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  1. Might put into perspective how massive this project and the investment is. Potentially they’ve needed multiple design contractors and fabricators to be spread across the land and its attractions.
  2. I haven’t heard of Earthstory before this project, but I get the feeling you don’t like them very much?
  3. I don’t like the situation either, but whether you’re being biased or not, the technology now exists, it’s only going to get better and people will sadly be loosing their jobs. It’s the unfortunate reality in most cases.
  4. @Tricoart you’re being very passionate about something that doesn’t really matter. Dreamworld haven’t released these (poorer quality) artworks on their own socials, they’ve just published the actually good ones that will give a better idea of what’s going be reality. Before AI was possible, you’d just do a quick photoshop to capture the concept/theme that they’re going for. Now AI is an available tool, so why not use it. It’s not like they’re going to be using these AI images to build the thing! And I’m sure there is a lot better content being shown behind closed doors, but what this contractor has shown is purely to just tease the basic concept of what they are doing.
  5. Definitely doesn’t. Indiana Jones’ general theme if you removed the character is jungle/temples/artefacts. And that is just a general theme that could be applied as the theme to any attraction. If there’s a whip and fedora as part of the theming, then yes, maybe there is an argument.
  6. In the same video posted by @Ogre, they captured this And there’s a lot of it on Vortex too
  7. @jjuttup yeah those things! I assume they’ve gone them in place to stop seagulls from gathering while vortex isn’t operating, but I’ve never seen a ‘world class theme park’ have those before
  8. It’s been a few years, but apparently Sea World’s (sometimes) annual car sale is back on, but this time around The New Atlantis. In @Ogre most recent update from the park, they captured the inflatable dancers have returned. I haven’t seen the park advertising this years car sale, but if they’ve got the inflatable dancers back, that must mean it’s happening again. Images from the below video:
  9. I know the boat/restraint changes were necessary for the future of the attraction, but they have really have made it less appealing to ride. Operations are so much slower, the boats are annoying to get in and out of and they’re now more restricting for certain guests.
  10. But surely it makes more sense to have it at a lower price point so more people use it and then see a higher return day to day. Otherwise, what’s the point in having them at all if only 5% (this is just a guess) of your daily guests use it. It’s daylight robbery that Village charge $30 for the backwards seats. Especially when they don’t have the excuse of the costs to charge and maintain them.
  11. Looks like the new markets are about to get a facelift
  12. When back through this forum and realised this was in the context of Sky Voyager, not the parks in general. I’ve never seen the scales before, so not sure if it was a temporary thing when the ride has having some issues
  13. They do and they've been like that for quite some time (at least a decade?). I don't think I can remember a time when DW had custom uniforms for attractions; I know they did, but I can't remember when they was phased out. I am really hoping the park goes the extra mile for Rivertown and they have custom uniforms for those attractions. To WHSQ it does. Most likely. With the upcoming changes to Tiger Island, it's only a matter of time before its phased out. But it brings in decent money for the park, so I'd say they'll try and keep it around for as long as possible.
  14. There is in the waterparks. I can't remeber for WWW, but for WnW, outside every atrraction/loading area there are weight platforms to ensure the person/group is within the weight limit. The exact weight isn't visible to others, but a red and green light system is used. This is standard for most waterparks throughout the country (if not the world).
  15. If only Village owned a large area of land that could be permantley used as a storage area (obviously the park would need to build infrastructure to store items inside, but that would free up a lot of area in the parks for future expansions that actually benefit guests)
  16. Once Superman Escape and Wild West Falls lost their themed uniforms, that was the deal breaker for me
  17. Blander than HSD2? Blander than some of the staffs attitudes? Blander than the theming of the Flash?
  18. Sea World lists Storm Coaster as a thrill ride (if I remember correctly, they called it family thrill when it first opened), but to me Leviathan is a lot more thrilling than Storm Coaster.
  19. No not at all. I’m implying that sea world should not be falling it a family coaster.
  20. Because the cost to do these works at night would be so much higher it would probably cost more than what it would to repaint the whole track. Plus all the other reasons people have given. No need to rush the repaint when they can just do it during next years maintenance. I’d rather have the ride open for the rest of the year than close for a month or two (again) just for a repaint. But also another reason would be because reopening it hours after it has just been painted would cause a lot of issues for the rides operation and we’d end up with a situation where it valleys again (and we know how long it took them to reopen it after that happened). After Superman Escape was repainted several years ago, the ride reopened a week after the painting was finished and it had several rollbacks because the paint needed to wear down. If I remember correctly, the ride was closed for even longer because they had to do extensive testing to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.
  21. Looks like the costumes aren’t the only downgrade. This years parade looks very stale. No action, no interactions. Movie World parades always used to be a highlight, but it seems they’ve gone the way of their stunt show. Swing and miss.
  22. Oh, well that is disappointing to hear then. Then yes, this is a massive downgrade.
  23. And in no way do I see Leviathan as a family or family thrill coaster, no matter what the park says. It may have a lower height requirement, but it’s the most thrilling attraction in the park. In terms of thrill level, I suspect it will be most comparable too TNT at Gumbuya World/Flight of the Wicked Witch at Movie World. But honestly, I think Jungle Rush will stand on its own in terms of what it has to offer.
  24. I believe these are guests who have dressed up. The park encourages people to dress up for the event and I think this is exactly that.
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