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  1. Could be a pump or electrical failure that's occurred during pre-opening checks. These things do occur.
  2. The Seaworld entrance shows the Park is literally under construction. It's such a shame the oldest Park is treated with such tackiness. I understand Covid safe information is needed to be displayed so that fine. But the execution sucks, it's like a construction wall you'd find in any large city in Australia. That's how awful and tacky it is. Might as well get anyone with a theme park page to plaster a sticker over the wall for free promotion. It feels like SeaWorld of late has lost its way a little. I hope who ever is in charge these days of SeaWorld tries to get these minor issues
  3. To our taste! we gotta be so grateful that we are even getting such a coaster in Sydney. While a different train would be nice having this world-first at LPS is truly amazing. How management pulled this off we will never know but we must be thankful.
  4. Would be awful for any business in that situation. They'll reopen, it will be how the park was before it closed for refurbishment. Limited capacity and fully vaccinated one would assume.
  5. Delays in the water proofing due to supply issues I believe.
  6. If we were in America (I know we are not)this coaster would possibly be an ACE landmark. I must admit even the it's rough rising and it's theming has never been on point, I've always had a soft spot for it.
  7. Another great time-lapse construction video from the park. Here showing Big Dipper’s station area. https://fb.watch/7_lZ0Va7xX/
  8. 100%. It's a unique coaster from a former powerhouse in the industry. We should try to do what we can for it.
  9. 100%. This could very well be the last Arrow coaster that was built for our region in the world. It's got that old charm that Arrow used to romanticise with. This coaster could very well have a life span of 15+ years if looked after to the highest quality.
  10. I don't see LPM getting a new major ride for some time. The Park is owned by the Linfox company, I believe. So even tho LPS is getting yet another Big Dipper LPM does not need to respond at all. LPM has local competition with Gumbya and Funfields anyway. Buzzsaw won't be going to any of the Luna Parks. As much as some might want it to it's just never going to happen. The ride will end up most likely overseas I believe.
  11. Correct, if you are willing to pay for all the engineering cost associated. You won't see that ride at LPS. They've invested in the Intamin single rail, I don't see why they would want to get Buzzsaw at all.
  12. Well, considering it had some work done on it recently one would expect a few more years are indeed left in it.
  13. Just for size reference, it would barely fit into the Lavender Green area, You could never put it on the rooftop of the ticket box either due to weight concerns. I also do not see the park removing any of the new rides for an awfully long time either.
  14. Wishful thinking, LPS have a maximum height limit they are allowed to build too. possibly just doing some maintenance or they got damaged. I'm sure they'll return eventually.
  15. They could have 5,000. I'm sure when the park reopened in 2004 it was regularly hitting these numbers. I think timed sessions are the way the park will go. Given they did this successfully last year and beginning of this year. While it's upsetting in a way you do not get the entire day you can easily do many rides and re-rides during this event time. You make good valid points @MrLukeCarroll. I'm just looking forward to returning to the park.
  16. You spend a good chunk looking at a car park while riding DC Rivals also.
  17. Maybe some of us haven't ridden blue fire...Not all enthusiasts do the same things.
  18. I understand people want to argue over the camera settings and who should have recorded the POV and crap. It's nice to see a POV tho. It's much better than the rivals POV In my opinion. I don't personally undergrad the issue of the camera self-levelling especially if it's on a gimbal. I see hear people say the ride is “uninspiring” and “lacking in airtime”. I ain't know how anyone can judge a product without actually testing it, then again I'm not exactly a credit whore either. I'll wait to judge it when I get the chance to ride it. The layout looks great and some of those transiti
  19. Park's capacity is just over 3,000 I would assume due to the size of it. So it would safely manage to operate under the new restrictions of 5,000 max. It would just be back to ensuring entry/exit points are clearly defined. They achieve this relatively well. Cindy island would be the only part of the park that would be tricky seeing it's an indoor facility, so naturally, its numbers would be limited.
  20. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTmJdY-HTTR/?utm_medium=copy_link Nice footage from the park.
  21. Nice to see ST has begun full circuit testing. In looking forward to seeing the spinning car in testing action. The layout looks good from the air, get a sense of where the queue will go had how the area might feel and look.
  22. Perfect storm, Not the standard cookie-cutter layout and includes visual/audio inside the main funnel. The fact this main funnel is enclosed also is a great addition as I feel you get “lost” within the moment. My honourable mentions are Funnel Web at Jamberoo, T5 at RWS and The Green Room at WWW.
  23. 100% accurate. The tractive effort is achieved by the weight of the locomotive on the railhead along with the good balancing of the locomotive on its suspension. I was unsure of the actual weight of the carriages but I assumed 5t. I wonder how many carriages the new consist will have?.
  24. It looks way too tight, the grade will also be much for severe from memory. If the diesel has had work done to its wheels then maybe it could take a tighter radius but still, man that's going to be a challenge. Even if they do turn the train around. I'm assuming these new carriages will be of aluminium/lightweight steel construction now to take as much load off the engine as possible.
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