker', the polar bear exhibit doesn't really interest me. I was originally considering going to DW and WWW, but with the Cyclone being closed in November when i'm going, that caused me to reconsider and make this post.
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