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  1. sam_afl96

    Superman Escape - NoLimits

    You have made a very good recreation of Superman Escape, but to see what I believe is the best on the web check this out. It can also give you some pointers t making yours as good or if not better. Superman Escape Recreation
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first track on Parkz which I have called Night Rider. It is my attempt at an Arrow suspended coaster. The lift hill from the queue. Please don't forget to comment
  3. sam_afl96

    Superman Escape - No Limits

    Look at this version that I found. You could use it as a guide. Superman Escape
  4. sam_afl96

    Twister and Speedcoaster Relocation

    I think they might put it where you put it in the picture, just across the road with the other slides. I don't think they'll be so far apart, they'll probably be put closer together.
  5. sam_afl96

    Surf Rider

    Went to Wet 'n' Wild today and rode Surf Rider 6 times. Love the ride, but I noticed they still had the hoses on and running, they were just pointed straight at the water. Another thing I noticed was the amount of times they had to stop and do test runs on it. I would've happened at least 4 times today.
  6. sam_afl96

    Surf Rider

    Also, does Surfrider operate while it is raining or does it close?
  7. sam_afl96

    Surf Rider

    I went to Wet 'n' Wild late last year and rode the Surf Rider, but the water jets weren't on. Has anyone been recently and seen the water jets in use? I am going in a week or so and I would love to ride it with the water.
  8. sam_afl96

    Eureka layout

    I think they should just empty the mountain and then out some sort of ride in it like this or this
  9. sam_afl96

    Dreamworld Help

    I am making a recreation of Dreamworld in rct3 and I am having some troubles, I was wondering if anyone has any tips and help for building it. I especially need a layout for the Eureka Mine Ride. I might post the park here when I am done.
  10. sam_afl96

    Eureka Mine Ride

    I am making a recreation of Dreamworld in rct3 and I was wondering if anyone has a layout as I have no idea what it is.
  11. sam_afl96

    Ardent (Dreamworld) continues to decline

    I think this would be the sort of family ride Dreamworld would add. And I think this or this would be the new thrill ride. I hope it's they do one like Farenheit at Hershey Park.
  12. sam_afl96

    Favorite Ride

    1. Superman Escape 2. Lethal Weapon 3. Giant Drop 4. The Claw 5. Wipeout 6. Tower of Terror 7. Batwing Spaceshot 8. Cyclone 9. Wild West Falls 10. Thunder River Rapids
  13. sam_afl96

    Movie World Numbers?

    I was thinking of going to Movie World some time next week. Are the lines very long, and does the 75th anniversary thing bring many extra people to the park?
  14. sam_afl96

    Theme Park Needs

    If you were to design a theme park, what five rides or attractions (not shows) would you put in for you to have your perfect park? Mine: 1. drop tower 2. huss frisby (like the claw) 3. B & M hyper coaster 4. flying coaster (like tatsu) 5. good looping steel coaster