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  1. Both. I found comments on posts from them on multiple occasions
  2. Well they managed to fool everyone into thinking Rivals didn’t exist while it was being constructed. So I’m sure they’ll be able to do the same with AA 😏
  3. MW did confirm on Facebook comments and messages that the ride was no more though?
  4. That sign was added 3-4 years ago when they opened that gate for public access
  5. For those who aren’t already aware, Mike Croaker, the head of entertainment for VRTP began a podcast at the start of the year caller ‘Park Life’. Each episode he interviews someone WHO go has in some way been involved with VRTP. The first episode starts with a very insightful interview with COO, Bikash. Since then Mike has interviewed a wide variety of people that include those who involved with park operations, entertainment, merchandise, film studios and the Aquacolour Lightshow. There’s an episode out every Friday and I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode so far. Mike doesn’t just focus o
  6. There must be some extensive works happening to Batwing as the top of the tower has been removed. Something I’ve never seen before. The tower looks naked without it
  7. @red dragin unfortunately not, I did have a look around couldn’t see it
  8. Train shed has been completely demolished And because of this, look who’s made an appearance And here’s just some generally photo updates
  9. It’s such a shame and missed opportunity that the GC water parks have never gone to this kind of effort with their slides
  10. It took years from them to remove a number of attractions that had been closed and left untouched. Eureka and the Skyway station remained for years because there was no real reason to remove them. There were no plans or opportunities for them to remove them yet. The same will happen with the log ride. If they don’t need the land yet, just leave it and remove it once they have plans. Much cheaper doing it that way. It just means there is an eye sore in that area of the park
  11. That was the old waterpark, Blue Lagoon. It was closed and some what removed when WhiteWater World opened. The volcano was the tower of slides and the slab you see is where the pool was
  12. When the SkyFlyer was installed, it only about 3-4 weeks. Trident is obviously permanent and larger, so it will take longer, but it won’t take too long. We probably won’t see anything begin until after Easter
  13. According to SWs website, apparently it has finished and it’s making a return
  14. This ride is closed for quite an extensive period of time. I’d say due to its close proximity with Leviathan, it’s construction will starting getting close to this ride.
  15. As Superman Escape is closed for a month, could this be related to the demolition of AA? Usually SE is closed during the winter, but this year it has been brought forward. If MW are set to announce a replacement attraction this year, so we see work starting soon to prepare the site? The coaster didn’t operate for over a year and during that time I’m sure they explored plenty of ideas. I’ve been told that there are couples of ride options and themes they are looking into. But the decision will be effected by licensing and costing.
  16. Replacement attraction apparently will be announced this year
  17. I love how LPS has taken an idea from the GC parks and added greenery to there construction fencing
  18. It still amazes me that WWW isn’t open until after the Easter holidays. It can still be quite warm in April and generally the parks get busy during those holidays
  19. They’ve put some effort into the GD But Buzzsaw is still a yellow line apparently (along with many of the other attractions I don’t see the point of them investing time and money into this. Their in park map does the job. They should just stick with that
  20. @Whombex they’ve just screenshot that photo from Snapchat. But a great public service announcement
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