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  1. Spinning seat was absolutely insane, I am fine chain running DC rivals backwards but I dont think I can do more than 1 spinning in a day. 100% worth doing but trying to figure out where you are is disorienting and left my head spinning for quite a while after. One second you are facing forward, next second you are upside down facing backwards. I feel we are lucky to have this opportunity to ride something so intense. What a day!
  2. They had walk-ins available today, I managed to purchase one. Hopefully it's the same throughout the soft opening.
  3. Managed to make it to dreamworld this morning for the soft opening, bit of a delay at the start but running smoothly now. Got the second ride of the day in the front seat and wow, I love it. The reverse launch packs a nice punch and the pacing through the ride is fantastic. Second ride was second row from the back and you feel the reverse twist a heap more and I can see myself enjoying the back more. They are cycling both trains and the output is pretty impressive, if you're close by its pretty much a walk on. They are checking annual passes at the ride entrance. Love it.
  4. That explains what this email was last Friday, recieved it at 3:30pm and when I tried to sign up at 4 there were no spots left. Shame, as it's my day off!
  5. I'd say the Mine Ride and Bermuda triangle would be my two main picks. Having said that Dreamworld is going to feel so quiet without the ToT and wipeout. I also miss the Koala Country Puppet Show, fond memories of escaping the summer heat and relaxing in the aircon. I watch the video of it sometimes and the songs stay in my head all day.
  6. Indooroopilly? Had that happen to me a few times, KFC runs out of chicken so head to Guzman next door haha.
  7. Makes sense, especially if they are going with the Goldcoaster name. Yellow for sand, blue for water. Theming based on the ocean?
  8. I spoke to this guy on the Giant Drop a few years ago, if I can recall correctly he lives close by and heads there after work. Funnily enough he was wearing the same hi-vis/shorts combo, was super enthusiastic and nice. Good on him!
  9. After waiting it out for 2 hours, at 4:45 I managed to get on. Somber moment, I remember the day it opened, so glad I got one more ride. Fingers crossed it lasts another day.
  10. Operator says it looks like there's little chance of it running today and tomorrow isn't looking decent either. The few tests it's done it looks like it's reaching as high as it used to back when it opened. Seems like one test run every 15 mins or so at the moment
  11. Can see it being a great addition. Recently went to Waterbom in Bali, and the few towers that had 4+ slides kept my attention for so long. Go on one, oh I wonder what the other ones are like, an hour later and you've finally experienced them all. It draws you in and keeps you coming back. I'm looking forward to them!
  12. That's good to know, was dissapointed when I seen the yellow as it matches to closey to The Hotwheels Sidewinder. Wonder what it's going to be?
  13. After my fourth and final ride for the day, sitting in rows 2 on the bottom and 4/5/6 on top, aim for the middle (2/5) the bottom middle by far was my favourite as you don't see the edge or top of the screens. Have fun all 😊😊😊
  14. Seen quite a few journalists here, guessing once it hits the news station tonight the park will be busy. Getting quite the traction on social media as well. Seems like it has good throughput and will be a great crowd soaker. Welcome addition in my opinion
  15. Quiet today, been on it three times, hit up every other ride once and tower of terror 6 times, haven't waited more than one train on any ride.
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