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  1. gclad

    What’s next for movie world

    reply to AlexB. personally being a WB kid through and through, there lies part Of the problem, WBMW, not having direct input from its direct namesake. If . WB U.S. were to re-take ownership or partownership of the Park (hint hint if the parks up for sale) like the good ole days Would alleviate this problem, maybe take a good look At the Warner Bros Park in Dubai for inspiration, theming and the full immersive factor. Being old school and part of the MW opening crew, know full well of the licensing and cost factor , quite surprised WBMW. Has as much DC as it does for the licensing Of the DC branding and the individual characters.
  2. gclad

    What’s next for movie world

    Hi all havent posted for well a while, perfect opportunity for WB to utilise AA area as a HannaBarbera themed mini land as they already own the IP, can lead in through china town and Scooby, which is already a great tie in, China town suitable for HongKongFuey, as well as Tomcat, tom&jerry can have their own space, Captain Caveman, can utilise the vacant shop space, area doesnt have to be one area of one bigger attraction, can be smaller ones, like a spinning arm, mini fly coaster, roulette wheel /avalance, as there is quite a lot space here to utilise once you look at the bigger picture, that is currently dead space, ie empty shop, theres two unused green rooms along China town path, as well as preshow rooms aka Lethal days, as a thought can push out into the Studio Admin area, which was thought about years ago and even tie in oart of ride for dark component into the WB show stage area from Southern Side just as a thought. WBMW’s biggest problem is to reliant on DC, and one of my biggest turnoffs not to visit or renew passes. IF they were smart, as much as this would be an expensive exercise is to really look at their disjointed DC, AA area woukd be awesome area have a dedicated DC zone, move GL, move Doomsday &theming into it as a really tight knit zone, so can reclaim Western area of the Park, tidies Up the front entry just sayin’. Dreams are free still, arent they?
  3. gclad

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    I’ll help give it a push off, from the turn around loop, TG end 👍🏼
  4. Just reading the thread, at one stage there when the Cyclone was built that whole middle area of the ramp leading up to the ride. There was talk of having a Sky jump area in the middle area there, which would have been of benefit in two ways better ventilation and a attraction inside of an attraction. But by what I understand from when I worked there, the noise levels from the fans would have far exceeded the noise limits for those standing in the queue to go on the cyclone, so hence it got canned. Plus the Sci-jump team manning the attraction wanted to much $ to begin with.
  5. gclad

    The Off Topic Topic

    Dreamworld land size usnure of what it is in hectares and acres originally when John Longhurst owned it and is now owner of Loganhyperdome. the total land used to spread from Foxwell Road back to the Train line all the way across the front down to Government Road and back to the train line on the opposite site. Which is shaped in a funny rectangular shape. Currently the land holdings go from Foxwell road back to the train line, all the way across the front down to Government Road back to the edge of the now playing feilds along Government Road. which in almost land sizes is pretty much the same sized land as what total land WnW, Australian Outback, The Studios, grassed area behind them, MW and Carpark leading up to the creek north bound all sit on roughly.
  6. gclad

    Could this be our first B&M?

    Just now on msn found this article (http://money.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=741274) Macquarie 'has cash for expansion' Which could quite possibly mean there is a new coaster on the way for Dreamworld.
  7. gclad

    Could this be our first B&M?

