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  1. When you order your costume characters on wish What is stupid is the place is movie world not comic book world so makes zero sense for dc to push for comic book versions of characters into the park
  2. The two leading theories are wheel carrier adjustment to get the train running true which is much harder on a swing launch And wheel breakdown which is knows as delaminating and likely would require changes to the compound used for the wheels Both may require reengineering and or manufacture of new components plus shipping which would account for the extended downtime You dont want chunks of wheel compound flying off the train a 200 kilometers an hour
  3. It was testing all afternoon today with ops staff I hear they must be getting up its 500 cycles prior to being allowed to open
  4. Of course its the state of the park and its crappy and annoying and we all hope they sort it out To be clear I wasnt saying we should be nicer to the park or defending 600 closed rides I was saying thats its boring and annoying to keep coming on here only to read the same complaint over and over again when its not like its a new thing I think that whole contempt of guests phrase that people throw around on here is laying it on a bit thick though I highly doubt some exec team sit around a marble board table and have meetings on how they can screw guests this week I just think they screw up a lot and end up in these bad situations somehow
  5. Im not defending anything that closed rides sign would be hilarious if it wasnt so damn sad The current state of play is awful I know exactly how it would be as a guest which is why I havent been to the park in a while and have told family and friends not to bother What I said though is why post the same complaint about it on here every day its a waste of energy and boring to read Unless you have some quick fix tomorrow solution then of course we just need to wait it out so why go on and on and on about it constantly
  6. Such a stupid comment Thats not what I said at all we know whats currently happening with all of these things so again what do you want them to do today and if the answer is nothing why keep having the same complaint every day
  7. Sky Voyager building was such an awful move by past management But the emporium repaint looks really nice One thing the current management really do get is that the place has to look nice and appealing to get the guests in and they are doing this really well
  8. They need more videos where a couple literally says nothing for 5 mins about how the park apparently caters to their childs needs That was some of their most groundbreaking polished work
  9. Heres the thing at this point what do you actually want them to do These projects are already happening so not like tomorrow they can just go stuff it and open everything All we can hope for is this is a one time thing and once all this new stuff gets sorted they dont end up like this again Bitching about it like every single day seems like a waste of energy at this time its just shit and thats obvious but kinda is what it is at this point If its still in this messed up state in 12 months then its worth starting on about it again
  10. Then dont say it I actually just passed the park on the highway and each side of the track was lit up in its respective color looking quite good But of course it seems like on here anything that that park does must automatically be shit even when its not finished
  11. I would say bigger question is why was one major ride building turned into maintenance and storage and now another into first aid and rehab center Whats next Roxy theater turned into an executive meeting room
  12. What the hell is wrong with people in this group All i read is people complaining everything they do is shit and then they do something good and its post about what its shit or not worth bothering for a few nights a year Get a life
  13. You dont have to have intamin do the programming But it will be part of the sealed safety code so there are a lot of hoops to jump through to have it recertified Plus that assumes that the now very old safety controllers are capable of that sort of functionality as they may simply need to see the belts open on power up
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