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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    Ah awesome thanks for the reply, I remember going on it as a kid and loving it. Was sad when it was gone when I went back quite some time later. Did find this video while searching for it though, quite sad seeing all the old rides gone. Having said that I never knew the Bermuda triangle used to have a mining theme.
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    Was the coaster at SeaWorld back in the 90s something like a wild mouse? Went on it when I was really young and have slight memories of what it looked like, think it was called Thrillseeker.
  3. Decided to do just that took my little nephew a few months back when a lot of the rides were closed and the park was empty, he said it was a sad the park was so dead. Going to give ride express a shot. Thanks for the replys all.
  4. How has the attendance been looking at the parks the past few days? Keen to go but I live 3 hours away so not worth the drive if the parks still have crazy queues. Great to see them busy, especially Dreamworld, but still prefer not to wait hours for rides.
  5. Guessing it prevents people from putting their hands up too? Can see a few bruised knuckles from people getting excited at the top and forgetting the cage is there.
  6. I remember the amount of signs on the log ride saying not to rock the boat, are the cages now in place to prevent it from tipping? Or more so stopping people from trying to get out?
  7. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Looking forward to hearing that recognisable sound of the wipeout again. Hopefully the log ride opens too and we have a full park operating.
  8. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Went on Thursday, definitely going again the same day as White Christmas. Every ride bar scooby (30 minutes) and dc (15 minutes) was a walk on even Arkham. There was a bit of a crowd but way less than I expected. Left around 5 to probably a thousand people waiting to come in for White Christmas. Dc and Superman both had two carriages running so queue went fast. Loving the amount of shows they had on throughout the day, Matt Hollywood was great to see. Can't wait for Wild West to open again, miss having a ride to cooldown on. No locker fee's is great too, don't feel to need to use the full hour anymore. Great day all round.
  9. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    That's honestly what shocked me, it's the first time I seen a vomit on the ground.. Then proceed to witness 6 or so on the ground throughout the day and one happened right next to me, and of course the ride breaks down and we have to sit next to the smell. The tower of terror attendant said it happens a lot around the school excursion time. Kids scoff down food and go straight on rides. The humidity was pretty horrible Tuesday too so that could have contributed.
  10. Great childhood memories on the mine ride, the first loud clunk at the start when the train connects to the chain hill and how bloody hot it would on the ride during the summer. Always loved the queue for it, hearing the screams and seeing the drop right in front of you, then hearing it screech above you as it sped back into the mountain. It's a shame but was expected, hope they make good use of the amount of room they have there now.
  11. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    I was there on Tuesday and both Buzzsaw and Tailspin were open. The notices out front said the Buzzsaw would be closed for the day but opened around 10:45. Witnessed quite a few breakdowns Tuesday. Giant drop got stuck half way up twice, both times for a few minutes and had to be lowered down slowly I got stuck on the shockwave for about 10 minutes as the attendant couldn't release the harnesses until maintenance arrived. Also got stuck on the tailspin as we waited for maintenance to do a reset Was a good day but holy shit, never going again the last week of school term. The amass of school groups going on end of years excursions goes hand in hand with the most vomit I have ever seen. Tower of terror was shut for 40 minutes due to clean up, 3 outside of buzzsaw and the girl next to me projectile vomited as we stopped on the shockwave.. All the vomit and breakdowns reminded me of my old rollercoaster tycoon days.