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  1. What about the upper limit? I am borderline 196cm now and am hoping that it is 200cm haha
  2. What will be the height restrictions for DC Rivals?
  3. Thanks for that guys. It would also be good for MW, but would rather it at DW. $9 million...that sucks. Everythings so expensive
  4. I really wish DW would add something like Devil Dive Coaster. It seems like the perfect ride for the prak. Does anyone know the cost. I mean it is compact, got great capacity and some Australian firsts, as well as some interesting elements of the ride. It is also reasonably long. Ill keep dreaming i guess.
  5. ^^Exactly right. That's what I thought. Now it definetly makes it feel like a pool instead of a beach.
  6. That's amazing!! Too good, you already won.
  7. Hey guys, I already knew there was a thread kind of related to this (Seeking Permission), but was a bit off topic, so I created this one. I have just submitted my first entry, and would like you guys to see. Please Vote! http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/...p;order=recency
  8. Yeah, that would be the Jetsream, part of Mach 5, which I agree does hurt. Don't be afraid of aqualoop though. Smoothest bodyslide ever. Aidan just wants to create some controversy.
  9. Aidan, requirement by the manufacturer, Whitewater west, that they need proof that you weigh between 40 and 130kg, for insurance purposes. Honestly, just get over it.
  10. They weigh everyone though. Also, I thought it was the smoothest bodyslide ever, especially compared to the jetstreams.
  11. Went on the Aqualoop today. Absolutely AWESOME!! Best water slide ever, by a long shot. Kicks the wedgie's butt. I waited about 20-30min (not bad for school holidays, the first reasonably warm day and that they only had 2 running, sometimes 3) It is amazing. Everyone has got to try it. Woo Hoo. I am on such a high.
  12. After going to Dreamworld yesterday and checking out TOT 2 (three times!!! woohoo), I headed over to Wet N wild at about 3:30. After having a ride on the surfrider, I went to watch the aqualoops, not going on them because I didn't have swimmers and it was very cold. In the time of watching for about 40 mins, there was two people who almost didn't make it around the loop, getting to the top and pushing themselves over the top of the loop and two people who actually didn't make it round, getting out of the escape hatch. At this time there were hardly anyone going on the slide, as the ride was a walk on. I also noticed that almost every time the lifeguards pressed the button, there would be one capsule that didn't drop. It wasn't the same one each time either. At the moment the ride looks a bit dodgy, with the trap doors not realeasing and the people not making it around. But, that won't stop me from going on them in my next visit.
  13. Can you get some pictures. Please!!
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