    the ID tag that appears on one of the track pics also gets a reference on them Park Revue in the following manner in one of the blogs "On all of the track pieces, the JOB # corresponds to the first 4 digits of the bar code. The next 5 digits seem to correspond to the Part # of the "track element" pieces (underlined). don't think it is possible to figure out what park it is going to based on the barcode. Here is what I have so far Barcode-----------Part # ----------------Park-------- 576200062 ----- SC-R00-TE062 ==== Mystery 653200002 ----- DM-E00-TE002 === Chimelong Paradise 606200003 ----- IC2-E00-TE003 === Worlds of Fun 602600015 ----- LC-E00-TE015 ==== Happy Valley 613300070 ----- MC-E50-146-C46L1 = SFOG 601100002 ----- L21-012-L2 ====== SFNE 500500006 ----- V15-026-M1 ====== Dorney 623300025 ----- DM-C50-157-C57L1 == Busch Gardens Tampa I'm starting to think this is either extra/new parts for a existing coaster and the park is going to pick up the track themselves, or this is a prototype. A prototype would make a lot of sense. There have been no announcements, It is labeled differently than anything we have yet seen. X-works, as in (Project)X-Works (Work in progress/in the works?). " But I had a thought the first part of the numbers almost look like international dialing codes depicting the country it is destined for, would anyone else agree? Alphabetical 93 Afghanistan 54 Argentina 61 Australia 43 Austria 880 Bangladesh 32 Belgium 55 Brazil 1 Canada 56 Chile 86 China 57 Colombia 53 Cuba 42 Czech Republic 45 Denmark 20 Egypt 33 France 49 Germany 30 Greece 36 Hungary 91 India 62 Indonesia 353 Ireland 39 Italy 81 Japan 82 Korea 41 Liechtenstein 60 Malaysia 52 Mexico 373 Moldova 95 Myanmar (Burma) 31 Netherlands 64 New Zealand 47 Norway 92 Pakistan 51 Peru 63 Philippines 48 Poland 40 Romania 7 Russian Federation 65 Singapore 42 Slovak Republic (Slovakia) 94 Sri Lanka 27 South Africa 34 Spain 46 Sweden 41 Switzerland 66 Thailand 90 Turkey 44 United Kingdom, Channel Islands 1 US 58 Venezuela 84 Vietnam Numerical 1 US, Canada 7 Russian Federation 20 Egypt 27 South Africa 30 Greece 31 Netherlands 32 Belgium 33 France 34 Spain 36 Hungary 39 Italy 40 Romania 41 Liechtenstein 41 Switzerland 42 Czech Republic 42 Slovak Republic (Slovakia) 43 Austria 44 United Kingdom, Channel Islands 45 Denmark 46 Sweden 47 Norway 48 Poland 49 Germany 51 Peru 52 Mexico 53 Cuba 54 Argentina 55 Brazil 56 Chile 57 Colombia 58 Venezuela 60 Malaysia 61 Australia 62 Indonesia 63 Philippines 64 New Zealand 65 Singapore 66 Thailand 81 Japan 82 Korea 84 Vietnam 86 China 90 Turkey 91 India 92 Pakistan 93 Afghanistan 94 Sri Lanka 95 Myanmar (Burma) 353 Ireland 373 Moldova 880 Bangladesh
  8. gclad

    Whats happening at dreamworld

    I took a slow drive up and around Dreamworld today (sunday 01 02 2009), there has been land cleared along the front up near Foxwell road, where the bus interchange sheds are. for it to be another carpark to small an area as would only accomodate 2 rows of cars and 50 cars at that. As soon it would rain would turn into a muddy mess that is for sure as land very ruff and open to the elements. On the other hand when I drove up along Foxwell road, where there is a side gate entry controlled by a manual boom gate I did notice a lot of dirt tyre tracks from heavy earth moving equipment going in and out of the area. But couldnt see over the rise in the land to see of what was going on. All I did notice is that the tree line has been cleared somewhat as normally heavy scrub in and along that area.
  9. gclad

    Whats happening at dreamworld

    Hey thanks for that, at the same time that is one hell of a walk to get to the main gates @ DW if that area is to be used as an overflow carpark. There must be plans afoot to put another entry gate in at this end, and used as required? Does anyone else think the same?
  10. gclad

    Whats happening at dreamworld

    Was the cleared land to the left of Dreamworld Studios along the front fence? that leads into Foxwell Rd? As it could be the clearing for the new shopping centre that has been pencilled in for that area. But at the same time could be general scrub clearing as to much of a fire hazard all that bushland on the left hand side.
  11. Must take a drive North and have a look. As I know at northern tip of the carpark there is some problem with the ashpalt being in need of repair. 17 years on bit weather effected to say the least. Will ask around from the peeps within to see if they know anything.
  12. gclad

    Coney Island to move Downunder?

    Cadboy, as with my previous comments, Seaworld is at 98% for expansion. Dreamworld has plenty of room to the left of the park as you look at it and Eastward back toward the rail line to expand in a major way. Leaving only MW. Which is near to capacity for new attractions unless the Studio admin buildings, and buildings up behind it near to the Studio Commisary etc are moved over toward the of the Studios up the hill to make room. for a new attraction of this size.
  13. gclad

    Coney Island to move Downunder?

    Do we really need another theme park here on the Coast? This coaster would be ideal for one of the pre-existing ones ie Dreamworld who still have plenty of room to develope and expand.