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  1. Europa Park in Germany in the year 2000
  2. yaark

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Instead of replacing the current Giant Drop gondolas, what if you kept them and added a forward tipping gondola to the side if the tower replacing the TOT track? You would get a Falcons Fury style experience and that way guests have a choice of how thrilling they want their drop experience
  3. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/rollercoaster-plunges-and-kills-two-at-theme-park/news-story/c247be2a260c0545044b4f8bc7301d5b Details in the article. Two people lost their lives and others injured on a coaster in a Mexico. The park is under investigation for negligent homocide.
  4. Only blue swimwear. Shame
  5. How does the queue logistics work with 6 slides on the one tower? I assume there is only 1 staircase to the top of the tower? So is it just a single queue that forms and it is pot luck which slide you get to ride when you reach your turn, where they point you to the first available slide? If you want to wait for a specific slide, but multiple people are already waiting for the same slide and multiple people already waiting on each of the other slides, the queue could could get very messy. Or are there mini queues at the the top of the tower assigned to each slide, that 4 or 5 people could wait in and you just join that back of the mini queue when directed for the slide you wish to ride? And you just let people past who want to ride other slides.
  6. yaark

    How's This For A Wipeout Replacemet?

    I was joking in reference to the clear safety barriers surrounding the centre, because I know if I rode that, they would be getting a fair splattering for sure
  7. yaark

    How's This For A Wipeout Replacemet?

    There are ample vomit guards in the centre of the attraction for good reason.. haha
  8. yaark

    Wipeout Removal

    Wonder how long it will take to deem the chairs too risky of kids standing on them and putting a cage over them to prevent an accident. As a double bonus though, the cage would act as a secondary shade solution for maximum shade effect!
  9. yaark

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    The Grim Reaper? (haven't seen much of him since the 1980's AIDS campaign ads!!)
  10. It was just the similarity that both of them were/are water based attractions with Thunder in their title and poth in popular and well known parks., For some reason it's the first thing I thought when I read the title of the show. I went overboard in saying comparisons could be drawn if something were to happen and probably over stated that part of my post way too far to be honest. Should have just left it as a personal observation 🤫
  11. Did anyone else see the "Thunder Lake" name as being a little too close to "Thunder River"? I know it's a show and not a ride, but I couldn't help but think with a stunt show, if something goes wrong, there would be comparisons to the DW incident.
  12. yaark

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    The buggies would have probably been an attraction better suited to Paradise Country rather than WnW.
  13. Also Geelong to Lakes Entrance is the best part of 5.5 hours drive.. fair hike and really ambitious to squeeze 2 events in on that day with a 3 hour trip back to Gumbuya World the next day.. Think you will sleep well on the plane after that whirlwind trip. You could knock nearly an hour off the trip by going to Fun Fields instead of Adventure Park but still a pretty crazy day
  14. Thanks AlexB. I have never had to hire the lockers, so was just curious what the procedure was to retrieve your items.
  15. So how does the payment work if you have been stuck in queue for over an hour? Do you have to pay before you can open the locker? If so, how do you pay when your wallet and loose items are in the locker? If you can open the locker without paying after the 1 hour limit, whats to prevent patrons from taking their items and leaving without paying? Silly question probably, just wondered how you would get your stuff out of the locker in that situation. Or do you pay an initial locker deposit which is refunded if locker hire is closed within the first hour?