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  1. What a brilliant attraction and absolutely perfect for a movie park! There are so many details and they are all spot on. This was built in the old Looney Tunes River / Ice Age show building. Waaay better use of the space than a kids driving school and storage shed!
  2. Must be a mad scramble to get everything done by opening! Looked like there was still a lot of ground work and finishing touches. It may open not fully complete, but hopefully any details will be filled in soon after and not just left as good enough.
  3. Sega World was awesome. I remember visiting one night not long after it first opened (it used to be open really late) and me and my friend had the best time. Huge amounts of immersive theming with dedicated zones - truly an indoor theme park. I mean it even had a nicely themed indoor roller coaster that packed a punch. Plus an interactive ghost train. It was definitely something special.
  4. Totally agree! Looks out of place at the moment, but as others have said hoping extensive landscaping and theming may help with that.
  5. As much as I'm not a fan of the names or logos, I do appreciate that LPS are announcing each attraction as they are completed, giving each ride some good attention. I also think the Maloney's Corner area is going to be great - so much going on in one area. It should have some great energy. Only thing I would hope for is a few pieces of decent theming and signage to complete the atmosphere.
  6. Wow, that article was actually really well written and researched.
  7. Based on the logos so far, I doubt there's any intention behind it. Looks like the work experience kid's attempt. All the other recent new rides at LPS payed homage to the 1930's heritage of the park, and did it really well. This is a definite departure.
  8. And just adding to Gazza's response - splash pads are a water activity that don't require staffing as they are zero depth. Obvious benefits there.
  9. Great article and thanks for sharing. Reassuring having Greg in charge. I do think the only thing that could hold him back at the moment is money - but it sounds like they've got a bit more they can dig into. I know this will probably derail the thread, but if DW only builds one new major attraction for 2023 after Steel Taipan, what do you think would be the most 'strategic' option? I'm thinking it needs to be some sort of water ride or flume, it's the freaking GC afterall. Thoughts?
  10. The logo(s) and the names... not good, not good at all.
  11. I heard that after GL came back from the long shut down when it was being painted, it kept faulting with anymore than 2 trains on the track and required lengthy evacs.
  12. It's Fright Nights not Fright Night. Can a mod please change the thread title? My OCD won't be able to cope.
  13. That's just shameful, especially when adding in all of the major ride removals over the last few years.
  14. What an incredible article... even featuring the entire ride layout. Very impressive work from the ABC. Let's hope this all gets us closer to the truth.
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